All My Beasts are Legendary

Full 504 Chapter (End)

All My Beasts are Legendary


Da Yu Is Fat Again, 大鱼又胖了



Chinese Novel



In the era of Beast Taming, Ye Xuan with his superior Beast Editor, claims that he can turn even a snake into a Divine Dragon that soars across the nine heavens.

Hence, the little monkey he tamed became a Deific Ape.

The little birds he raised became a ginormous roc.

List of Chapters
List of Chapters
Chapter 1: Countdown Timer
Chapter 2: Becoming a Top-level Warrior Apprentice
Chapter 3: Time’s Up
Chapter 4: Beast Editor
Chapter 5: Four-star Platinum-Level Dragon Blood Peacock
Chapter 6: Lil Wan’s Evolution. Cash Cow.
Chapter 7: Next Evolution, Five-star Divine Wood Elf
Chapter 8: Great Importance
Chapter 9: Passed the Assessment
Chapter 10: Classmates’ Surprise
Chapter 11: Generous Benefits
Chapter 12: Dual-winged Amber Dragon
Chapter 13: Beast Taming Class
Chapter 14: Incredulous
Chapter 15: Combat Watch and Beast Ring
Chapter 16: Formidable Combat Technique, The Pinnacle of Ancient Wood Elves
Chapter 17: A Blow from Miles Away
Chapter 18: Family
Chapter 19: Secret Realm at the Northern Suburbs
Chapter 20: Amber Golden Toad
Chapter 21: First Battle
Chapter 22: A New Ability for the Beast Editor
Chapter 23: Dual-winged Amber Tyrannosaurus. Extremely Luxurious Attributes
Chapter 24: A Weird Big Guy
Chapter 25: Dragon Valley
Chapter 26: Amber Dragon, Battle of the Kings
Chapter 27: Rescue
Chapter 28: New Beast
Chapter 29: The Captured Amber Dragon
Chapter 30: Dual-winged Five-color Amber Tyrannosaurus, Astonishing Attributes!
Chapter 31: Massive Improvement, Return.
Chapter 32: Amazement
Chapter 33: Tyrannosaur Appears
Chapter 34: A Change in Impression
Chapter 35: Unique Beast Taming Talents
Chapter 36: Invitation
Chapter 37: Selling Everything
Chapter 38: Truly Grown Up (Season 1 End)
Chapter 39: Sacred Divine Wood
Chapter 40: Eternal Aucuba Tree
Chapter 41: Identity
Chapter 42: Entry
Chapter 43: Lil Wan Leveling Up
Chapter 44: Leave the Things Done with Nothing Left Behind
Chapter 45: Shortcut for Tyrannosaur to Advance to Dark Iron Level
Chapter 46: Spirit Pagoda
Chapter 47: Blight Butterfly, Mind Energy Methods
Chapter 48: Evaluating Ye Xuan’s Beast Tamer Aptness Level
Chapter 49: The All-Powerful Tyrannosaurus Breezes Through
Chapter 50: Breaking the Record
Chapter 51: Undisclosed: Dragon Meditation
Chapter 52: Tidal Treasure Snail
Chapter 53: Two Evolutionary Resources
Chapter 54: Like A Dragon, the Thunder Encircles the World
Chapter 55: Tyrannosaurus Levels Up
Chapter 56
Chapter 57: A New World
Chapter 58: Borrow
Chapter 59: Shifting the College Entrance Examination to an Earlier Date, Verbal Agreement
Chapter 60: Straw Goose
Chapter 61: Killing the Flying White Tiger King and the Iron-Feathered Golden Sword Eagle
Chapter 62: Lil Wan’s Breakthrough
Chapter 63: Divine Wood Elf
Chapter 64: Magnificent Attributes
Chapter 65: The First Beast Taming Talent: Beast Lair
Chapter 66: A Whip and a Roar
Chapter 67: Sniped
Chapter 68: Leave That Thing to Me
Chapter 69: The Amazing Power of Lil Wan
Chapter 70: A Man’s Influence
Chapter 71: Golden Wings, Thundercloud Monster
Chapter 72: A Strange Lifeform with Deep Roots, the Thundercloud Lightning Wings
Chapter 73: Direct Destruction!
