Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 239

Chapter 239: The Expression on His Face Was Sinister and Terrifying

Jiang Chenglang pretended not to hear her. A vein in his forehead twitched. This act was finally settled.

If it wasn’t settled, he wouldn’t be able to console himself.

Guan Hongshun keenly felt that there was probably some story behind this and it wasn’t easy to tell a story on such an occasion.

He could only suppress the curiosity in his heart. Anyway, he still had a lot of debts to settle with that brat. Now that he had been accepted by his precious student, he wouldn’t need to leave the capital so soon. There was no rush.

After receiving Jiang Chenglang’s reply, Jiang Wan’s last bit of hope was gone.

She thought that her big brother would at least take into account some old feelings and would not embarrass her on the spot. At the very least, he would put in a good word for her.

The best thing would be for him to persuade Jiang Yu. Then, because Jiang Yu was now Old Master Guan’s student, she would tell Old Master Guan that as long as he forgave her, she would not be chased out.

Big Brother proved then that he was really not on her side anymore.

What had gone wrong?

It seemed like there was no way back.

Jiang Wan smiled self-deprecatingly. She didn’t want to embarrass herself any further so she turned around and followed Ni Manman out of the hall.

After she turned around, she clenched her palms and resisted the urge to look back at Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu’s song was more than just a simple mockery of her piano skills. She had even returned the concept of “luring the enemy” and had killed her!

She had originally thought that she was the one who would come out victorious but was proven wrong. With Ni Manman leading the way for her, she would have a chance to showcase herself in front of Feng Junhao. So, why wouldn’t she agree?

However, who would have thought that Jiang Yu still had such a trick up her sleeve!

Moreover, she had now become Old Master Guan’s student! She was now even more untouchable!

Coupled with Jiang Chenglang’s current attitude, the chances of her returning to the Jiang family home were extremely low. She was afraid that she would be completely cut off by Jiang Chenglang. At the least, he would fulfill his duty as her guardian and give her some money every month to maintain her life.

However, if Jiang Chenglang wanted to throw her out of the Jiang family, how easy would that be?

Jiang Wan’s eyes were gloomy, her eyes were roiling with emotions.

However, her back was facing the crowd, and Ni Manman was panicking about the Ni family’s future. No one noticed that her sweet and gentle disposition had disappeared. Jiang Wan’s lips curled into a smile, her expression was sinister and terrifying.

From upstairs, Feng Tianrui heard a commotion coming from downstairs. He was controlling the character with his hands and was not affected by the sound.

He had been a little uncomfortable when he heard the tragic and desolate sound of the piano. He used two skills in a row and directly threw the person in front of him to the ground.

The person laid on the ground and refused to get up.

Feng Tianrui typed, “If you don’t get up, in the future, I’ll hack you every time I see you.”

The person quickly got up.

Feng Tianrui thought offhandedly that that piano music just now was pretty good but if it had been played by that scheming b*tch, then forget it.

If it wasn’t…

Who cares, it wasn’t as important as the game.

Watching Ni Manman and Jiang Wan being chased out, Chen Miaoyi felt extremely happy.

Trying to frame her Goddess? Serves them right!

However, she felt that it was a pity.

She hadn’t been able to take a picture of Fifth Young Master Feng tying her Goddess’ shoelaces. She couldn’t go back and revisit that sweet moment…

Forget it, at least she managed to take a candid photo of Jiang Yu playing the piano. She could slowly admire her Goddess’ face when she gets home. Everything was okay.

However, Jiang Yu’s expression didn’t change at all from the beginning to the end of this commotion.

Her only thought was could they serve the dishes now that the pests have been chased out?

What do you think?