Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 250

Chapter 250: The New Transfer Student

Feng Junhao returned to Special Class One with a cold expression.

He sat down and flipped open his book, he saw the series of formulas that had been written by Jiang Yu.

His expression changed and he suddenly snorted.

Ever since he was young, no girl had ever dared to reject him!

Very good, just wait and see. He would make her change her mind about him!

When that time came, she would be the one begging him to look at her one more time!

The next day, a transfer student came to Class Seven.

As the boy stood at the podium, Zhao Jiande introduced him to the class. His school uniform was untidy and his posture was lazy.

His hands were in the pockets of his school uniform jacket. When Zhao Jiande introduced him, he barely raised his face, he looked extremely impatient.

“This is Feng Tianrui. He will be a member of Class Seven from now on. Now, everyone, please give a round of applause to welcome the new student.”

The audience clapped sparsely.

Zhao Jiande was used to this and Feng Tianrui didn’t care.

However, there was a problem in front of Zhao Jiande.

That was, where would Feng Tianrui sit?

There was only one empty seat and it was next to Jiang Zeyu. Should Feng Tianrui sit next to Jiang Zeyu?

These two people… They wouldn’t start fighting, right?

It wasn’t Zhao Jiande’s fault for thinking that way. Feng Tianrui gave off a feeling that was too similar to Jiang Zeyu. Furthermore, Feng Tianrui was a member of the Feng family, so it wouldn’t be good to offend him.

Zhao Jiande hesitated. Feng Tianrui had already yawned and asked, “Teacher Zhao, I can head to my seat now, right?”

Zhao Jiande replied, “Yes, but…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Feng Tianrui jumped down from the podium, bag in hand. He walked to an empty seat and sat down.

While he was on the stage, he had spotted two empty seats in the classroom. One had a book on it, and the other was clean. There should be no one there, so he walked down and sat down on this seat.

He had already eyed this seat and didn’t bother looking back at all. He just thought that this was the seat that Zhao Jiande had arranged for him.

Zhao Jiande: ???

The others: ???

At the classroom door, Jiang Yu had just returned from Cheng Maoshi’s office. She had been listening to his lecturer about the five-subject examination. She had grown so sleepy that she just wanted to go back to her seat and sleep for a while.

She did not know why but when she listened to Cheng Maoshi speak, she felt even more mesmerized than when Zhao Jiande spoke.

Perhaps it was because Cheng Maoshi was a language teacher. He would often pause when he spoke as if he was reciting an ancient text, speaking ever so slowly. If Jiang Yu had been an impatient person, she might have grabbed a whip and urge him to finish his sentence quicker.

Finally, the bell rang.

Jiang Yu knocked on the door and called out to the teacher.

Zhao Jiande turned his head to look at her, his expression frozen.

Jiang Yu was so sleepy that she couldn’t open her eyes. She didn’t notice Zhao Jiande’s expression.

She just wanted to return to her seat to catch up on her sleep, so she walked straight to her seat.

When she finally got to her seat, she realized something.

Has her deskmate grown taller?

Why was she blocking more light than usual?

Jiang Yu blinked and turned her head. When she turned her head, she bumped into Feng Tianrui and had also turned his head to look at her.

When their gazes met, Jiang Yu’s first thought was, when did her deskmate get a sex change?

Her second thought was, this face seemed a little familiar?

Feng Tianrui also felt that this girl seemed a little familiar.