Apocalypse Of All Races – Chapter 357

Chapter 357: Chapter 103: One Hit Kill! (2-in-1 Big Chapter, 9000 words for subscription)5

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As he was speaking, a group of people suddenly swarmed over from afar!

Lin Yao was among them!

From Afar, Lin Yao shouted, “Su Yu, you despicable person, you actually Let Someone Plot Against Me Last Night!”

At this moment, Lin Yao’s face was covered in dust!

There were even some blood stains on his body!

“Shameless person, you actually let someone put chaotic martial arts powder in the tea I drank last night. In order to win against me, you’re really unscrupulous!”



The scene instantly turned chaotic.

Immediately, someone cursed, “Impossible, Lin Yao. If you’re afraid of losing, then don’t fight. You’re slandering our class monitor!”

Lin Yao snorted coldly, “I’m afraid of losing? Why would I be afraid of Su Yu? I already advanced to Qianjun yesterday. Su Yu, this shameless person, colluded with Xia Huyou and gave me chaotic martial arts powder. He wants to beat me in the opening game! Shameless person!”


Su Yu frowned, and Xia Huyou’s expression also changed slightly.

F * ck!

This guy… was really not stupid!

He actually backstabbed him!

Lin Yao shouted, “I, Lin Yao, will never deceive anyone. If you don’t believe me, you can go and investigate. I will report to the guards and have them investigate. Last night, I, Lin Yao, was set up by someone. I was really set up by someone and used the chaotic technique powder. It almost caused my sea of consciousness to shake!”

In the distance, Chen Qi’s heart trembled.

In the next moment, he instantly calmed down.

It wasn’t me, it was Su Yu!

Yes, it was Su Yu.

Moreover, the chaotic technique powder wasn’t considered poison. Even if he drank it, his sea of consciousness would shake for a day or two. Even if he was really found out, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

As for Su Yu and Xia Huyou, they instantly understood!

This bastard knew that it was Chen Qi who did it, but not only did he not expose it, he even threw the blame on them.

Even if he was really found out, he, Lin Yao, was indeed the victim!

How would he know who had drugged him! !

It was only natural that he suspected Su Yu. After all, the two of them had a competition today.

Xia Huyou gritted his teeth. He had actually been tricked by Lin Yao. F * ck, he had underestimated the world!

Su Yu looked at him. After a long while, he slowly said, “Lin Yao, do you mean… you don’t want to compete anymore? I drugged you because I was afraid of losing?”

“That’s right!”

Lin Yao said coldly, “You shameless person. You pretend to be innocent, but in fact, you’re extremely despicable! “Fortunately, although I drank a little, I reacted quickly and didn’t drink too much. In fact, even now, I still have the confidence to win against you. But I don’t want to fight with a shameless person like you. You’re not worthy!”

Lin Yao’s aura surged!

He had really entered the Qianjun realm!

Not only that, his willpower was also quite strong. However, everyone could sense that his willpower was slightly unstable and was not too stable.

This was the result of drinking the chaotic martial arts powder!

At this moment, many people looked at Su Yu. Even some of the intermediate class students also looked at Su Yu with some disbelief. However… did Lin Yao need to lie so big to avoid the martial arts competition and harm himself?

“You think that I’m afraid of losing, so I want to frame you…”

Su Yu smiled, “So, the so-called top-tier geniuses in the civilized university… are like this? I’ve learned a lot! I’ve come from a small place, so I really haven’t seen much. This is the first time I know that… People can be so shameless to this extent!”

Lin Yao snorted. “No matter how much you pretend, you can’t hide the fact that you want to harm me!”

Su Yu exhaled lightly and said with a smile, “Then, if I can prove that I didn’t frame you, will your… bet with me still be counted?”

“Prove? How can you prove it?”

“I just want to ask, will it still be counted?”


Lin Yao sneered and said, “Prove it to me!”

Su Yu smiled, he said slowly, “Isn’t it easy to prove this? In My Eyes… You’re just a dog that only knows how to bark. Other than being a little louder, there’s nothing else. When I deal with you, do I still need to set you up? Do I still need to set you up? Before today, I didn’t even know what chaotic martial arts powder was…”

Su Yu smiled and said, “Forget it, I don’t care about people who can’t afford to lose! Prove… Hehe, you’re not worthy, but I’ll let you see it!”

The next moment, Su Yu looked at Chen Qi over there, he said lightly, “Chen Qi, the mountain breaking bull essence blood originally belonged to you. Now, I will challenge you as the top three of the intermediate class monthly test! If you win, the Hundred Drops of mountain breaking bull essence blood will belong to you. If you lose, give me 1000 merit points!”

Chen Qi was stunned!

“If I win… It will belong to me? There’s no other price?”

He was stunned. The last time he made an agreement with Su Yu, he had to pay the price!

