Beastmaster of the Ages – Chapter 577: 100 Thousand Years Later, the Reincarnation Returns

Chapter 577: 100 Thousand Years Later, the Reincarnation Returns

It was a most terrifying sight to behold. Tianming felt his heart clench from the shock. The face made him feel like all his organs were pierced through.

“Plunderer, your time of reckoning has come! Even ten reincarnations weren’t enough to save you. I have found you! Everything is over for you!” the face roared so loudly that it felt like the world was crumbling.

Feiling was so terrified that her hand shook profusely. He turned back and gave her a hug. Without saying a word, he kissed her. The wet warmth finally snapped her out of her anxiety.

“Plunderer, your time of reckoning has come! Even ten reincarnations weren’t enough to save you. I have found you! Everything is over for you!” The same words kept repeating as the eye-filled face contorted. However, the words kept repeating senselessly. It seemed like a pointless threat. They hadn’t found Tianming nor Li Muyang at all. If Tianming lost his cool and revealed everything in the canal, it might get even worse.

“Are you okay now?” His passionate kiss caused her knees to give out. Even amidst the darkness, she could see his gold and black eyes. They seemed ever so resolute.

Their lips having parted, Tianming turned to look at the gigantic black face before continuing onwards, passing through the face entirely, but it simply reappeared in front of him again and again, repeating the same lines.

All of a sudden, he saw a bright light coming from ahead. Elated, Tianming pulled Feiling towards it.

“We finally made it through!” he couldn’t help but cheer. They had managed to sever the karmic ties. However, that was only the first out of many steps they would have to take. “Next, the Archaionfiend Eye.”


They were greeted with warm sunlight, fluffy clouds, lush flowers and green grass. Tianming took a deep breath after crossing the Canal of the Dead. “So this is the air of a foreign land… Doesn’t it smell good?”

“No way it does.” Feiling stepped on the soft, black soil and twirled a few times. Her blue skirt rose, revealing her smooth, long legs. Tianming squatted down and admired their beauty.

“What are you doing? Don’t you get sick of staring?” she snapped. Recalling how he sealed his lips by kissing her to prevent himself from saying anything unnecessary, she felt a little stimulated. It was a dangerous mix of fear and passion.

“You look so good, I’ll never get sick of it.”

“Hmph, stupid mooch. All you’re good for is your sweet mouth,” she said, secretly relishing in the compliment.

“You liked that? Want another taste of these sweet lips?” he said with a smirk.

“I wasn’t referring to that!”

“Oh, believe me, I know.”

“Idiot. I bet you didn’t want Feng to come cause you wanted to tease me.”


With them not knowing where the Archaion Sect was, they weren’t in a rush to look for it. Tianming decided he would cultivate as he searched for it. Mainly, he would focus on assimilating into the local culture first. Otherwise, it would be quite troublesome if he was to be recognized as someone from the Theocracy the moment he opened his mouth.

All he would have to do was to find a town and spend a month there. At least, he would be able to get a rough grasp on the local powers and happenings. What he was most curious about was how powerful the cultivators at the center of the continent were, these so-called descendants of the gods. Were they empyrean saints or samsarans? At the very least, he knew that there were no gods on the Flameyellow Continent.

“I wonder how the Samsara stage is broken down… How many people are at this stage in all of the Nine Divine Realms?”

As he pondered those questions, he headed southwest along the coastline of the Northern Voidsea. While the people of Archaion were powerful, they numbered far fewer than those of the Theocracy. Tianming hadn’t seen a single person even after two hours of traveling.

Right at that moment, they heard a shriek not far away. The shriek was so domineering that Tianming could tell it belonged to a phoenix.

When it flapped its wings, the world around them shook. Tianming looked up and saw a green phoenix flying towards them from the north.

It looks so huge even though it’s still so far away… Will it block out the whole sun if it’s right above us? Tianming thought. He felt like he had underestimated the power level of the Nine Divine Realms based on his singular encounter with Xuanyuan Xu.

He brought Feiling to a shade nearby to avoid being detected by the phoenix, but it stopped when it was right above him and circled in the sky.

“Dang, it really is huge!” It was ten times bigger than Li Wudi’s Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng. Taking a look at its eyes, he snapped, “What… It has about eight hundred stars!”

It was truly a shock to behold. Hundred-star saint beasts were things of myth in the Theocracy, yet the first beast he encountered had about eight hundred. What was going on? Was Xuanyuan Xu simply a small fry in Archaion?