Chapter 74: Destroy! Just One Man Standing Guard in front of Camp Premises
Chapter 75: The Flying Twin Headed King Kong Viper
Chapter 76: Inquiry
Chapter 77: Return
Chapter 78: Palace, Five Colored Dirt, Golden Monkey
Chapter 79: Illuminating Spirit Monkey, Supreme Telepathy
Chapter 80: Pass
Chapter 81: Got It
Chapter 82: Phantom Orb of Sol
Chapter 83: Students of Zhongzhou University’s Affiliated High School
Chapter 84: Tyrannosaurus Strikes
Chapter 85: Beheading
Chapter 86: Loch Dragon Carp! Stage, Pass!
Chapter 87: Departure, Trial Taker’s Token, Capturing the Thundercloud Lightning Wings
Chapter 88: Third Beast
Chapter 89: Back to the Cerulean Planet
Chapter 90: You Are Too Fierce
Chapter 91: The Monster That Cannot Be Seen Or Found
Chapter 92: Roar of the Returning Dragon
Chapter 93: The Strange Figure in the Water
Chapter 94: Aura of a Treasure, the Tidal Treasure Snail
Chapter 95: Successfully Taken
Chapter 96: Pessimistic
Chapter 97: Successful Contract, Incredible and Powerful Ability
Chapter 98: Earthfire Treasure Refining Toad
Chapter 99: She’s Pregnant!
Chapter 100: Instant Kill
Chapter 101: How Would You Know That it is Useless if You Did Not Try?
Chapter 102: How Does It Feel To Be In The Limelight?
Chapter 103: Exposed Strength
Chapter 104: Nether-type Beast, Happy Reunion Down Under
Chapter 105: Air Cars, Three Lists
Chapter 106: Arrival
Chapter 107: Three-legged Hellfire Crow, Tempest Alpaca
Chapter 108: Do While You Still Can
Chapter 109: Tall as a Tower, Cold as Ice.
Chapter 110: Sonic Cerebral Bug
Chapter 111: Decision
Chapter 112: Ancient-type Beast: Iron Wall Chariot
Chapter 113: Helplessness
Chapter 114: Land of White Bones
Chapter 115: All Kinds of Methods, Each with Its Own Brilliance
Chapter 116: Found
Chapter 117: Ancient Tomb Tree Demon, Dried Skeleton General
Chapter 118: Successful Kill
Chapter 119: An Intricate Plan
Chapter 120: Thousand-Year-Old Platinum Battle Soul Pearl, Obtained!
Chapter 121: Rank Up: Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud Wings!
Chapter 122: Indiscriminate Killing
Chapter 123: Secret Treasure
Chapter 124: The Battle Ends. As Easy as Pie
Chapter 125: A New Beast, Bronze Level Five Stars- Shadow
Chapter 126: A Futile Attempt
Chapter 127: Mutation of the White Bone Plains to the Netherworld Corpse King
Chapter 128: End of the Secret Realm’s Journey
Chapter 129: Returning to Cerulean Planet
Chapter 130: 56000 Merit Points. What if We Multiply That by Five?(第五更)
Chapter 131: Preparing to Level Up
Chapter 132: Spendthrift
Chapter 133: Entering the Bronze Level
Chapter 134: Powerful New Talent
Chapter 135: Power of Obscurus, Calamity of Wind and Fire
Chapter 136: Nova Hall
Chapter 137: Unicorn of Divine Enlightenment, Flames of the Green Lotus
Chapter 138: Ice Titan Bear, Ye Xuan On The Field
Chapter 139: Passing the Challenge, Shocked!
Chapter 140: Beast Gym
Chapter 141: Qi Liangcai’s Shock
Chapter 142: Big Conflicts
Chapter 143: Beast: Nature Type [Meteorite Heap] and A Forty-Five-Foot-Tall Wild Gold Giant
Chapter 144: I Don’t Need Three Years. We Can Have a Fight Now!
Chapter 145: What If You Kill Him? How Sure Are You About That?
Chapter 146: Kill!
