Apocalypse living with a cute baby – Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Escape

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Li Ran clenched her fists and tried to focus as hard as possible. She needed the water to flow out from her palms again!

It was not working!

Li Ran took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She imagined a scene where she succeeded.

At this critical moment, she really could not afford to fail!

Her entire body was trembling. She was desperate.

Yang Shao noticed that her face was very pale. He was debating if he should interrupt her and tried to think of another way to escape. After all, the situation had improved.

Suddenly a stream of water flowed out of Li Ran’s palms again.. It was not as powerful as before, but it was enough to sweep away the zombies blocking the door.

They finally got out!

Although there were still a lot of zombies outside, at least they were no longer stuck in that basement. Now, there was a chance that they could survive.

Li Ran immediately ran towards her car and unlocked it. The water was already disappearing. Before long, it was gone.

“Get in the car!”

Wang Gang did not enter the car. Instead, he escorted everyone in and stood outside. If any zombies came over, he would beat them up. Yang Shao was worried about him, so he stayed by his side.

After everyone got into the car, the two of them finally entered as well.

Li Ran did not care about what would happen to the car. She stepped on the accelerator with a fierce look on her face.

Zombies were everywhere.

Fortunately, they were very weak. Except for their numbers, they did not have any other abilities.

Li Ran rammed into a few zombies and the collision slowed down the car, but everyone inside was not too affected.

The car did not sustain any serious damage so Li Ran could still drive it as per usual.

Nobody said anything because they were all anxious.

Wang Gang had already closed his eyes to take a short rest.

Out of nowhere, Yang Shao shouted, “Li Ran! Watch where you’re going!”

The outcry immediately woke Wang Gang.

He opened his eyes and noticed that they were going to crash.

At the speed that they were going, if they collided, their injuries would be severe.

Wang Gang quickly took control of the steering wheel from the front passenger seat. He spun it left and right to avoid all the hazards.

Yang Shao was helping Li Ran to get up from the driver’s seat, but it was very difficult to do from his angle.

However, he managed to gather all his strength and forcefully moved Li Ran to the passenger’s seat while Wang Gang climbed to the driver’s seat.

Yang Shao was covered in sweat.

After this series of actions, they finally managed to leave the rest stop and were back on the main road.

The woman let out a sigh. She was impressed by Yang Shao.

“You really have no limits.”

Yang Shao was confused by her words. He looked at her with a puzzled look and smiled awkwardly.

His body was very hot. Since he touched Li Ran, the sensation of her soft body was lingering on his mind. These emotions caused him to be very impetuous. He began sweating more and more.

Yang Shao closed his eyes.

‘Whatever, I need to let it go.’

Zhao Ying kept looking at Li Ran. She asked worriedly, “How is she? Is she too tired? Why is she not waking up?”

Yang Shao opened his eyes when he heard that. He then noticed that Li Ran was not conscious.

His heart skipped a beat. He checked Li Ran’s breath and looked at Wang Gang.

“Big brother, what’s wrong with her? Do you know some basic medical knowledge?”

Wang Gang shook his head helplessly.

“I don’t. I’m a special forces soldier, not a doctor. Maybe she was too tired and had just fallen asleep?”

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