As he mired in the shock and awe, the phoenix seemed to have pinpointed his location. Almost instantly, two figures descended and appeared before them, causing them to feel grave danger. They were a thousand times more dangerous than the autarch or Xuanyuan Xu. It only took one look for Tianming to understand the magnitude of the rift between those in the core of the continent and those in its fringes.

If his guess was right, the two of them were more powerful than empyrean saints based on their aura. They were probably at the Samsara Stage. Tianming didn’t even dare to look them directly in the eye. Meeting these elites ruined his plan of slowly getting to assimilate with the locals.

However, he still got a good look at their appearances. The one on the left was a woman wearing a white-and-black dress and a face veil. She stood tall and slender and gave off a cold feeling. It was hard to tell her age based on her gaze, but she should be a senior based on the lock of white hair that mingled with the rest of her black hair.

The one on the right was a youth wearing a gold-white robe. He gave off a similar vibe to the woman that could only be described as cold and lofty. Like her, he was tall and slender and looked really handsome. Though his features were gentle, his gaze was as sharp as a sword. But his most defining feature was without a doubt the third eye that sat between his other two. It was dark gold,, unlike the other two eyes with black irises.

The youth stood behind the woman, so that probably meant she had a higher status than him. Tianming had a feeling she was even more powerful. In the next instant, the woman raised both hands with a passionate expression before prostrating on the ground with her hands outstretched.

Then, with all her might, she yelled, “Fang Qingli of the Sterling House of Fang greets you, Eminent Xuanyuan! Congratulations on your revival after 100 thousand years!”

She sounded so touched that words failed to capture the intensity of her feelings. The one she had prostrated herself to was Feiling, who was startled by her loud voice.

The youth beside her also kneeled and yelled with his booming voice, “Xuanyuan Yuheng of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan greets Your Eminence! Congratulations on your revival and descent upon our realm!”

Tianming and Feiling’s ears rang from the sheer volume of their voices. He looked at the two prostrating elites in a daze, but quickly snapped out of it. Feiling had been discovered as Xuanyuan Xi! There was no way they would be able to scout the place out any longer.

Tianming had talked to her about this before. The fact that she wasn’t Xuanyuan Xi was not to be discovered by the denizens of Archaion at all costs. If it came to light, the two of them would be in grave danger. While they didn’t know how they managed to spot her so quickly, there was nothing they could do now but pretend. Now, it all rested on her mental fortitude and ability to ad-lib.

Tianming shot her a look. She should be able to handle it since she did have some of Xuanyuan Xi’s scrambled memories. “Alright. Rise.”

Tianming finally relaxed at how she managed to play her part at the crucial juncture.


The two of them immediately got up, but she didn’t dare to look up at her.

“Your Eminence, this is the divine blood you left behind 100 thousand years ago in preparation for Your Eminence’s prophesized revival. The blood shall lead the way to Your Eminence. The descendants of our houses held onto this divine blood throughout the generations. Even though everyone claimed that gods can’t return from the dead, we believed in Your Eminence’s prophecy without wavering and have waited all this time for this! The whole of Flameyellow Continent shall marvel at this miracle!” Fang Qingli exclaimed.

“Okay.” Feiling didn’t know what else to say and nodded.

“Your Eminence, here is your divine blood.” She took out a really tough gem made of some unknown material that didn’t have any heavenly patterns on it. Within it was a drop of divine blood that pulsed in Feiling’s direction. Now, it was obvious how they found her.

Feiling took the gem. At that instant, Fang Qingli furrowed her brow and asked, “Your Eminence, why is your cultivation only at the Earth Saint stage after your revival?”