Chapter 147: Shock
Chapter 148: The Aftermath
Chapter 149: An Opportunity to Contract with a New Beast
Chapter 150: Magic Mountain World-in-World Technique and the Anti Invasion Plan
Chapter 151: A Massive Silent Move, Documents on Bronze Level Beasts
Chapter 152: A Beast That Nobody Can Contract
Chapter 153: New Beast: Big Dream Sleeping Rock
Chapter 154: A Mysterious Space
Chapter 155: The Primary Life Liquid
Chapter 156: The Selection
Chapter 157: The Fierceness of the Big Dream Sleeping Rock
Chapter 158: Got the Place
Chapter 159: A Small Improvement, Ye Xuan from Jiangzhou University
Chapter 160: The First to Fight
Chapter 161: Something Is Not Right!
Chapter 162: Gaining Fame in One Fight
Chapter 163: Silver Star Fruit Tree
Chapter 164: A Lot of Gains
Chapter 165: A Dragon’s Angry Roar
Chapter 166: Level-Up! Level-Up!
Chapter 167: The Sky Tyrannosaurus
Chapter 168: The Tyrannosaurus’s New Attributes
Chapter 169: A Thirty-Seventy Split
Chapter 170
Chapter 171: Let’s Get It, Guys. Let’s Search for Treasures
Chapter 172: Searching around
Chapter 173: The Sky Tyrannosaurus’s Debut
Chapter 174: Where Did All Those Silver Star Fruits Go?
Chapter 175: The Trip to the Secret Realm Was Over and Everyone Went Mad
Chapter 176: I Have Got All of the Silver Star Fruits
Chapter 177: You Want to Buy Silver Star Fruits? Well, I have Got Some.
Chapter 178: A Done Deal and Returning to the Cerulean Planet
Chapter 179: The Return
Chapter 180: Sky Cutting Aura of the Sun and the Moon
Chapter 181: When I Have It In My Hands, I Will Confront Ye Tiange
Chapter 182: Leaving
Chapter 183: I Have Got Obscurus
Chapter 184: A Forcible Contract
Chapter 185: The Resources for Lil Wan to Rise in Stars Have Arrived
Chapter 186: Rising in Stars
Chapter 187: The Goddess of the Elves
Chapter 188: Achieving the Silver Level
Chapter 189: New Talents and New Attributes
Chapter 190: The Ring
Chapter 191: I Will Be Your Opponent
Chapter 192: A Killing under His Nose
Chapter 193: A Shock
Chapter 194: The Aftermath
Chapter 195: The Freezing Dragon Carp
Chapter 196: The Tyrannosaurus’s Highlight Continued
Chapter 197: Did You Have Another Breakthrough?
Chapter 198: A Giant Red Bird
Chapter 199: Icy Fiery Spiritual Butterfly and Scorched Earth Demons
Chapter 200: Holy Fiery Red Luan
Chapter 201: Racing against Time
Chapter 202: The Magma Fiery Dragon
Chapter 203: Silver-Level Attributes of the Tidal Treasure Snail
Chapter 204: Lots of Feathers of the Red Luan Procured
Chapter 205: Shocked
Chapter 206: Three Days Later, the First Place
Chapter 207: Incredible
Chapter 208: The Egg of the Holy Fiery Red Luan
Chapter 209: The Attributes
Chapter 210: The Hatch
Chapter 211: The High Silver Level
Chapter 212: I Will Become the New Number One on the Rising Star List
Chapter 213: The Whole World Shocked. Will Defeat You in Ten Seconds!
