Chapter 247: Does Feng Junhao Fancy Jiang Yu?

Jiang Zeyu: As expected, Little Sister never disappoints him.

Even though he knew that Jiang Yu was rejecting him, Feng Junhao wasn’t dissuaded by Jiang Yu’s cold attitude. Instead, he became even more persistent.

He was used to girls fawning all over him. When he looked at Jiang Yu, he felt that this cold personality was quite interesting compared to the attentive attitude of the other girls.

Feng Junhao said, “If you, the top student of the grade, don’t know how to do it, then no one will.”

Jiang Yu asked, “Then what are the teachers for?”

Jiang Zeyu: “Pffft.”

He echoed, “My little sister is right. If you don’t know how to do it, why don’t you just ask the teacher? Why did you come all the way here to ask my little sister?”

“Because Jiang Yu’s grades are above mine. Shouldn’t we learn from students with better grades than us?” Feng Junhao answered matter-of-factly.

Jiang Yu held her chin and looked up at him. “If I remember correctly, I told you to leave me alone.”

Even though Jiang Zeyu didn’t know when his little sister had said this to Feng Junhao, he immediately continued, “Did you hear that? She told you to leave her alone… Wait, you’ve bothered my little sister before? Why don’t I know about this?”

Feng Junhao changed his tactic, “I’m not here to annoy you, I’m here to ask you a question.”

“What’s the difference?”

“There’s nothing wrong with discussing schoolwork in school, right?”

Jiang Yu’s classmates sat nearby but no one dared to look at Feng Junhao openly. However, this didn’t stop them from paying rapt attention to their conversation.

Meanwhile, the onlookers standing at the entrance of the classroom were staring at them unabashed.

They were all there is watch the show.

Everyone was thinking, when have they ever seen Feng Junhao so polite?

In the past, when others had approached him to ask a question, he would ignore them.

Although most of the people who had come to ask him questions were girls and most of them had other intentions. They just wanted to find an excuse to get close to him.

However, Feng Junhao had always been cold and arrogant. Who would have thought that he would come to Jiang Yu with a smile on his face?

Moreover, even after Jiang Yu had rejected him two or three times, he still did not leave. Instead, he kept chasing her relentlessly?

It did not seem like Feng Junhao’s usual style at all!

Could it be that he had taken a liking to Jiang Yu?

Was it because Jiang Yu had gotten first place in a grade?

Many girls had mixed feelings. Feng Junhao was their idol.

After Feng Junhao had rejected the confessions of so many girls, the girls who had taken a liking to Feng Junhao gradually came to a consensus.

Feng Junhao had become an untouchable existence in their hearts. They could only watch from afar and not let anyone else have him. If a girl that Feng Junhao treats differently were to appear, then.., this special girl would become Public Enemy No.1 to all of Feng Junhao’s secret admirers.

However, no girl has ever appeared by Feng Junhao’s side. His admirers could coexist in peace and not interfere with each other.

Now, that special girl has appeared. It was Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu was the other party… The scene became strange again..

After all… Jiang Yu was now the School Belle and the Goddess of many girls’ hearts!

A girl whispered, “Even if Jiang Yu is the new School Belle and her results are good, I still don’t think that she’s good enough for Junhao. Look at her cold face, do you really think you’re that great?”