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Chapter 370 - The Death of Sikong Jiansheng
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Chapter 375: Wei Qing's Letter
Chapter 376: Terrifying Vortex-like Heavenly Will
Chapter 377 - Shenxiao Sword Ar
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Chapter 379 – The Earth-Shattering Terra Blast Mace
Chapter 380 – A Three Hundred And Thirty Thousand Strong Army
Chapter 381 - The Grand-Orient Realm’s Number One Softie
Chapter 382 - A Storm Of Blood
Chapter 383 - Well Done!
Chapter 384: Ultimate Counterattack
Chapter 385: Together Until Our Hair Whitens
Chapter 386: Flower in the Lifebound Space
Chapter 387: Blue Skies and White Clouds, Hell on Earth
Chapter 388: Life and Death Are Unfeeling, the Grand Path Is Universal
Chapter 389 - The Final Battle
Chapter 390 - Grand-Orient as Life and Prime as Hear
Chapter 391 - Beheading the Black Tortoise, Yuan Hun’s Death
Chapter 392 - Elysium Mantra, Monarch’s Descen
Chapter 393 - Slept with the Ancestors
Chapter 394 - Primordial Terraqua Dragon
Chapter 395 - Skewers?
Chapter 396 – Lan Huang
Chapter 397 – Royal Elysian Spear
Chapter 398 - Three Lifebound Beasts and a Spiritburn Tome
Chapter 399 - Bunch of Brothers
Chapter 400 - Chong Yang, Jing Yue, and Ling Xing
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Chapter 420 - Hide No More!
Chapter 421 - One Man Against A Thousand
Chapter 422 - Hurricanesnow Saber
Chapter 423 - Cross Chop, Flower Burial Dance
Chapter 424 - Framed
Chapter 425 - A Life for a Life
Chapter 426 - Ye Lingfeng
Chapter 427 - Myriad Souldevouring Canon
Chapter 428 - Infernal Soul Heavenly Pattern Canon
Chapter 429 - Earthquake in the Divine Capital
Chapter 430 - Feng’s My Friend
Chapter 431 - Tomorrow’s Ascension, A Brilliant First Reign
Chapter 432 - The Decimo Sky and Earth Ranking
Chapter 433 - Painting Fanatic
Chapter 434 - Courtyard 99
Chapter 435 - Evil Suppression Pillar
Chapter 436 - Revenge
Chapter 437 - Wei Wushang’s Birthday
Chapter 438 - The Weasel and Ying Huo
Chapter 439 - Nine Star Patternscribe
Chapter 440 - Heavenly Unity
Chapter 441 - That’s the Grand-Orient Sword?
Chapter 442 - Fatty, Your Life Isn’t Good
Chapter 443 - Soul Crushing Ar
Chapter 444 - Spiritual Energy Fountain
Chapter 445 - Transcending into a Saint, Snatching Life from Heavens
Chapter 446 - Three Saint Springs
Chapter 447 - Second Gate of the Grand-Orient Sword
Chapter 448 - Bad News
Chapter 449: Galeflare
Chapter 450: Happy Birthday
Chapter 451: Crown Prince Consor
Chapter 452 - Azure Pavilion
Chapter 453 - Final Ranking Battle
Chapter 454 - Dongyang Fen
Chapter 455 - Figh
Chapter 456 - Battle Between the Two Fengs
Chapter 457 - Billions of Dead Souls Beneath the Divine Capital
Chapter 458 - Will of the Ancient Theocrats
Chapter 459 - Lock onto her Soul!
Chapter 460 - Monstrous Wrath
Chapter 461 - Seventh-Order Saint Beas
Chapter 462 - Trampling On The Theocrats
Chapter 463 - Evil Suppression Barrier!
Chapter 464 - Tomb of the Ancients
Chapter 465 - The Limit of Life, the Merciless Heavenly Dao
Chapter 466: Weisheng Yunxi
Chapter 467: Invincible Sword Body
Chapter 468: Bring Her Back to the Tomb
Chapter 469: No Answers
Chapter 470: Ten-Demise Sword Body
Chapter 471: Listen Not to the Rain Hitting the Leaves
Chapter 472: Together With Feng Through Life and Death
Chapter 473: City of Hell
Chapter 474: Cyclic Mirror Lake, Fireworks Festival Fes
Chapter 475 - You Look Better Than Fireworks
Chapter 476 - A Hundred Invincible Sword Ki
Chapter 477 - You’re a Dog
Chapter 478 - Bad News, Your Majesty
Chapter 479 - Internal Strife in the Divine Capital
Chapter 480: Green Stone Building
Chapter 481 - Footsteps
Chapter 482 - Don’t Look Back
Chapter 483 - People Without Dignity
Chapter 484 - Ants
Chapter 485 - The Infernal Soul Race Will Never Concede