Chapter 214: One Beast, A Victory Gained in Three Seconds
Chapter 215: The Tyrannosaurus Leveled Up Again in the Arena: High Silver Level
Chapter 216: Intimidated by Ye Xuan’s Talent
Chapter 217: The Seed of the Void, Hooray
Chapter 218: A Turbulent Period
Chapter 219: The Kings
Chapter 220: Ye Xuan’s First Death
Chapter 221: A Big Victory, Ye Xuan Posted Again
Chapter 222: Big Shock, All Beasts Achieved the Silver Level
Chapter 223: The Starlight Level, an Ancient Mountain Carrying Turtle
Chapter 224: The Dragon City in the Sea, a Treasure Trove with Countless Treasures, and the Beast Egg
Chapter 225: Picking a New Beast
Chapter 226: Oceanic Rebel Dragon Jiao, Deep Sea King Octopus Monster, and Oceanic White Carp Jiao
Chapter 227: Choice Made, Thunderous Mechanical Gear
Chapter 228
Chapter 229: The Strength of the Goddess of the Elves, a One Elf Army
Chapter 230: The Tidal Treasure Snail About to Level Up and a Weird Island
Chapter 231: Level-up, Exploring the Undersea, and Challenger-Level Treasures
Chapter 232: Greatly Improved Strength and Hunting the Gold
Chapter 233: Killing the Ancient Turtle Serpent Beast
Chapter 234: The Usage of Gold Points and A Big Gain
Chapter 235: A Weird Bead and I Will Take You to Kill A Few People
Chapter 236: Got Sufficient Points
Chapter 237: New Beast: Oceanic White Carp Jiao
Chapter 238: Killing a Gold-Level Monster in a Second
Chapter 239: The Tyrannosaurus’s Level-Up
Chapter 240: Harvesting Gold Points
Chapter 241: Everyone Went Crazy
Chapter 242: Shocked, Intimidated
Chapter 243: Killed Another Gold-Level Monster and the Trump Card
Chapter 244: Fifteen Minutes Later, He’s 300 Miles Away
Chapter 245: Enough Points for the Exchange of the Tear of Dream
Chapter 246: Where There Were Three Gold-Level Monsters and an Inescapable Net
Chapter 247: The Big Dream Sleeping Rock’s Level-Up and Its Dreadful Strength
Chapter 248: Killed Three Gold-Level Monsters in a Row
Chapter 249: A Black Stone and Everyone Arrived
Chapter 250: I Don’t Mind You Surrounding Me, But I Might As Well Kill You.
Chapter 251: Everyone was dumbfounded (The first request)
Chapter 252
Chapter 253
Chapter 254: Level-Up
Chapter 255: The First Gold-Level Beast
Chapter 256: Return, the Ancient Sea Dragon Snake, and Killed Dozens of People in a Second
Chapter 257: Got 30 Gold Points at One Go and the Shock
Chapter 258: He’s back
Chapter 259: Repeated surprise attacks, everyone is dumbfounded
Chapter 260
Chapter 261: The End of the Trial!
Chapter 262: A True Transmission Disciple
Chapter 263: A Great Gain and the Exchange
Chapter 264: The Return
Chapter 265: The Monster
Chapter 266: King-level Flood Dragon Crystal Core
Chapter 267: The Oceanic White Carp Jiao’s Evolution
Chapter 268: Gold Level breakthrough (The fourth request)
Chapter 269: Agreement with Sacred Divine Wood (The fifth request)
Chapter 270: Mark of Bizarre
Chapter 271: Gold Level already, really?
Chapter 272: Natural Talent
Chapter 273: Mark of Gods
Chapter 274: Had Got the Sky Spirit Liquid and the Talent Had Not Been Completely Awake?
