Chapter 547: Six Million Dollars

“Since we want a fair competition, then every place must be fair, right? If your school has a Fu Hanchuan, but our school doesn’t, then it can’t be considered fair.”

Teacher Chen could almost guess Wu Fang’s thoughts. He raised his eyebrows. “Oh?”

“I have a suggestion. You can’t use Fu Hanchuan as a gimmick to attract Qin Sheng.”

Teacher Wu was very nervous. He was afraid that Teacher Chen would not agree, but he did not dare to show it on the surface.

Teacher Chen agreed without hesitation. “Sure.”

“You agree?”

Teacher Wu widened his eyes in disbelief. He did not expect Teacher Chen to be so straightforward.

He did not need to say any more of the long speech he had just prepared.

Unfortunately, he had missed the scheming in Teacher Chen’s eyes.

“Chen Wei, you said it yourself.”

Teacher Wu was relieved. With his understanding of Wu Fang, he should not go back on his words.

The two of them returned to the private room. By this time, three minutes had already passed.

Old Master Lu, Lu Ming, and the others had already finished eating.

They were all prepared to watch them fight over Qin Sheng.

Old Master Lu and Fu Hanchuan had the same thoughts. They didn’t tell them that Qin Sheng was ready to go to Imperial Capital University for the time being.

Only then would they be able to fight for the greatest benefits for Qin Sheng.

“Student Qin Sheng, the conditions we gave you if you come to Tsinghua University are very generous.” Teacher Wu smiled very ingratiatingly.

He took the initiative to strike first. “Our school is prepared to give you a two million bonus.”

Teacher Chen crossed his arms and said softly, “Three million dollars from Imperial Capital University.”

Teacher Wu glared at Teacher Chen. He must have known that Chen Wei was here and that nothing good was going to happen.

He retracted his gaze and said, “Four million dollars from Tsinghua University.”

“Five million dollars.”

Teacher Wu: “…”

“Stop, stop, stop.” Teacher Wu was speechless. “Chen Wei, are you that rich and overbearing?”

Teacher Chen’s gaze was dark. “You don’t know this from time to time. Our school has over a hundred million dollars in donations from our alumni every year, not to mention all sorts of research bonuses. Why? You guys are poor at Tsinghua University, and you can’t even take out a few million?”

Teacher Wu was furious. “Five million.”

Teacher Chen: “Six million.”

Teacher Wu knew that Chen Wei would continue to compete with him.

He said directly, “The prize money that we gave to Qin Sheng should be six million.”

Teacher Chen raised his eyebrows.

When Teacher Liu from Peking University saw their lineup, she did not dare to say anything. She knew that it would be very difficult for her to win Qin Sheng over.

Six million. She had to admit that they were really ruthless.

The last time at the National High School Mathematics Competition, when Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University wanted to win Qin Sheng over to their school, they only said that they would give one million.

This time, it had risen to six million yuan!

And Peking University had only offered two million yuan to Qin Sheng. It was far from being comparable to them.

Teacher Liu thought for a moment, then stepped out of the private room in her high heels and went to seek guidance from the leader.

On the other side, Teacher Wu and Teacher Chen’s competition was still in full swing.

Teacher Wu said, “Student Qin Sheng, we will arrange an independent dormitory for you.”

Teacher Chen said, “The same goes for Imperial Capital University. Furthermore, it will be an independent apartment.”

Teacher Wu said, “Tsinghua University will arrange for you to have a laboratory.”

Teacher Chen said, “The same.”

Teacher Wu said, “We will arrange for you to have the best teachers. Our school has quite a few doctoral supervisors. They are all international academic giants. They can help you write your thesis and do experiments.”

Teacher Chen: “The teachers in our school are not bad either.”