Chapter 243: Jiang Jingnian

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Feng Linbai was the one who spread that name.

So, why did Feng Linbai give Jiang Yu this name?

It was all because of the B and Y letters!

Putting the initials of their last names together, only the master could think of such a shameless thing!

At a research institute abroad.

The blond man with blue eyes was holding the information that he had just received and exclaimed in surprise.

“What’s wrong, David?”

“Oh my God, this is a medical miracle!”

David could not believe it and called to his colleagues, “Come and take a look! The blind patient from before has been cured!”


A group of people surrounded him. When they read the information in David’s hands, they were also in disbelief.

“This patient’s information had been sent to our research institute before. At that time, we had all agreed that it was impossible for him to regain his eyesight. He had been blind for too many years, all his nerves were severely damaged. It was impossible for him to be cured but now? He has been cured!”

“Who treated him? Did he mention the name of the attending doctor?”

“It only says here that the doctor’s name is B.Y..”

“Oh my God, where is this person from? Are they from China? I can’t wait to go to China and discuss with them how they managed to treat the patient. There’s an idiom in China, what was it again? Magical… Magical hands… Magical hands bring back something something…”

“It’s magic hands can bring the dying back to life.”

Speaking those Mandarin words, a slender man appeared in front of everyone.

He was wearing a white coat and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He looked elegant and noble. Every time David saw him, he felt that he was not a doctor but a model. He always looked like he had just stepped out of a TV show.

“You’ve finally appeared!”

David said excitedly, “Quick, look at this. We’ve received this medical record before. It’s the patient who had been blind for seven years. He’s been cured. He can see now!”

Jiang Jingnian stretched out his hand. “Give it to me.”

David hurriedly handed it to him. “If I hadn’t received this information, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. Such a case can actually be cured!

“I still remember that when we received this case, we were so focused on discussing it. After all, it was such a difficult and complicated case. Everyone wanted to challenge it but no one couldn’t come up with a feasible solution. In the end, we could only reject the case and say that it couldn’t be cured.”

“I didn’t expect that someone would be able to do what we couldn’t! I really want to buy a plane ticket and go to China to meet this expert, right now!”

“It’s useless even if we go,” Jiang Jingnian said calmly. “Do you have any information on this person? How are you going to find them?”

David said matter-of-factly, “Won’t we be able to find Doctor B.Y. but we could seek out the patient.”

Jiang Jingnian asked in return, “If you had this kind of technology, wouldn’t you want to publish your thesis and sign your name on it to let other people know? Even if you don’t sign your name and want to keep a low profile, you would still announce the name of the research institute you’re attached to, right?”

David nodded and said, “Yes but does this have to do with anything?”

Jiang Jingnian pointed at the doctor’s name on the paper and said, “Look, there’s nothing here except for this ‘B.Y.’ name. This means that he doesn’t want anyone to find him. It would be a waste of a trip.”

David thought for a while and found that it was indeed true.

He then said in a melancholic tone, “Then what should we do? This is such an outstanding talent. I want to recruit this person into our research institute…”

“Don’t fret.”

Jiang Jingnian adjusted his spectacles sitting on the bridge of his nose.. “It just so happens that I’m going back to China, I’ll see if I can secure a meeting with this person.”