Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure Points – Chapter 2 – Book of Contracts

Chapter 2: Book of Contracts

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The original book of contracts looked like it was made of bronze, giving off an ancient and plain feeling. It symbolized the beastmaster’s tier, a trainee.

Each book would correspond to the owner’s strength. There were several different tiers.

Bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.

The book of contracts Jiang He had summoned was completely black. There were also many complicated patterns and lines carved on the book’s cover. Additionally, there was a layer of mist covering the surface of the book, making it look rather mysterious.

In a way, the book of contracts was an embodiment of the beastmaster’s soul and spiritual power. Did this book change because the host’s soul was different?

It was understandable.

This could be a good thing!

With anticipation, Jiang He flipped open the book of contracts. The thick book actually only consisted of two pages. There were some details written on the first page.

Jiang He

Height: 5’8

Weight: 130 pounds

Age: 16

Mental Strength: 182

Level: Trainee beastmaster

Talent: Acting (Level 1). Can imitate a beast’s behavior. There’s a chance of obtaining the beast’s approval.

Intuition (Level 1). Can empathize with a beast for a short period of time, experiencing the beast’s emotions.

Pleasure points: 0%

He actually had two talents!

After thinking about it, Jiang He felt that it made sense. The first talent was passed down by the original host while the second talent was his own.

Intuition did not seem to be of much use but when paired with acting, it might be pretty good.

The success rate of acting mainly depended on two aspects.

First, there was the mental strength of both parties. That would directly determine whether the mental hypnosis would be effective or not. Secondly, there was realism. If the image was too different from the cognition of the hypnotized subject, it would naturally not succeed.

Intuition would allow Jiang He to sense the targeted beast’s emotions, increasing the chance of success.

Suddenly, Jiang He realized something.

‘Wait a minute… Something’s wrong!’

Based on the original host’s memories, the book of contracts should only display information about the owner’s pets, not the beastmasters themselves.

‘This book couldn’t have mistaken me for a pet, right?

‘Besides, what’s pleasure value?’

Jiang He recalled his happiest moments, but the white progress bar for pleasure points did not increase at all.

Since Jiang He could not figure this out, he decided not to dwell on it. He looked at the other page in the book of contracts.

This page was completely blank. It meant that Jiang He could form a contract with a beast at this very moment.

If a beastmaster wanted to subdue more beasts, they would have to increase their spiritual power through a specific method of meditation. That would create more pages.

After looking at the book for a while, Jiang He became even more determined to live on.

This world was very exciting. There might even be beast-eared girls. How could he give up so easily?!

After encouraging himself, Jiang He began to carry out his plan.

“I’m a fish… I breathe with my gills… I like water…”

He tried his best to put himself in the perspective of a fish. Then, he jumped into the river.

The cold water quickly submerged his entire body. Shortly after, Jiang He found his target.

It was a carp the size of a palm. The carp’s eyes were wide open.

“Activate acting!”

Jiang He chanted silently. At the same time, he kept thinking, ‘I am a carp.’

An invisible spiritual power surrounded Jiang He and he turned into a carp that was about the same size as the other.

“It works!”

The carp did not have much of a reaction. Jiang He was delighted. He approached it and suddenly grabbed the back of the carp. Then, he quickly surfaced and threw it toward the shore.

Two hours later, there were more than a dozen carps of different sizes on the shore.

Jiang He smiled.

“I’m basically a master fisherman. Next, I have to make a fire!”

There were many ways to make a fire in the wild. The original host had brought along a flint but it was washed away by the current. So, Jiang He could only choose the most primitive method which was drilling wood.

Fortunately, he still had a small knife hanging on his belt. Otherwise, the task would be even more difficult.

Jiang He went to pick up some relatively dry grass, leaves, and branches.

He also grabbed two pieces of dry wood. After cutting one end of each wood, he drilled a small hole in them and began spinning the branches quickly.

Making fire was not an easy task. Jiang He tried for several hours. The sky gradually turned dark. Finally, he succeeded in making a wisp of flame.

As the flame grew bigger, it provided him with some warmth.

Access to fire was the key to survival in the wild.

Other than providing heat, it could also be used to cook food, dry clothes, and deter wild beasts from attacking.

Jiang He used a tree branch to string the carps together and placed them near the fire.

“It’s done!”

Although there was no seasoning and the fish actually tasted pretty bad, Jiang He still enjoyed the food because he was starving.

Once he had eaten his fill, Jiang He began to think of a way to escape this place again.

“Perhaps I should go and explore before the day completely turns dark.”

Thus, he walked around the surrounding mountain walls, hoping to find a path that would lead him out.

However, the mountain walls were steep. Without the aid of tools, there was no way Jiang He could climb up. It seemed like his only hope was the cave that he had previously found.

The cave was very dark. There were probably a lot of dangers lurking within. Jiang He hesitated for a moment before deciding to head back.

Surprisingly, the pleasure points’ progress bar changed.

In just two minutes, it had risen to twenty percent.

It was odd because he was feeling more and more desperate!

Nonetheless, this was still a good thing. If the progress bar reached a hundred percent, something might happen.

When Jiang He returned to the bonfire, he was shocked to find his two remaining grilled fishes reduced to bones.

It was unknown what had eaten them!

“The perpetrator only made its move after I had left. This means that it’s not strong. It is very likely to be a small creature. Maybe a monkey.”

Jiang He was equally speculating and consoling himself.

He did not think there would be a predator at the bottom of the valley! It appeared this place was not completely safe!

Leaving as soon as possible was the best course of action!

Perhaps he should explore the cave while there was still time? After all, it would be even more dangerous at night!

Jiang He sharpened one end of a thicker branch to make a simple wooden spear. With a torch in hand, he went to the entrance of the cave.

Since the inside of the cave was so dark, the entrance looked like a mouth that would devour anyone that entered. It was truly scary.

As soon as he stepped into the cave, a pair of bright eyes appeared from the depths.

Under the light of the torch, the monster gradually revealed itself.

It was… A cat?

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