Chapter 275: The Completely Transformed Talent and a Powerful New Ability
Chapter 276: You Are One of Us from Now on
Chapter 277: The Crab Power Magic Balm, a Unique Precious Drug
Chapter 278: Ye Xuan Went Crazy and the Whole World Was Shocked
Chapter 279: Returning to the Xia
Chapter 280: Killed One More Man Today
Chapter 281: The High Gold Level: the Ancient Thunder Metamorphosis Wings
Chapter 282: The First Fight after the Level-Up
Chapter 283: I Will Deal with You with One Beast
Chapter 284: Victory Gained in One Second, Luck Points Soared and Planning to Contract with the Secon
Chapter 285: Which Beast to Choose: Ten Thousand Spirits Pagoda, Mechanical Ancient Dragon Formation
Chapter 286: Twig of Life and Dark Source Stone
Chapter 287: The Sacred Divine Wood on the Peak Gold Level
Chapter 288: Gold Five-Star Evil Fiery Red Luan on the High Gold Level
Chapter 289: The Oceanic White Carp Jiao’s Strength Enhanced Greatly
Chapter 290: An Odd Spooky-Type Beast
Chapter 291: Always remember that you’re the Son of Stars of the Alliance of Ten Thousand Planets (
Chapter 292: The treasure that excited Tidal Treasure Snail
Chapter 293: Challenger Level fragment of the Space Secret Treasure (The third request)
Chapter 294: A Thief Trying to Catch the Thief and Took Possession of the Treasure
Chapter 295: Collecting without Restraint
Chapter 296: All in His Possession
Chapter 297: Achieved the Peak Gold Level Directly and All Attributes Boosted
Chapter 298: A Great Great Job
Chapter 299: An Amazing Inheritance and a New Beast
Chapter 300: Successfully form an agreement (The second request)
Chapter 301: Enter the secret room (The third request)
Chapter 302: Metamorphosis of the Beast Editor, breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough again! (Th
Chapter 303: Platinum! Platinum! (The fifth request)
Chapter 304: Crazy Enhancements
Chapter 305: The New Talent
Chapter 306: Combo Techniques and The Powerful New Attributes
Chapter 307: Lil Wan and the Tree of World
Chapter 308: Big Dream Past Image
Chapter 309: Dreadful Strength
Chapter 310: All … Killed
Chapter 311: Contracted with New Beasts
Chapter 312: A Bold Idea
Chapter 313: Snatching
Chapter 314: Got It
Chapter 315: Provoking the Challenger
Chapter 316: The Close of the Secret Realm
Chapter 317: Another Legend-level Evolutionary Resource and the End of the Three Days
Chapter 318: Lin Shiru Happened to Leave
Chapter 319: Keep Chasing, Counterattack
Chapter 320: Only Ye Xuan Knows How Strong He Is
Chapter 321: Return to Cerulean Planet
Chapter 322: A Hug
Chapter 323: Lin Shiru’s Surprise
Chapter 324: The Power of Beast Taming Elixirs
Chapter 325: You Can Count on the Fangs
Chapter 326: Feeling Awkward and Flushing
Chapter 327: The Powerful Effect of the Nine-Fold Beast Taming Elixir
Chapter 328: The Divine Nature Palace
Chapter 329: The Blue Lotus World Purifying Flame and the Colored Glazed Ultimate Ice Dragon
Chapter 330: Combo Edit and the High Diamond Level
Chapter 331: The Transformation of the Talent and a Powerful New Ability
Chapter 332: The Challenge of the No. 1 Fengyun List
Chapter 333: An Instant Kill
Chapter 334: A New Talent Awakened
Chapter 335: A Powerful Talent: the Level-Up Gate
Chapter 336: The Four Sacred Heavenly Strike
Chapter 337: Formidable
Chapter 338: The first (The fourth request)
Chapter 339: Going crazy with envy (The fifth request)
Chapter 340: Terrifying power, open the Blue Treasure Chest (The sixth request)
Chapter 341: The Trial Grounds Became an ATM
Chapter 342: The Blue Treasure Chest
Chapter 343: Ten Treasure Chests in a Row
Chapter 344: Changes that Affected the Entire Universe
Chapter 345 - Purple Sun Gold-Bug, Purple Treasure C.h.e.s.t
Chapter 346 - New Beast, Two Pieces of Monar- Chapter Level Evolutionary Resources
Chapter 347 - Sky Swimming Switcheroo!
Chapter 348 - Beast Taming School, the Extreme Path School, and Ten Thousand Beasts Returning
Chapter 349 - The Ancient Snake Token and the Illusory Girl in the Divine Nature Palace
Chapter 350 - A Weird Bell with Spatial Attributes
Chapter 351 - Killed Hundreds of Men in a Second
Chapter 352 - Trophies and the Delight of the Tidal Treasure Snail
Chapter 353 - End of Trial, Mysterious Mark (The Third Order)
Chapter 354 - Back to Cerulean Planet (The Fourth Order)
Chapter 355 - The Four Main Schools: Sacrificial School, Unification School, Combination School and Extreme Path School
Chapter 356 - Xias Plot, King of the Silver Blood Clan
Chapter 357 - The Tidal Treasure Snail Evolves
Chapter 358 - Evolution
Chapter 359 - Nong Lejia Opened a Nong Jiale
Chapter 360 - Sacrifice Spell
Chapter 361 - The Nebula Magical Beast
Chapter 362 - Eliminated Wanshan University
Chapter 363 - Brought Peace to the Cerulean Planet
Chapter 364 - The end, graduation, Vice Dean (6000 words)
Chapter 365 - Alliance sacred son? I want to be the leader! (The first request)
Chapter 366 - A Love Confession
Chapter 367 - The Person I Am in Love with Is Lin
Chapter 368 - All the Different Positions with Linlin
Chapter 369 - The Evolutionary Resources Have Arrived
Chapter 370 - Combo Edit
Chapter 371 - Leveled Up
Chapter 372 - Contracted with the Light Holy Spirit
Chapter 373 - The Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness
Chapter 374 - Battle of a Thousand Masters
Chapter 375 - Can One Man Take On Several Hundred Masters?
