Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 241

Chapter 241: A Person Like Me Shouldn’t Have Been Born Into the Feng Family

He Sihui said decisively, “No.”

Feng Le’an pursed his lips.

Feng Tianrui: … He seemed to have heard something he shouldn’t have.

Noticing Feng Tianrui’s return, Feng Le’an’s expression turned serious. He quickly pulled him to his side and said, “Rui’er, you’re finally back.”

Feng Tianrui: … To be honest, if I wasn’t here, would you really remember me?

You’ve obviously forgotten about me, your son!

However, Feng Tianrui endured it and didn’t bother exposing Feng Le’an’s lame lie. Then, he saw Feng Le’an glance at He Sihui and ask, “You went to the bathroom for so long…”

Feng Tianrui had a bad feeling about what was coming next.

Sure enough, he heard Feng Le’an continue to ask, “Does your butt hurt?”

Feng Tianrui: “…”

He muttered to himself. He was his father’s biological son. He couldn’t be disrespectful toward him so he had to endure it.

Then, he put one hand in his pocket and said lazily, “I’m going back upstairs. If there’s nothing else, I want to continue playing my games.”

When he said this, He Sihui’s expression immediately turned ugly.

She reprimanded, “Rui’er, don’t talk like that when you’re in front of your grandfather. You know that he hates you playing games. It wasn’t easy to get you back here so don’t make him angry again.”

“Just because he is my elder, I have to give up my hobbies to not anger him?”

Feng Tianrui snorted coldly, “I know. The children of wealthy families should all be like Feng Junhao, taking every exam, coming back first in the grade time and time again, bringing glory to their ancestors, so that they can gain grandfather’s approval. Then when the time comes, I will receive shares of the Feng family business. It will be than enough for me to live comfortably…”

“But I just don’t like studying. I’ll never be able to get good results to show you guys. A person like me shouldn’t have been born into the Feng family, right?”

Feng Tianrui’s words were full of mockery. Feng Le’an hurriedly said, “Rui’er, how can you say that? You’re my precious son! You’re the best son! No one would dare look down on you!”

“Moreover, you are so good at playing games. That’s much better than your father. Your father doesn’t know anything and isn’t he still living well? Look, I even managed to marry a good woman like your mother. Right, Wifey Dear?”

Feng Tianrui: “…”

He Sihui: “…”

Feng Le’an was shameless with his words and a sense of warmth appeared in Feng Tianrui’s eyes.

Even though the other members of the Feng family were really boring, his father was really the one in a hundred who treated him well.

Feng Le’an winked at He Sihui and said, “But you should still be more careful when you speak in front of your grandfather. Do you want him to chase you away again? To be honest, it’s really tiring to travel between two places so much. You should pity your father. It’s not difficult to his words and admit defeat.”

After saying that, he moved closer to Feng Tianrui’s ear and whispered, “Why don’t I send you to a boarding school so that your grandfather won’t be able to control you? You can play your video games as much as you like there, and I won’t interfere with you. Just don’t get sick from playing all those games. If they call your parents, no worries, I’ll be here.”

Feng Tianrui asked back, “Even if I get last in the grade”

Feng Le’an pondered. “I heard last place in A High has always been held by one person. Maybe you can go and compete with them. It’s fine if you don’t want to go to A High. You can choose any school you want. After all, Feng Junhao goes to A High.”

Feng Tianrui’s mischievous thoughts arose. “So what if Feng Junhao is here? Should I be afraid of him?”

“I will go to A High.”