Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice

Full 319 Chapter (End)

Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice


Romance, Action


English Novel



I’m so sorry, Mr. Lawson, you can marry my daughter Marga but Sabrina is an exception.

Why? She’s your daughter I thought you and my parents had already arranged this marriage. And I choose Sabrina. I won’t marry anyone but Sabrina.

Then why Sabrina?

Let’s say that Sabrina and I have a special thing back then, Gabriel said with a little smile. Ferdinand frowned and was curious. Well, she might deny it.

Sabrina Mondragon Alvarez – is a mute rich woman. She’s an introvert and hated getting along with rich people who always talk about senseless stuff. She was bullied by socialite but never they knew that behind that innocent-looking woman hides a strong and powerful aura.

Being quiet doesn’t mean weak but is something more dangerous than anything. Silence would lead all of her enemies to one place that can also be called danger.

Soon, she’ll have them in the place that she’s secretly reserving for those who made her life and family miserable.

She said to be someone who can’t speak not until he came and chose her to be his wife.

Gabriel Lawson – a rich powerful tycoon with a strong background. He fell in love with the woman he had a one night stand with and chose her to be his wife. He would do anything for her. And for those people who hurt her–they must pay a thousand folds.

List of Chapters
List of Chapters
Chapter 1 10,000 Dollors for a Nigh
Chapter 2 Shes Mute
Chapter 3 Elite Bar
Chapter 4 Claiming his Fiancee
Chapter 5 Best Pillow in the World
Chapter 6 Spoil her more than Siblings do
Chapter 7 Dinner Date
Chapter 8 Triplets on Mission
Chapter 9 Overslep
Chapter 10 Seduce him until he gets hard
Chapter 11 Secret Organization
Chapter 12 Canst talk anymore?
Chapter 13 That woman is torturing me!
Chapter 14 Win my woman Back
Chapter 15 The Ex-boyfriend
Chapter 16 Rescuing a Damsel in Distress
Chapter 17 Doting Ethan
Chapter 18 Figures
Chapter 19 I want to hear your voice
Chapter 20 His Comfor
Chapter 21 Baby, you know what I wan
Chapter 22 Back together
Chapter 23 Evil Doing
Chapter 24 Shivering Threa
Chapter 25 Mosquito Love Bites
Chapter 26 Sleep, Girlfriend
Chapter 27 Do you want me to bath you?
Chapter 28 Gift for Engagement Party
Chapter 29 Another Ex?
Chapter 30 Obsessive Compulsive
Chapter 31 31. Did you perhaps bring a bomb with you?
Chapter 32 I need my Sunglasses
Chapter 33 You are lame.
Chapter 34 Theres No Fun Without Torture
Chapter 35 Clingy Koala
Chapter 36 Canst Help Falling in Love
Chapter 37 She sings
Chapter 38 Lazy
Chapter 39 Do you badly want me to eat you up?
Chapter 40 Enzos Attack
Chapter 41 Why do you have to say it out loud?
Chapter 42 Enzo in Action
Chapter 43 Should I buy a factory of condom?
Chapter 44 Does your core feel sore?
Chapter 45 Meeting with my gang
Chapter 46 My girlfriend is dangerous.
Chapter 47 Kiss Me More
Chapter 48 Are you dumb not to see the red light?
Chapter 49 Marry Me
Chapter 50 First Born Eloping before Baby sisters wedding.
Chapter 51 You Jealous?
Chapter 52 The Wedding
Chapter 53 Am I your sex toy?
Chapter 54 Honeymoon
Chapter 55 She talk because of laziness
Chapter 56 I was head over heels on you
Chapter 57 His wife is a Pheonix
Chapter 58 Elite Red Room as a Bulle
Chapter 59 Ethans Rage
Chapter 60 Catastrophes Secret Weapon
Chapter 61 Sabrina is Femme Fatale
Chapter 62 Lets live together.
Chapter 63 Intruders on dinner
Chapter 64 Donst say you love me, if you donst mean it.
Chapter 65 Shes Just Lazy
Chapter 66 Catriona stole my hear
Chapter 67 Dangerous Woman
Chapter 68 He loves talking to her.
Chapter 69 I want to take care of you
Chapter 70 Work Hard to Earn Money for the Wife
Chapter 71 Possessive Wife
Chapter 72 Versace as Enzos love rival
Chapter 73 The Almighty Bosss Daughter
Chapter 74 Doting Wife
