Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 244

Chapter 244: Jiang Xingyi Was a Competitor for Her Attention

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When Jiang Yu arrived at school, she received a phone call. It was from Jiang Xingyi.

Jiang Xingyi had already received her gift and had called to express his gratitude to her.

The gift that Jiang Yu had given him was a special medicine that she had made herself. She thought to herself, as a singer, Jiang Xingyi’s throat must be quite exhausted. Plus the tour must have taken a toll on him. So she pondered about his situation and decided to prepare a special medicine to moisten his throat which would reduce his burden.

When Jiang Xingyi first received this gift, he was pleasantly surprised.

He hadn’t expected Jiang Yu to be so attentive and thoughtful. The gift was perfect for him.

Jiang Xingyi had not tried the medicine, so he did not know the actual effect of the concoction. Nevertheless, he had to thank his little sister.

When he called Jiang Yu, Jiang Xingyi kept saying, “Little Sister, it must have taken you a lot of effort to find this soothing potion for me. It must have been difficult, right? Thank you for being so thoughtful. I’m very touched. Thank you, Little Sister.”

Jiang Yu: “You’re welcome.”

She didn’t mention that she had made the medicine herself. Jiang Xingyi thought that she had gone to the pharmacy to find this medicine for him, he was very touched nonetheless.

“Little Sister, have you received the snacks that I sent over?”

“Yes, I have.” After a pause, Jiang Yu said, “I’ve been going through them quite fast recently. Can you send over more? Or can you tell me how to buy them and I’ll buy them myself?”

“Yes, yes, no problem at all.”

How could there be a problem with feeding his little sister?

Jiang Xingyi agreed immediately and only then did he realize something.

Has she been eating too much lately?

Jiang Xingyi asked worriedly, “Little Sister, did anything happen to you recently?”

Could it be that she was under a lot of pressure due to her studies, so she’s been eating like crazy?

Jiang Yu replied, “We have a guest at home.”

She hadn’t expected Old Master Guan to like the snacks that Jiang Xingyi had sent over. With an extra person at home to share with, how could the rate of consumption not increase?

Jiang Yu added, “It’s best if they’re low-sugar snacks.”

Old Master Guan was already so old. Eating too many high-sugar snacks wouldn’t be good for his health.

Jiang Xingyi replied, “Alright, I’ll look again.”

“Thank you.”

“Little Sister, why are you being so polite with me?” Jiang Xingyi smiled. “If there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know.”

After Jiang Yu hung up the phone, a handsome face appeared in front of him.

However, his red hair was more eye-catching, and his expression was sorrowful.

Jiang Zeyu dragged out his words and whined, “Little Sister, who are you talking to?”

Jiang Yu replied honestly, “Third Brother.”

Jiang Zeyu jumped up.

“Third Brother! Little Sister, you actually called him Brother?! When did you two become so close? Have you been secretly contacting each other behind my back?”

Jiang Yu asked curiously, “Is it weird that I’m in contact with him?”

“It’s not weird…”

It was just that… He couldn’t accept it.

In the past, his little sister had only acknowledged him as her brother. Now, Jiang Xingyi was a competitor for her attention… How annoying.

When he thought about how he was no longer the one and only person who Jiang Yu called “Brother”, Jiang Zeyu felt a little sour in his heart.

It was sharp and sour as if someone had stabbed him in the back.

Jiang Zeyu knew that it was impossible for him to monitor Jiang Yu 24 hours a day and interfere with where she went or who she interacted with.. Seeing as he was her other brother, it was normal for Jiang Xingyi to want to interact with his little sister.

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