Chapter 486 - A Sword Through The Hear
Chapter 487 - The Top Saint Beastial Weapon
Chapter 488 - The Nineshades Clan Must Die
Chapter 489 - Monster Out Of Its Cave
Chapter 490 - Thousand-Demise Sword
Chapter 491 - The Unknown
Chapter 492 - Golden Dragonthorn Whip
Chapter 493 - Are Eight Souls Enough For You?
Chapter 494 - Beauty Incarnate
Chapter 495 - The Mortal Soul
Chapter 496 - Primordial Demonlord
Chapter 497: Sovereign
Chapter 498 - Sword Imperealm Formation
Chapter 499 - Heaven-defying Revival
Chapter 500 - Die With Her
Chapter 501 - Six Dao Cyclic Sword
Chapter 502 - Teaching the Dao on Heaven’s Behalf
Chapter 503 - Life
Chapter 504 - Xuanyuan Chi
Chapter 505 - Perpetia Divine Realm
Chapter 506 - Perpetia City
Chapter 507 - The Corpse Below Moonseeker Pavilion
Chapter 508 - The Shenwu Legion Comes
Chapter 509 - Ninesilver Astral Ar
Chapter 510 - The Palace Lord’s Dream Of A Golden Age
Chapter 511 - The Astral General, Li Tianming
Chapter 512 - Tigress?
Chapter 513 - Scarlet Flame Staff
Chapter 514 - Die!
Chapter 515 - Get Out Of The Way, I’m Going To Kill
Chapter 516 - The Night Before The Battle
Chapter 517 - The Biggest Joke in A Hundred Thousand Years
Chapter 518 - Divine Capital’s Stallion
Chapter 519 - The True Ancient Theocrats
Chapter 520 - Death
Chapter 521 - Monster of the Divine Capital
Chapter 522: All Shall Die
Chapter 523: Saving Meow Meow
Chapter 524 - A Hundred Thousand Souls
Chapter 525 - Losing Streak?
Chapter 526 - Nightmare Oceanfiend
Chapter 527: Letter from Li Muyang
Chapter 528: Mirror Lake Fish Soup
Chapter 529 - Prime Tower Opens
Chapter 530 - The Purple Tower and the Soul Tower
Chapter 531 - An Empty Hell
Chapter 532 - Devil On Earth
Chapter 533 - Long Life and Eternity
Chapter 534 - Meteorite Storm, Nebula Emperor Whale
Chapter 535 - Nine Generations of Executions
Chapter 536: Return of the Primeval Autarch
Chapter 537: Li Wudi's Bloodfiend Transformation
Chapter 538: Death to All Obstacles
Chapter 539 - Take Her Home
Chapter 540 - You Must Live
Chapter 541 - The Line Between Life And Death
Chapter 542 - Not Alone
Chapter 543 - Slaughter All of ‘Em!
Chapter 544 - Father and Son
Chapter 545: Ultimate Laughingstock
Chapter 546: Dream of the Nine Moons
Chapter 547: The Theocracy’s Worst Day
Chapter 548 - Hunting Party
Chapter 549 - Saint Martial Manor No Longer Exists
Chapter 550 - My Name is Jun Niancang
Chapter 551 - Primordial God Race, Soul Servan
Chapter 552 - Azure River, Skyrea - Chapter River
Chapter 553 - Dazzling Pavilion’s Pavilion Lord, Meng Yifeng
Chapter 554: Realm of Despair
Chapter 555 - I Only Need One Move to Kill You
Chapter 556: Am I a God?
Chapter 557 - Disciples Of The Dao Palace, Brothers In Life And Death
Chapter 558 - The End of The Nineshades Clan
Chapter 559 - I’m Going To Send You To Hell!
Chapter 560 - Long Live
Chapter 561 - Path of No Return
Chapter 562 - They’re at the Divine Capital
Chapter 563: The World is Purgatory
Chapter 564: Mastering Myriad-Demise Sword
Chapter 565: Autar - Chapter Qian's Lis
Chapter 566 - Friends From the Archaion Divine Realm
Chapter 567- Die With You!
Chapter 568 - Your Life Ends Here!
Chapter 569: Sword of Mortality
Chapter 570: Cyclic Mirror Fractures
Chapter 571 - The True Sovereign
Chapter 572 - Ten Lifetimes of Reincarnation
Chapter 573 - Irreconcilable Feud
Chapter 574 - Archaionfiend Eye
Chapter 575 - Fortune Favors the Boastful
Chapter 576 - Unparalleled Brilliant Moons
Chapter 577: 100 Thousand Years Later, the Reincarnation Returns
Chapter 578: Please Spare Me, Your Eminence
Chapter 579: Too Ridiculous
Chapter 580: Reunion with the Unexpected
Chapter 581: Lin Feng the Neighbor
Chapter 582: Your Eyes
Chapter 583 - Years of Starlight
Chapter 584 - One Level in Five Days
Chapter 585 - The Eminent’s Husband
Chapter 586 - Steadfast Pavilion