Chapter 253: Are You and Your Little Sister Close

He had only thought of keeping Jiang Zeyu and Feng Tianrui separated. How could he have forgotten that if Feng Tianrui was placed next to Jiang Yu, Jiang Zeyu would definitely dislike Feng Tianrui even more?!

He was getting old and muddle-headed, how could he have forgotten something so important?!

Zhao Jiande had rushed over to Class Seven. When he arrived, he saw that both of them were covered in wounds. However, when he got closer, he realized that the two of them were talking and laughing. The air between them was quite harmonious?

Feng Tianrui noticed his presence and said, “Teacher Zhao, I want to change my seat. I want to sit next to Jiang Zeyu.”

Jiang Zeyu nodded. “Teacher Zhao, I agree.”

A question mark slowly appeared above Zhao Jiande’s head.

Was this fight caused by the fact that they weren’t friends?

Now that they have fought, they were now friends?

He didn’t ask any more questions and quickly went to make arrangements. He asked all those that changed their seats today to change back.

Feng Tianrui picked up his bag and went to sit beside Jiang Zeyu. He said, “Today’s fight was quite enjoyable.”

Jiang Zeyu said, “It was.”

It had been a long time since he had a good fight like this. He was sweating all over and felt great.

Jiang Zeyu wiped his sweat and said casually, “I feel that you’re different from Feng Junhao. Feng Junhao is a coward…”

Feng Tianrui interrupted, “Please don’t compare me to him.”

Jiang Zeyu realized that he had said something wrong and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, that was my bad. Message received. I don’t like being compared to others either.”

He had wanted to ask about Feng Linbai, but he had already said something wrong. He would ask another time.

“Oh, right. I have something to do. I’ll be right back after I’m done.”

After Jiang Zeyu finished speaking, he stood up and walked over to Jiang Yu.

He gently picked up the bottle on Jiang Yu’s table. When he saw that it was almost empty, he walked out and filled her bottle for her, then placed it back on her table.

Feng Tianrui was a little surprised when he saw Jiang Zeyu’s series of actions.

When Jiang Zeyu had come to pick on him, he already knew that Jiang Zeyu was very protective of that girl.

He didn’t know that Jiang Zeyu dotes on her this much!

Feng Tianrui was shocked. When Jiang Zeyu came back, he couldn’t help but ask, “Are you and your little sister close?”

“Of course!”

Jiang Zeyu said proudly, “My little sister is the first one to call me Big Brother! I must be special in her heart! My little sister is so nice, if I don’t dote on her, who will?”

Feng Tianrui found it hard to imagine.

He did have someone who was like a little sister and that was Feng Jinghan.

However, he and Feng Jinghan didn’t have a close relationship.

Firstly, it was because they had different parents. They were not blood-related siblings. Secondly, he and Feng Jinghan has never studied in the same school and they did not interact much.

Feng Jinghan was actually very outstanding but he was not proud of her like how Jiang Zeyu was of Jiang Yu.

At this moment, Jiang Zeyu was still saying, “Look at my sister. She’s beautiful, has good grades, can give speeches, and knows a little about Chinese medicine. She can do anything.”

He sighed, “Sigh, how did I get such a perfect little sister?”

Feng Tianrui asked curiously, “If she’s perfect, won’t she think that you’re useless?”

Jiang Zeyu: … Why do you have to burst my bubble?!

He raised his chin and said, “My little sister won’t think that of me!”

Feng Tianrui said carelessly, “Then, won’t other people think so?”

Jiang Zeyu was silent for a moment then said with a fake smile, “Brother, are you looking for trouble?”