Bigshot gets loved by all after transmigrating into a book – Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Who Told You… That I Can’t See?

Everyone: … Right!

Feng Linbai was blind. How did he know that her shoelace was untied?

It couldn’t be that he felt it, right?

Could it be that Jiang Yu opened her mouth and had asked Fifth Young Master Feng to tie her shoelace for her?

That was would be even weirder.

Putting aside the possibility of Jiang Yu making such a request of Feng Linbai, it’s just that…

They didn’t see Jiang Yu open her mouth at all!

How could have Jiang Yu make such a request? She couldn’t possibly have relied on telepathy, right?

Could it be that Feng Linbai had other abilities that allowed him to observe the world around him?

… It was all very mysterious indeed. The scene was like a fantasy movie…

Everyone was puzzled. Jiang Yu politely said, “Thank you.”.

Then, Feng Linbai stood up straight and looked at Ni man and the others. He said casually, “Who told you… that I can’t see?”

Everyone: ???

Everyone: !!!


Didn’t the rumors say that he couldn’t see?

Didn’t they say that he was blind?

Since when did he regain his eyesight?!

Why doesn’t anyone know about it?!

Could it be that the Feng family had deliberately suppressed this news?

No wonder Feng Linbai had been able to walk so smoothly to Jiang Yu. They thought that he had mastered the ability to recognize location based on sound. In the end, it was because he had no problem with his eyes that he was able to walk over without any difficulty?

Guan Hongshun looked at Feng Linbai a few times.

This brat’s eyes had actually recovered?

Why didn’t he tell him earlier? ! How unfilial he was to his teacher!

Jiang Chenglang suddenly felt an even stronger sense of crisis.

The ones who were the most shocked were obviously the members of the Feng family.

Feng Wenshu was greatly shocked. “Fifth Brother, your eyes have recovered?”

Feng Linbai said simply, “Yes.”

Feng Zhiyi said unhappily, “Why didn’t you tell me that they had recovered?”

He had suddenly pulled this act at the banquet. Had he been planning to launch a surprise attack?

He didn’t even tell his own family members. All of his sons were really worrisome!

Feng Linbai said calmly, “They just got better. I haven’t had the chance to tell anyone yet.”

Feng Le’an said, “My lousy hospital doesn’t have such a talent… Fifth Brother, where did you find such a capable person?”

Feng Linbai said casually, “A godly doctor fell from the sky and healed my eyes.”

Then, he said, “Let’s not talk about me for now. Let’s get rid of them first. They’re a sight for sore eyes.”

Everyone: … He indeed had the right to say the words “a sight for sore eyes”…

Ke Yanbin appeared at this moment.

He played the role of driving people away very dutifully and directed the security to take Ni Wenbin and Ni Manman away.

Only now did Ni Manman finally realized that something was wrong and didn’t dare to speak anymore under the unfriendly gazes of the people around her.

But it was too late.

She followed behind Ni Wenbin with fear and trepidation, thinking, it’s over. I had been too impulsive earlier. I think I’ve brought big trouble to the Ni family!

Jiang Wan hadn’t moved from her spot. Her face was pale as she asked in a hoarse voice, “Big Brother, are you going to watch as they throw me out as well?”

Jiang Chenglang said with a cold expression on his face, “You should have thought of this before you cooperated with them. The members of the Jiang family should never try to up one another.”

He had made his stance very clear.

Guan Hongshun whispered, “Little brat, is this your big brother? He’s quite clear-headed but you, his sister, seem to be full of evil.”

Jiang Yu didn’t say anything.

Feng Linbai, on the other hand, sneered and said in a disdainful tone, “Clear-headed? Heh.”

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