Chapter 242: B.Y. The Godly Doctor

After the Feng family banquet had ended, two pieces of news quickly spread through the circle.

First, Old Master Guan had appeared and recruited Jiang Yu of the Jiang family to be his student.

Second, Fifth Young Master Feng from the Feng family had managed to have his blindness reversed after so many years!

Moreover, Fifth Young Master Feng even revealed that he had a secret godly doctor whom he had met and that person had cured his eyes.

Although Fifth Young Master Feng’s luck was indeed exceptional, everyone was more curious, who was this godly doctor?

Fifth Young Master Feng refused to reveal their name. The only clue to that person Feng Linbai gave was the name “B.Y.”.

The name B.Y. spread like wildfire through the medical world. Many people wanted to discuss medicine with this divine doctor B.Y. but nobody knew who this doctor was.

Many people have a sick family member or relative and couldn’t find a cure. They couldn’t even find a doctor who could cure them. Now that they knew there was such a godly doctor, they wanted to ask him for help, but how could they?

They couldn’t rush into the Feng family and interrogate Feng Linbai, right?

Even a member of the Feng family, Feng Zhiyi, couldn’t pry any information about this godly doctor from Feng Linbai.

Feng Linbai said this:

“Back then, I went out and met this doctor. They took me to a secret place to treat me and there were only two of us. I couldn’t see this person and they didn’t tell me anything about themselves. Dad, I really want to find this benefactor and repay them properly.”

“If you have any information, please let me know.”

Feng Zhiyi knew that he would not get any more information from Feng Linbai so he did not ask any further.

“Since your eyes have recovered, you should be even more adept at managing the businesses under you. Do your best.”

“I will, Dad.”

After Feng Linbai had left, Feng Zhiyi was still frowning.

The butler, Liang Feng, poured him some tea and asked, “Are you worried, sir?”

Feng Zhiyi’s brows did not relax. “I know that Linbai has his own ideas and now, I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to control him.”

Liang Feng said, “Fifth Young Master’s good eyesight is big news.”

“Yeah.” Feng Zhiyi pinched the space between his brows. “You were at the banquet and saw what happened. The people in my home aren’t very brave. Wenshu is a paper tiger. Le’an only knows how to play. As for Qiongfang, she knows that she should never be in the limelight.”

“None of them have anything to show off, Linbai on the other hand… but I can’t hand the Feng family over to him.”

Liang Feng suggested, “Even if Fifth Young Master’s eyes are good now, he still needs to mature. Moreover, didn’t you bring him back to nurture the other young masters, Sir? There’s still a long time, I don’t think you need to worry too much.”

“But I’m worried. Those brats are all still so young but Linbai has already grown up and is able to take care of himself. When the time comes, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to stop him.”

Liang Feng thought for a moment. “Since that’s the case, has sir ever thought of nurturing the young master?”

Feng Zhiyi thought for a moment. “You’re talking about Junhao?”

“That’s right. The young master is young after all but he will grow quickly. Moreover, Young Master Junhao…” Liang Feng paused and said, “Is very outstanding. Since you’re so worried, Sir, why don’t we extend the handover to the next generation?”

Feng Zhiyi nodded and said, “You have provided me with another way of thinking. I will think about it again.”

The name, “B.Y. the Godly Doctor”, spread throughout the world. Ke Yanbin, who was familiar with the meaning of the name, wanted to ridicule his master.

Of course, it wasn’t Jiang Yu who had came up with this name. She didn’t have the time to spend on such things.