Chapter 376 - Intervention
Chapter 377 - Level-Up Gate and Aiding Seed
Chapter 378 - The Might of Light Is Invincible, So Is the Might of Darkness
Chapter 379 - May you obtain reincarnation after this life
Chapter 380 - A secure victory
Chapter 381 - Returning to Cerulean Planet
Chapter 382 - Shock!
Chapter 383 - The Agglomeration of Talent.
Chapter 385 - Competition
Chapter 386 - The Big Dream Golden Rock Evolves
Chapter 387 - Slaying Enemies 20,000 Miles Away
Chapter 388 - A Broken-Winged Black Angel
Chapter 389 - Ye Xuan Was a Great Man
Chapter 390 - A Relic
Chapter 391 - Terrifying Ancient Forbidden Beast
Chapter 392: Entering in
Chapter 393: The Seal Beast
Chapter 394: Enslaved More than Thirty Challengers and a Blow Exchange
Chapter 395: The Powerful Attributes of the Seal Beast
Chapter 396: Dumbfounded
Chapter 397: A 1500 metres tall Tree of World
Chapter 398: More than 30 Challenger Level Best Tamers to the troop
Chapter 399: Legend
Chapter 400: Shock
Chapter 401: Killing
Chapter 402: The Return
Chapter 403: To have An Gucheng’s body put on display
Chapter 404: Making Arrangements
Chapter 405: Let’s get married tomorrow and prepare for the wedding festivities!
Chapter 406: It Is Decided
Chapter 407: Uncle-in-law?
Chapter 408: Now the Whole World Knows
Chapter 409: Congratulations All Around
Chapter 410: A lightless night, the big battle with Lin Shiru
Chapter 411 - The first Challenger Level Beast
Chapter 412 - Combo Edit, the Continuous Evolution of Lil Wan and the Tree of World
Chapter 413 - Death of Teng Qinglin
Chapter 414 - Nine Legend-Level Subordinates
Chapter 415 - Merged with the Beast
Chapter 416 - beasts set out, yet all are utterly shocked
Chapter 417 - Take all of them in
Chapter 418 - A Golden Raptor with a Wingspan of Six Thousand Feet Long
Chapter 419 - The Team Had Snowballed
Chapter 420 - Incredible, More than One Hundred Challenger-Level Beast Tamers
Chapter 421 - Kept Subduing More Beast Tamers, Kept Expanding
Chapter 422 - Legend Level beast tamers are to likewise be subdued
Chapter 423 - All surrender and obey
Chapter 424 - Fifty Legends
Chapter 425 - Beast Contracts
Chapter 426 - Continuously levelling up
Chapter 427 - A Big Change in the World and the Return to the Cerulean Planet
Chapter 428 - I Will Assume Office as the Leader of the Great Xia Alliance Today
Chapter 429 - If Proven to be Sufficiently Powerful, You Can Become Leader of the Alliance
Chapter 430 - Leader of the Great Xia Alliance
Chapter 431 - A Breakthrough
Chapter 432 - The Challenger Level and the Illuminating Stone Monkey
Chapter 433 - Nine Symbolic Technique
Chapter 434 - Giant Saturn
Chapter 435 - Descending from the Starry Sky
Chapter 436 - The Test Was Over and Contracting with the Monkey
Chapter 437 - The Golden Dragon of Luck Appears
Chapter 438 - Achieved the Legend Level Directly
Chapter 439 - The Confrontation in the Starry Sky
Chapter 440 - The Tidal Treasure Snail on the Peak Monar- Chapter Level
Chapter 441 - The Seal Beast Attacked and Subdued Gu Motian
Chapter 442 - Subdued Them All
Chapter 443 - Lord of the Galaxy
Chapter 444 - Incorporating the Alliance of Ten Thousand Planets and the Propaganda
Chapter 445 - The New Talent
Chapter 446 - Taking Turns to Level up
Chapter 447 - Immortal Level, able to Travel 100,000 Miles at a Go.
