Apocalypse Of All Races – Chapter 250 – Minor 4

Chapter 250: Chapter 77, Minor 4

Translator: 549690339

Su Ziming said with some dissatisfaction, “Each and every one of you only know how to enter closed door cultivation. You only know how to stay in the research institute! Every year, there are people from the School of Divine Arts and Will who recruit upper-class students. What about you? If you don’t put your heart into it, do you expect the students to choose you?”

“Two days after tomorrow, when the students decide on the school, you will think of a way to recruit them! If you try to fool them again… then it’s only a matter of time before your schools are banned. Why Don’t you just merge into a few large schools!”

The moment these words were said.., someone immediately said, “Elder Su, there’s nothing we can do about it!”! Things like divine runes and willpower were very obvious in terms of strength. Just say that our divine pill department has displayed enough medicinal pills and is also strong enough. But what do the students think?”

The old man who spoke said gloomily, “Their thoughts are that it’s really expensive! When I’m strong enough, I’ll earn even more merit points. I want to buy such medicinal pills too! There aren’t many fellows who think of refining pills themselves!”

Everyone burst into laughter. On the other side.., a brawny man also said angrily, “Our Beast Tamer Academy is the same. No matter how powerful the demonic beasts are, those little bastards think the same. When we have money in the future, let the Beast Tamer Academy provide us with some powerful demonic beasts. No one wants to nurture them themselves!”

“The Divine Talisman Academy is the same. They also think the same. It’s fine to just spend money to buy them. Why do they have to cultivate such a one-time use divine inscription…”

Everyone was very dissatisfied!

The next moment.., the Old Man from the divine pill academy said, “All of this is related to the Xia clan trading company! The business is done in the Academy. They are trading in secret, trading in the black market, and opening up resources. They are giving the students an impression that with money, I can buy everything!”

“I suggest that we crack down once!”

The old man said seriously, “At this moment, we should take advantage of the new students to crack down once! We should make all these black market transactions disappear from the Academy! We should strictly enforce the merit level system and let them know that even if they have money, they can’t buy these resources!”

“Otherwise, if this continues, other than the major academies that are the main combatants, the other academies will be finished!”

“That’s right, we must strike hard!”

Immediately, someone echoed, “The Xia trading company is the main force. They destroyed the Xia Trading Company’s black market transactions, took out all the black markets in the academy, and increased the prices of divine pills, divine talismans, and mounts to supply the Xia trading company. I want to see if they still think that they can do whatever they want just because they have money!”

“That’s right, increase the prices of the supply! This will force the students to think of a way to be self-sufficient!”

Su ziming saw that their faces were red and their necks were thick. He said helplessly, “Increase the prices of the supply? With the Xia Trading Company’s behavior, in the end, it was still passed on to the students.”

“That’s right, it will make the students feel pain. There is no profit in the black market transactions, so they have to come to the academy to exchange. When the time comes, they will lack merit points and their merit levels are not enough. Our few great academies will then introduce internal students to buy the prices. Naturally, there will be students who will transfer to our Academy!”

The Divine Pill department elder smiled and said, “Our Academy’s students will have a 20% discount on purchasing divine pills. Do you think that students will flood in in large numbers?”


Everyone spoke one after another, agreeing with the elder’s idea.

Su Ziming had a headache. After a long while, he said, “It’s fine to crack down on the black market trade, and the internal purchase price is also fine. However, forcing students to come to your academy like this, people don’t care…”

After considering it for a moment, su ziming said, “Recently, I’ve been suggesting to the head of the academy that students can minor in the second element!”

Su Ziming said in a deep voice, “Other than the main battle, it’s better for students to have a skill at hand. The Academy has opened up the role of minor in the second element. This way, the students will be more versatile and have stronger abilities…”

When he said this, many people’s eyes moved slightly, someone said, “Elder Su, secondary element as a secondary element. This isn’t the first time this topic has been raised! However, I’ve experienced it before. A secondary element will cause many students to expend a lot of energy, causing both sides to be unable to keep up. How can we solve this problem?”

Cultivation was a time-consuming thing. It was good to have an additional skill, but there was a high possibility that both sides would be dragged down.

Su ziming smiled and said, “For the time being, it’s only open to upper-class students. Upper-class students are talented, talented, and have a lot of resources. As a result, they have more energy to focus on their major and minor courses.”

“As for lower-middle-class students, you don’t lack them. Aren’t you looking for upper-class students?”

Su ziming smiled and said, “If that’s the case, then it’s only open to upper-class students for the time being. How about that?”

Everyone looked at each other. Soon, someone said, “Then, are the students of the minor subjects also considered our students?”


“They are also considered the achievements of the Academy?”


“Then, can the researchers of the minor subjects take in disciples?”

Many people’s eyes lit up and quickly said, “They usually have a teacher for their major subjects. Then, can they take on a master for their minor subjects?”

Su Ziming raised his eyebrows and said, “If you don’t mind, then there’s no problem! A student can only choose one course as a minor course.”

After saying that, he said, “Students of Your Academy can also go to other academies to choose a minor course. I know that in schools like divine pill and Divine Talisman, there are quite a number of students who want to switch to other faculties.”

Everyone nodded. Someone asked uncertainly, “Elder Su, can manor Head Wan agree?”

“He will!”

SU ziming said, “The academy is constantly trying to change the system now. Some of the old rules may not be suitable for the current Academy!”! “Back then, the minor rules failed. The main reason was that there weren’t as many talented students back then, and the resources of the academy weren’t as wide as they are now. In addition, there weren’t many people back then, so the results weren’t good in the end.”

“It’s different now…”

SU ziming said, “The collision of different systems may allow students to improve faster, learn by analogy, and know more. You have to know that the academy hasn’t left the mountains and seas for so many years!”

Su ziming sighed, “We’re also reviewing whether it’s because we’re too specialized in one field that this situation has happened. “Back then, most of those people were able to leave the mountains and seas because they were proficient in a hundred arts. However, we have not left the mountains and seas for a long time. Is it because the academy is too divided into too many parts…”

When these words were said, everyone fell silent.

Was this the reason?

They did not know, but over the years, the division of the academy system had been clear. This had indeed allowed the students to improve rapidly. In the early stages, progress was very fast. However, in the later stages, there was a lack of follow-up strength.

The strength of the middle and lower levels, the academy was getting stronger and stronger!

But the high-end strength did not show any signs of growth.

SU ziming sighed, “Let’s give it another try. I also want to see how the students will change under the circumstances of a minor course, including ourselves. I suggest that everyone should also minor in some skills. Otherwise, if we want to improve further… it will be a little difficult!”

“Elder Su, will it really work?”

“Let’s give it a try!”

SU ziming said softly, “Isn’t changing the system just a trial and error process? “Everyone should know what chief wan means. The middle and lower levels of power are enough. We need elites, the best elites, the elites that have hope of being above the mountains and seas!”

“To put it bluntly… even if we cripple a few batches of students during the process of changing the system, to be able to find a path above the mountains and seas… it’s still worth it!”

“A student above the mountains and seas… is worth 10,000 students!”

Su Ziming’s final words were somewhat cold.

During the restructuring process, they had tried everything, and they didn’t know what the outcome would be. However, if they could find a student above the mountains and seas, it would still be worth it even if these ten batches of students were crippled.

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