Chapter 246: Feng Junhao Came Looking for Jiang Yu

Jiang Zeyu asked, “Did something happen at the banquet?”


Maybe she had been done something so stupid that she didn’t know how to show her face anymore.

“Forget it. She’s an insignificant person. Let’s not talk about her.”

Jiang Wan had taken a long leave of absence and now Ni Manman has dropped out of school. Rumor has it, the Ni Corporation had encountered some problems and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Rumors began to spread in the school, saying that Jiang Yu was the one who caused all this to happen. Jiang Zeyu had told them all to shut up.

In his opinion, it didn’t matter if it was his little sister’s doing. If it was her doing, then those people must have deserved it. If it wasn’t her doing, then these people were slandering her.

Subconsciously, Jiang Zeyu didn’t believe that it was Jiang Yu’s doing. His little sister was just a small high school student. How could she make a company go bankrupt?

It couldn’t have been Jiang Chenglang either, right? Would Jiang Chenglang be so nice? So bold?

Jiang Zeyu sneered in his heart and changed the topic, “Little Sister, I heard that you’re going to take the five-subject examination?”

If Jiang Zeyu hadn’t said anything, Jiang Yu would have forgotten about it.

“I think so. Teacher Cheng signed me up.”

“Teacher Cheng? Cheng Maoshi?”

Jiang Zeyu remembered that Cheng Maoshi had supervised their last monthly exam. He had been eyeing Jiang Yu since then.

Jiang Zeyu encouraged her, “Little Sister, it’s a good thing to participate in this competition. I believe you can ace it. I’m sure you’ll bring home the first place prize!”

When Jiang Zeyu and Jiang Yu arrived at the classroom. When the second period ended, suddenly, there was a commotion outside the classroomFeng Junhao Came to Look for Jiang Y.

Jiang Yu was still sleeping with her eyes closed when she felt someone knock on her table.

She grumpily raised her head.

Even Jiang Zeyu wouldn’t dare disturb her when she was sleeping. Who was interrupting her dreams?

When she saw the face before her, the displeasure in her heart grew stronger.

Feng Junhao, why was he here?

Jiang Zeyu, like Jiang Yu, was catching up on sleep. He too was suddenly woken up by someone.

He didn’t even raise his head and asked in a deep voice, “What’s all the noise about?”

Although Song Bi knew that Jiang Zeyu would be grumpy if his sleep is disturbed, he could only brace himself and shake him awake. Otherwise, if Brother Yu wakes up later and finds out that he didn’t wake him up for this, he might get even angrier.

Song Bi lowered his body and whispered into Jiang Zeyu’s ear, “Brother Yu, something bad has happened. A pig is here to eat the cabbages!”

Jiang Zeyu was still drowsy. “What pig? What cabbage?”

Song Bi: “Feng Junhao is here!”

“Oh, so what? Is that a reason for you to wake me up?”

Jiang Zeyu switched his head to the other side and even covered his ears with his arm.

Song Bi obediently stood beside Jiang Zeyu and didn’t leave.

He silently counted in his heart. One, two, three…

Sure enough, after three seconds, Jiang Zeyu jumped up from the stool and almost fell down.

“Who did you say was here? Feng Junhao?”

Song Bi curled his lips and gestured, “Brother Yu, take a look for yourself.”

Jiang Zeyu shook his head. When he saw the familiar figure, the fogginess in his head completely disappeared.

“Why is he here? More importantly, why is he looking for Little Sister?”

Jiang Zeyu quickly stood up and walked over. Just then, he heard Feng Junhao say, “Jiang Yu, there’s a question that I don’t know how to solve. I would like to ask you for your advice.”

Jiang Yu did not even look at it. “I don’t know how to solve it.”

The smile on Feng Junhao’s face did not change. “Jiang Yu, you haven’t even looked at the question. How do you know that you don’t know?”

Jiang Yu: “I just did some calculations and knew that I don’t know how.”