Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Do You Need Me to Be Clearer, Will You Be Able to Stand the Humiliation?

Jiang Yu’s face was filled with impatience.

Why was this person so persistent?

Did he think she was that stupid?

He said that his misunderstanding of her had been cleared up. Was it interesting to conjure up such a ridiculous, one-sided change?

Was she that unique?

If her monthly exam results were not ahead of his, would he have taken another look at her?

This kind of veiled approach was really annoying.

Jiang Yu said coldly, “In my opinion, you have the deepest misunderstanding about yourself.”

Feng Junhao did not understand what Jiang Yu meant. He replied, “I don’t think there was anything wrong with me before. the way you hid your true colors before, it was too easy to misunderstand. It wasn’t strange that I said some inappropriate things before, right?”

Jiang Yu sneered in her heart.

However, before she could say anything, Jiang Zeyu said unhappily, “What my little sister wants to do is her own business. What’s it to you? If she hadn’t let you, would you have been able to get first-place so many times before this?”

“If I were you, I would be off having fun by now but you’re here blaming my little sister?”

After saying this, Jiang Zeyu turned to Jiang Yu, “Little Sister, let me tell you. In the future, don’t bother talking with people like this. After you told him how to solve the problem, he doesn’t even look grateful, he didn’t even say a single word of thanks. Instead, he turned around and criticized you. It’s better if we don’t interact with people who don’t know how to appreciate others.”

Feng Junhao’s frown deepened. “I just said the truth. Do you need to mock me as such?”

Jiang Zeyu replied, “My mouth is on my person. If I want to, I can be a blabbermouth. What’s the problem?”

Feng Junhao had never suffered this kind of humiliation before. He endured it, suppressing his anger, and said, “Jiang Yu, I will still be coming to ask you questions in the future.”

Jiang Yu’s expression was very indifferent. “You’re free to ask any question but I’m not obligated to answer.”

Feng Junhao: “And this is your stance?”

Jiang Yu: “Only towards you.”

Feng Junhao: “Now that I think about it, I’m actually quite special.”

Jiang Yu did not fall for that. “You’re thinking too much. Do you need me to be clearer, will you be able to stand the humiliation?”

Feng Junhao: “…”

Jiang Yu turned to the girl next to her and said, “What questions do you not understand? Ask them now so that other people won’t think that I’m available.”

Seeing Feng Junhao’s expression, the girl sitting next to her didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. He looked like a demon about to eat a child.

She shook her head repeatedly and said, “I… I don’t dare… Oh, no, it’s not that I don’t know… Ah, that’s not right. It’s… It’s that I don’t have any questions that I don’t understand…”

Three pairs of eyes stared at her.

The girl sitting next to her: … Right, even she couldn’t believe what she had just said.

She was silent for a moment, then took a deep breath, weakly covered her stomach, and said, “I know, I need to go to the washroom.”

Wuwuwuwu, saying she had to go was the best solution!

In the end, Feng Junhao couldn’t stand it anymore. He was so angry that he stormed off.

Upon exiting Class Seven, his expression was very sour.

The onlookers all knew what had happened, no one dared to go up and provoke him.

There were girls who wanted to go up to him and comfort him to increase their favorability score in Feng Junhao’s heart. Even if they couldn’t make him have a favorable impression on him, they could at least let him have some kind of impression of them.

However, there was a group of girls watching from the side.

Their thoughts were written on their faces, “If you dare to speak ill of Sister Yu, you’re dead meat”.