Chapter 251: Looks Familiar, Don’t Know Them Though. Not Important.

The Feng family banquet hadn’t ended too long ago. Feng Tianrui vaguely remembered seeing this face at the banquet but he couldn’t remember which family she was the daughter of.

No matter, whichever family she was from, it didn’t make any difference to him.

He had left after that scheming b*tch appeared. When he came back after playing his games, the banquet was almost over. He doesn’t remember much of anyone from the banquet, so probably nobody doesn’t remember much about him either.

This thought also applied to Jiang Yu.

Her only recollection was that he was one of the Feng family members but she did not know his name.

This was because…

At the banquet, only Feng Linbai’s name had been introduced to the guests. No one else had been introduced.

Some people would be quick-witted about it and try to find out who everyone in the Feng family was but Jiang Yu had no time to waste on such things.

Even if she had the time, she wouldn’t do such a boring thing.

When the two of them looked at each other, they had the same thought—

Looks familiar, don’t know them though.

Not important.

The two of them looked away, laid their heads on the table at the same time, and proceeded to catch up on some sleep.

Zhao Jiande: “…”

Today, the girl who usually sat next to Jiang Yu was sick. She had called in sick and didn’t come to school, so the seat next to Jiang Yu was vacant.

Only Zhao Jiande knew about this.

As soon as Jiang Yu had arrived at school, she was summoned to Cheng Maoshi’s office. She had no idea that her deskmate hadn’t come to school today. When she saw Feng Tianrui, she thought that Zhao Jiande had changed her deskmate and she accepted it without fuss.

In the end, everything happened so quickly that even he didn’t have time to react.

Zhao Jiande stood at the podium. It was difficult to explain.

Hey, you guys!

Do you have to be so synchronized in your movements?!

Moreover, not a whisper of surprise could be seen on Jiang Yu’s face!

She seemed to have accepted the fact that her deskmate had changed to another person without any hesitation?

This kind of adaptability was too strong…

Even though it wasn’t him who decided to change her deskmate at all…

However, seeing how harmonious the two of them were, Zhao Jiande suddenly felt that perhaps this arrangement wasn’t too bad?

So, he decided to take advantage of the fact that the two of them were fine with each other?

Moreover, with Jiang Yu’s ability, she might be able to suppress this troublemaker?

The others were also dumbfounded.

Why did the new transfer student sit beside Jiang Yu?

Immediately after that, Jiang Yu had returned.

And then the two of them slept together?

No no no. This sentence was too ambiguous. The two of them put their heads on the table and fell asleep together?

Everyone was silently eyeing Jiang Zeyu who was sitting in the last row.

Jiang Zeyu was still asleep. He had no idea that Jiang Yu’s deskmate had been changed to a boy. When he wakes up, he would not have a clue…

Song Bi: I’m so tired.

Did he have to tell Brother Yu that there was a new pig in town?

Why couldn’t he just have one peaceful day?

Soon, Jiang Zeyu woke up.

Out of habit, he looked at Jiang Yu and realized…

What the hell?

Why was there a boy next to his little sister?!

Where did he come from?!

When Song Bi realized that Jiang Zeyu had woken up, he recited the first-hand report that he had prepared subconsciously, “Brother Yu, that is Feng Tianrui, the only son of the Third Young Master of the Feng family. He has just transferred from a high school in the neighboring city. I heard that the students from those high schools are not very obedient. However, he is still a member of the Feng family. He was brought back and was immediately enrolled into A High.”