Chapter 252: Where Did the Hairy Red Light Come From

Jiang Zeyu smacked the table. “Get to the point!”

Song Bi: “The point is, he just casually went and sat next to your little sister. Your little sister didn’t have any objections either so Old Zhao agreed to it immediately… Some other seats were changed as well, it should be final now, I’m…”

Before he could finish his sentence “I’m your deskmate”, Jiang Zeyu asked unhappily, “What do you mean he just casually went and sat next to my little sister?”

Song Bi lowered his voice. “Today, her deskmate didn’t come to school, so there was an empty seat. Feng Tianrui probably thought that the seat was vacant, so he…”

Jiang Zeyu said, “Then I’ll tell him right now that there’s someone there!”

Song Bi said, “But that seat has been made vacant… No, it’s his seat now…”

Jiang Zeyu said, “Then I’ll switch seats with him!”

He had wanted to give his little sister a chance to interact with more girls. If he became her deskmate, his little sister wouldn’t be able to make any female friends. That was why he had resisted the urge to ask Zhao Jiande to switch seats.

In the end, he had been interrupted by a stranger? Someone had actually taken advantage of him?

If his little sister’s deskmate is to be a boy, it could only be him!

Jiang Zeyu angrily walked to Feng Tianrui’s side and rapped his knuckles heavily on the desk, waking up Feng Tianrui.

Feng Tianrui looked up groggily, he was still daydreaming. He was very annoyed at being woken up.

When he looked up and saw Jiang Zeyu’s red hair, he felt like his eyes had been pierced.

Feng Tianrui closed his eyes. “Where did this hairy red light come from?”

Jiang Zeyu was instantly enraged. “You’re the red light! Open your eyes and look at me!”

Feng Tianrui said, “I don’t want to see. It’s too bright.”

Jiang Zeyu gritted his teeth. “Say that again!”

Feng Tianrui leaned back but his eyes were still closed.

“Are your ears not working? Hey shiny kid, do you have an off button?”

Jiang Zeyu rolled up his sleeves. “Come, let’s go outside. If I don’t beat you up, my surname is not Jiang!”

Jiang Yu sat up.

She looked at Jiang Zeyu expressionlessly.

After being woken up, Jiang Yu, who was also angry from being woken up, felt as though a dark cloud was floating above her head.

Jiang Zeyu’s voice immediately lowered by eight degrees as he said gently, “Little Sister, I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep. I’m so sorry, you can continue sleeping. It’s just that I have a small matter to settle.”

Jiang Yu didn’t say anything.

She changed the direction of her face and put her head back on the table.

She felt that Jiang Zeyu had just done a 180 in the short span of ten seconds. The speed at which he changed his face was amazing. Feng Tianrui didn’t know why but he suddenly thought of his father.

He opened his eyes but when he saw Jiang Zeyu’s red hair, he still frowned uncomfortably.

Feng Tianrui said coldly, “What’s the matter?”

Jiang Zeyu pointed at him and said, “I’ve decided that I want to sit here. If you don’t like it, we can go out and fight.”

Feng Tianrui sneered.

His rebellious mentality rose up again.

“Originally, I didn’t care for this seat so much. Since you insist on me leaving, then I will insist on not leaving.”

Feng Tianrui said indifferently, “It’s just a fight, right? Do you think I’m afraid of you?”

By the time Zhao Jiande found out that Jiang Zeyu and Feng Tianrui had gone out to have a fight, the two of them had already stopped fighting.

Zhao Jiande was stunned at first. Why did the two of them start fighting?

Then, the next second, he slapped his head and suddenly realized that he had made a big mistake!