Apocalypse living with a cute baby – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Experimental Drug

Zhao Ying felt a little down because of the comment on her skin, but she remembered what happened to Lin Hua in the basement and comforted her instead.

Lin Hua could not help but laugh.

“You know, your words are so familiar. I think it’s the lines from one of the dramas you starred in.”

Zhao Ying laughed as well.

“I think the lines are well written. It applies to reality.”

Zhao Ying had managed to make Lin Hua feel better.

Upon seeing that, Li Ran took a deep breath. Then, she opened the car door and got off. She stretched her body before returning to the car. It helped her feel more energized.

Li Ran looked at the car’s monitor. There was no new message. She decided to send their current location to her husband. Li Ran wanted to meet him as soon as possible. Although everyone in her group was very cooperative and unified, she only felt truly safe when she was beside Lin Nan. Besides, her parents were also with him. The feeling of worrying about them all the time was really terrible!

Wang Gang looked at Li Ran and asked, “Shall we set off? Someone else has to drive though. I can barely stay awake.”

Li Ran nodded and exchanged seats with Wang Gang.

“Our destination is not too far away. We’ll probably arrive in another three hours. Hopefully, we won’t encounter any other problems along the way.”

Wang Gang silently prayed. Then, he closed his eyes and instantly fell asleep. He fell asleep so quickly that it caught everyone else off guard.

Yang Shao curled his lips and said, “We’re more likely to be killed by ourselves than the zombies.”

Wang Gang continued to sleep. However, his senses were still on high alert. It was automatic, as if he was in a trance.

Li Ran started the car with a smile.

“I’m really worried about him.”

“I can see why.”

Yang Shao agreed.

Li Ran drove very carefully. She did not stop and ignored all the zombies that they encountered along the way.

After all, it was not like they could do anything to her.

Suddenly, a message was received!

It was from Lin Nan.

He told Li Ran about a very important experimental drug that they needed to obtain. There was no way he could afford to delay the process. Otherwise, they would suffer a great loss!

Coincidentally, the place he was headed to was on the same path that Li Ran was going to take.

Li Ran hoped that they would run into each other. She checked the map so she could choose the routes with fewer zombies.

It was then she realized that she was really close to the location Lin Nan was talking about.

Li Ran could barely control her excitement.

“Can I stop somewhere along the way?”

The others had heard Lin Nan’s message as well and they naturally agreed.

Lin Hua looked at Li Ran with bright eyes and asked, “Is the drug related to the zombies? You’re acquainted with such a powerful person? If we meet up with them, will our safety be guaranteed?”

After hearing her words, Li Ran felt very proud of Lin Nan. Indeed, her husband was fighting for the country and its people!

However, she smiled apologetically to Lin Hua and said, “I’m not exactly sure.”

“Is it supposed to be a secret?”

Lin Hua blinked.

“I really don’t know,” replied Li Ran.

“Well, we’ll find out soon enough!”

As soon as Lin Hua finished speaking, Li Ran stopped the car. She spotted a tall building that was not far away. Despite being covered by a layer of gray fog, it still looked majestic.

Li Ran found a place to park the car. She looked at her companions and said, “I’ll be back soon. If there’s any danger, wake Wang Gang up. I’ll leave this gun for you guys.”

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