Su Yu said calmly, “There’s no need. If I lose, so be it! Some trash can’t afford to lose. I, Su Yu, can afford to lose! Chen Qi, let me ask you, are you stronger or weaker than this shameless dog?”

Chen Qi frowned. After a while.., he smiled and said, “Su Yu, you’re very interesting. Do you want to beat me to prove that you’re stronger than him? Do you still need to prove that? Even if Lin Yao is at his peak, I’ll beat him in three moves! If you ask anyone present, who will deny it? Lin Yao, what do you think?”

Lin Yao’s expression was ugly, but he did not say a word.

Su Yu smiled and said, “That’s good. Then if I beat you, will it prove that what this dog said just now was all a lie? It was afraid of losing to me and wanted to renege on its debt, so it acted on its own and did such a laughable and generous thing!”

Chen Qi smiled and said slowly, “Of course, if you could defeat me, would you still need to scheme against Lin Yao? What a joke! Su Yu, are you really going to challenge me?”

At this moment, he was excited.

Su Yu, in order to prove himself, actually challenged him first!

Moreover, the conditions had changed!

If he lost, he had to pay with his blood essence, if he won, he would get 1000 merit points… this… if he won, then he did not need to give the things that he had promised before!

His plan to scheme against Lin Yao had failed, but Su Yu had actually taken the bait. Could it be that the heavens were helping him?

He had schemed against Lin Yao. It had clearly happened this morning, but who knew that Lin Yao would discover it. At this moment, Chen Qi could not think about it anymore!

He only knew that he had taken advantage of the situation!

Chen Qi’s face revealed a rich smile. Around him, the students’expressions also changed.

Among the intermediate class students, someone shouted, “Class monitor, don’t be rash. They are in cahoots, they are deliberately provoking you…”

“Shameless, they are just trying to plot against class monitor’s mountain-breaking ox blood essence!”

Many students were extremely angry. It was obvious that they were deliberately plotting against Su Yu. Unfortunately, Su Yu was blinded by anger at this moment. He actually challenged Chen Qi, who was in the intermediate stage of recuperation, who was in the Qianjun seventh stage. He was courting death!

Su Yu raised his hand, he said calmly, “It’s fine. I’m Fine! These shameless people have angered me! I, Su Yu, have always been honest with others. Today, I was slandered by others. Today, I defeated Chen Qi. If Lin Yao doesn’t give me an explanation… I will settle the score with him!”

Su Yu jumped and instantly appeared on the stage.


Someone shouted in a low voice!

“Chen Qi, get on the stage!”

Chen Qi also froze slightly. He had entered Qianjun. This kid’s improvement was too fast!

Chen Qi’s expression changed and he instantly jumped onto the stage.

At this moment, a few researchers descended from the sky.

Liu Hong was there and so was Huang Yao.

Huang Yao looked at Su Yu and said seriously, “We heard what happened just now. Are you sure you want to use this method to prove yourself?”

“Yes, I want to tell Lin Yao that he doesn’t understand my world! He doesn’t understand the world of geniuses! The strong disdain to scheme against the weak, especially those who are useless!”


Huang Yao frowned. He was too impulsive!

Huang Yao sighed in his heart and said, “Then I have nothing to say. The challenge can be established until you admit defeat!”

Su Yu did not say anything.

Chen Qi also did not say anything.

Seeing this, Liu Hong said calmly, “If you have no objections, assistant Huang and I will be the judges. Are the two of you sure you want to challenge?”



“Then… the challenge begins!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yu directly swallowed the ironwing bird essence blood!

His aura soared!

In the next moment, a black blade flashed and appeared. The killing intent on it was overflowing, shocking everyone!

Lightning flashed as killing intent erupted!

Lightning, blood, killing intent..

At this moment, they merged into one!

Yuan Qi surged as Wan Shi’s aura erupted!

“Break the wall!”

A furious roar resounded in all directions!


Chen Qi’s expression changed drastically!

He was not the only one. At this moment, Liu Hong and Huang Yao’s expressions changed!

The Saber was unleashed!

Fast, extremely fast!

A top-tier yellow rank scribe!

Three divine runes!

Ten Thousand Stone Combat Power!

Everything was incomparably fast!

With a puchi sound, the small black blade pierced through Chen Qi’s arm and nailed him firmly onto the stage!

Su Yu’s face turned slightly pale. He snorted coldly and did not look at him anymore. He turned his head to look at Lin Yao below the stage!

“Trash, a useless person! You’re not worthy to compete with me, Su Yu!”


The whole arena was dead silent!

On the stage, only Chen Qi was nailed to the ground. His eyes were dull, just like Hu Wensheng from that day!

At this moment, Liu Hong and the others could not help but think of the scene when Bai Feng defeated Hu Wensheng in one strike!

It was too similar!

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