Chapter 448 - A Surprising Incident
Chapter 449 - Asura the Bone Knife
Chapter 450 - Incredible
Chapter 451 - A Chance?
Chapter 452 - All Subdued and the Level-Up of the Golden Dragon of Luck
Chapter 453 - Soaring Strength and the Starlight-Level Combat Power
Chapter 454 - Immortal Level Evolutionary Resources, Edit!
Chapter 455 - Rise in Stars, Lil Wan and Tree of Worlds Strength Increase
Chapter 456 - Starlight Level Evolution
Chapter 457 - The Arrival
Chapter 458 - World Transmission
Chapter 459 - The Arrival
Chapter 460 - The Meeting
Chapter 461 - Formidable Combat Power and Six Emperor-Level Beasts
Chapter 462 - The Heavenly Universe and Thirty-Six Million Luck Points
Chapter 463 - The Peak Starlight Level and Five Hundred Billion Miles
Chapter 464 - A Transmission across the Chaotic Star River
Chapter 465 - The Lord of the Ancient Nether and the Dark Captive Planet
Chapter 466 - Three Heads and Six Arms, the Ancient Ape of the Starry Sky, and a Golden Stick
Chapter 467 - An Unforeseen Event on the Dark Captive Planet and the Divine Feather Emperor
Chapter 468 - Six Peak Emperor-Level Beast Tamers
Chapter 469 - Slave mark, successful!
Chapter 470 - Bronze Mountain Emperor
Chapter 471 - The Immortal Golden Dragon
Chapter 472 - The Level-Up of the Seal Beast
Chapter 473 - Summon, Four Emperors
Chapter 474 - The Ancient Ark of the Firmament
Chapter 475 - Seven Emperor-Level Beast Tamers and Another Level-Up
Chapter 476 - The Man Who Came Back from the Immortal Ancient Continent
Chapter 477 - An Immortal-Level Powerhouse
Chapter 478 - Flipped Out Face to Face
Chapter 479 - Yet Another Golden Dragon Of Luck
Chapter 480 - Devour, and advance to Immortal Level
Chapter 481 - The Divine Beings!
Chapter 482 - Subdued Them All
Chapter 483 - The Truth about the Immortal Ancient Continent
Chapter 484 - A Series of Breakthroughs
Chapter 485 - The Number One True Transmission Disciple of the Dragon Palace of the Azure Sea and a Ha
Chapter 486 - Ranks above Mythic Level
Chapter 487 - Reached Yanshen Sect
Chapter 488 - The Tianyuan Star Zone Announces its Entrance into the Great Xia Alliance
Chapter 489 - The Ancient Cosmic Ape Revived
Chapter 490 - Unified the Canglan Star Zone
Chapter 491 - Killed the Ancient Ape and Got the Treasure
Chapter 492: Younger Apprentice Brother Ye Xuan
Chapter 493 - Days
Chapter 494 - Ancient Wood Tree, The Mysterious Boundary Core
Chapter 495 - Palm Off The Myth
Chapter 496 - Supremacy Level Treasure, 4 Star Qualification, Peak Mythic Level
Chapter 497 - Wan Jinghui, Yao Hongyi, a Treasure in Space
Chapter 498 - The Universal Mystic Treasures Embryo
Chapter 499 - Take Action, Great Strength, Seize The Treasure
Chapter 500: Tyrannosaurus Upgraded To Eternal Level!
Chapter 501 - Ruling Over The Heavenly Universe
Chapter 502 - Unifying The Three Thousand Star Zone
Chapter 503 - A War Without Blood, Lord of the Wingding Sky
Chapter 504End - The End