Chapter 75 Shes a Diva
Chapter 76 Overprotective Husband
Chapter 77 Meant to be together
Chapter 78 Regret was always in the end
Chapter 79 The Fan of the Great Madam
Chapter 80 A dog knows some tricks
Chapter 81 Veronica Masen
Chapter 82 I am the only one who has a right to hear her voice
Chapter 83 Its not a good sight to see
Chapter 84 Sabrinas Cursed
Chapter 85 She watch every scene
Chapter 86 My Butt is Stuck in the chair
Chapter 87 Go sleep on my bed
Chapter 88 Woman you are driving me crazy
Chapter 89 To improve power
Chapter 90 I may not restrain myself anymore
Chapter 91 Must learn things
Chapter 92 You are a gold digger
Chapter 93 Next Wedding?
Chapter 94 Passionate Love Underwater
Chapter 95 I only want you in my bed
Chapter 96 Enzos broken hear
Chapter 97 Eat you up
Chapter 98 Hold the world for you
Chapter 99 The Man Who Canst be Move
Chapter 100 She missed him like Summer in the Winter
Chapter 101 Sabrinas anxiousness
Chapter 102 Massage
Chapter 103 I Love You
Chapter 104 Attacking some nyphomaniacs
Chapter 105 Hearing her voice
Chapter 106 Happy wife, happy life
Chapter 107 Seducing her Boss
Chapter 108 Adorable Jealous Husband
Chapter 109 Extremely Jealous Hubby
Chapter 110 Babies are coming!
Chapter 111 Proud Parents
Chapter 112 Blood of Blood
Chapter 113 Heart Attack
Chapter 114 Adorable wife at home. Dangerous woman outside
Chapter 115 Desperately In love
Chapter 116 It was His firs
Chapter 117 The Ever Lovable Hubby
Chapter 118 Enzo had moved on?
Chapter 119 Seize the Momen
Chapter 120 PDA
Chapter 121 Listening to him like a favorite song
Chapter 122 First Heartbreak
Chapter 123 Falling for You
Chapter 124 If she could only be with him
Chapter 125 Break Mens hear
Chapter 126 Love can move mountains
Chapter 127 The True Killer
Chapter 128 Lets End This
Chapter 129 Ezekiel Mondragon
Chapter 130 Misbehaving Wife
Chapter 131 Troublemaker Wife
Chapter 132 Arrogant Enzo
Chapter 133 Great Grandpa
Chapter 134 Hes loving the danger
Chapter 135 Everything she asks will come true
Chapter 136 Come back to me
Chapter 137 Its Now or Never
Chapter 138 Fiancé was getting anxious
Chapter 139 Tonys attitude
Chapter 140 Changing Roles
Chapter 141 Eross obsession
Chapter 142 Canst sleep without you in my arms
Chapter 143 Boys weekend nigh
Chapter 144 Depression
Chapter 145 Visiting Alanis
Chapter 146 Heaven
Chapter 147 I love you
Chapter 148 Love can take it all
Chapter 149 Blind and Pregnan
Chapter 150 His Princesss is back
Chapter 151 Jealousy?
Chapter 152 Loneliness is killing me
Chapter 153 Tonys Evil Side
Chapter 154 When theres Love theres Pain
Chapter 155 The Dark Lord
Chapter 156 Sabrinas Game
Chapter 157 Confusion
Chapter 158 Be Merry and Marry the Man
Chapter 159 When a Man Fall Hard
Chapter 160 Enzo the Great Uncle
Chapter 161 Traitor
Chapter 162 The Double Spy
Chapter 163 Tony was Furious
Chapter 164 You are getting fa
Chapter 165 Dinner with the soon in laws
Chapter 166 Sabrina the Little Devil
Chapter 167 Catrionas Head Price
Chapter 168 Searching for Vanessa
Chapter 169 Complicated Mondragon Heiresses
Chapter 170 Ferdinands Pain
Chapter 171 Pervert Lover
Chapter 172 Are we expecting little brats?
Chapter 173 A visit from the old General
Chapter 174 Blood by Blood
Chapter 175 Picking up the Drunk Lover
Chapter 176 A Drunk Man Canst Lie
Chapter 177 The traitor
Chapter 178 Her Childhood House
Chapter 179 Calvin Ivanov
Chapter 180 Ivanovs Identity
Chapter 181 Booby Trap
Chapter 182 Lets have a baby
Chapter 183 My Little Wife
Chapter 184 Vanessa Ivanov the Heiress
Chapter 185 We are here to make babies
Chapter 186 Doted Expensive Wife
Chapter 187 Are you done bullying others?
Chapter 188 Uncovering the secre
Chapter 189 Do you still love me?
Chapter 190 The Voice
Chapter 191 Double Spy
Chapter 192 Euphoria and Breakdown
Chapter 193 Sabrinas Breakdown
Chapter 194 The Love of his Life
Chapter 195 Desperation
Chapter 196 Wedding Anniversary without the Wife
Chapter 197 Taking his wife back
Chapter 198 The Sleeping Queen
Chapter 199 Gloomy days
Chapter 200 Enzo the Grea
Chapter 201 Veronica become Playful
Chapter 202 Catriona was being spoiled
Chapter 203 Shes my World, my Life
Chapter 204 Femme Fatale become a Baby
Chapter 205 Triplets canst wai
Chapter 206 Thirty Days to Live
Chapter 207 Thats Enough Sleep Sabrina
Chapter 208 sEthan, hes scaring me. Lets go home.s
Chapter 209 Sabrinas Youth
Chapter 210 Teenage Sabrina
Chapter 211 Holding you
Chapter 212 The Kings Stubborn Queen
Chapter 213 Letting Go
Chapter 214 The Proposal
Chapter 215 Anastasias Game
Chapter 216 She love him back
Chapter 217 Veronica is dying?
Chapter 218 Anastasias Game is On
Chapter 219 Everything are coming back
Chapter 220 Driving someone crazy
Chapter 221 Weird
Chapter 222 Hear her voice
Chapter 223 Tease
Chapter 224 The Bossy Wife
Chapter 225 To Dote on Little Princess?
Chapter 226 Elders
Chapter 227 Long Patience, Hubby
Chapter 228 Take the Position to Protect the Queen
Chapter 229 Pieces of Puzzle
Chapter 230 Theme Song
Chapter 231 Happy Moments
Chapter 232 Best Part of Me is You
Chapter 233 Driving them Insane
Chapter 234 Son in Law
Chapter 235 He sing a love song
Chapter 236 Doting Husband
Chapter 237 Alvarezs Motto
Chapter 238 Naughty Wife
Chapter 239 The Gathering of Exes
Chapter 240 A Game of Games
Chapter 241 The Best Friend
Chapter 242 The Bodyguard
Chapter 243 More than Friends
Chapter 244 Sweet talk me again
Chapter 245 Friend Zoned
Chapter 246 The Secret Admirer
Chapter 247 My Oath
Chapter 248 The King of the Family
Chapter 249 Jealous Best Friend
Chapter 250 The Video
Chapter 251 Honor Lives
Chapter 252 Conscience
Chapter 253 Friends with Benefits
Chapter 254 The Aspie
Chapter 255 Sabrinas Secret Ace
Chapter 256 Psychosis
Chapter 257 Wanted: Sperm Donor
Chapter 258 Reunion
Chapter 259 Aphrodisiac
Chapter 260 Lubrican
Chapter 261 Hush baby, donst say it out loud
Chapter 262 Donst Destroy Beautiful Things
Chapter 263 Recovering
Chapter 264 Rings
Chapter 265 Not my Driver
Chapter 266 Unedited The Shadow
Chapter 267 Sabrinas Marksman
Chapter 268 Findings
Chapter 269 Why Donst You Love Me?
Chapter 270 Little Princess
Chapter 271 Unedited Bucket of Tears
Chapter 272 Unedited Athena Goddess of Wisdom
Chapter 273 Unedited Baby Stealing
Chapter 274 Unedited Congratulations. You are going to be a Mom
Chapter 275 Unedited Shotgun Marriage
Chapter 276 Unedited Bed Wreckers
Chapter 277 Unedited Release an Invitation
Chapter 278 Lawson Family
Chapter 279 Touch of love
Chapter 280 Speak Now
Chapter 281 The Truth and the Unexpected Gues
Chapter 282 Dangerous Affection
Chapter 283 Little Bra
Chapter 284 Unedited VIP Room
Chapter 285 Unedited Lazy boys
Chapter 286 Unedited Step by Step
Chapter 287 Unedited The Hot Brothers
Chapter 288 Unedited The Rise of the Dark Lord
Chapter 289 Unedited Capturing Cupid
Chapter 290 Unedited
Chapter 291 Unedited Its Just the Star
Chapter 292 Unedited Mondragon Thing
Chapter 293 Unedited Big Revelation
Chapter 294 Unedited Plotted
Chapter 295 Unedited Interrogation with Honey Trap
Chapter 296 Unedited One Great Love
Chapter 297 Unedited The Blank Page
Chapter 298 Unedited Let the Game Begins
Chapter 299 Unedited Anastasia
Chapter 300 Unedited Big Brother
Chapter 301 Unedited A Love that Never Dies
Chapter 302 Unedited Insanity
Chapter 303 Unedited Wrapped Around
Chapter 304 Unedited Savage Mondragons
Chapter 305 Unedited Strict Husband
Chapter 306 Unedited Eyes Open
Chapter 307 Unedited Love Quarrel
Chapter 308 Unedited The Reunion
Chapter 309 Unedited Dangerous Women
Chapter 310 Unedited Another Betrayal
Chapter 311 Unedited Near to End
Chapter 312 Unedited Creating
Chapter 313 Unedited Starting Over Again
Chapter 314 Unedited Suicide
Chapter 315 Unedited The Gif
Chapter 316 Unedited Preparations
Chapter 317 Unedited Happy Ending 1
Chapter 318 Happy Ending Part 2
Chapter 319 Epilogue