All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 545

Chapter 545: Fell Into Qin Sheng’s Trap

In these three years, three out of the top ten students in the country had entered Tsinghua University, which was already considered good.

But the problem was that in one year, only one student had entered, and in the other year, there were two students.

It was urgent to recruit students to enter Tsinghua University, but there was nothing they could do. Their school did not have a student like Fu Hanchuan.

Seeing Qin Sheng’s results, they felt that their chance had come.

To be able to get full marks on such a difficult test paper, and they had also heard that other than Chinese, which required a lot of writing, Qin Sheng only used less than forty minutes to complete all the other subjects.

They could predict that Qin Sheng would be able to achieve results that were not inferior to Fu Hanchuan’s.

Therefore, they had to win Qin Sheng over to Tsinghua University.

Teacher Wu looked over and saw that the person who entered was also a man.

This man was wearing a pair of sports shoes and a very simple outfit. He was wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts that had just reached his knees.

The veins on Teacher Wu’s forehead bulged.

It was really him!

He did not expect that the people from Imperial Capital University would come so quickly.

“Teacher Wu, you didn’t wait for me. You just started snatching the students. That’s not nice.”

This teacher and Teacher Wu were in charge of fighting over the locations of the top ten students. They were fated to meet each other every time they snatched a student.

Speaking of which, they had been fighting over the students for five years.

Teacher Wu glared at him. “Chen Wei, can’t you come over later?”

Teacher Chen smiled and said, “I’m a little late, aren’t I?”

Then, he looked at Qin Sheng. “Student Qin Sheng.”

He was the same as Teacher Wu when he first came over. He took out a business card and gave it to Qin Sheng. “I’m Chen Wei, a teacher from the Imperial Capital University’s Admissions Office.”

Teacher Wu laughed mockingly. Qin Sheng probably wouldn’t take Chen Wei’s business card. After all, he had just been rejected.

Who knew that Qin Sheng would actually take it this time.

Teacher Wu stared in disbelief. Qin Sheng actually took Chen Wei’s business card.

Could it be that Qin Sheng intended to go to Imperial Capital University?!

“Wait, let’s go out and talk.”

Teacher Wu dragged Teacher Chen out. Before leaving, he did not forget to remind her, “Student Qin Sheng, wait for me to come back. It’ll be very soon.”

As for the teacher from Peking University who was still in the private room, he was not too worried that Qin Sheng would be abducted by her.

Peking University was not as good as these two schools. Qin Sheng would usually not choose Peking University.

Right now, his main opponent was Imperial Capital University.

Just like that, he dragged Teacher Chen outside.

Lu Ming watched with his mouth agape. So this was the scene of fighting for students. It was too intense.

However, he did well in the exam. How come no one came to snatch him as the eleventh place?

Although Lu Ming had made up his mind to go to Imperial Capital University to study…

He also wanted to experience the joy of being snatched. Moreover, he also took a fancy to, uh… those bonuses.

On Qin Hai’s side, he clenched the chopsticks in his hands and his mind was in a mess.

He was thinking that if Qin Sheng was still his daughter and the matter of Qin Sheng being the top scorer in the college entrance examination was spread out, many people would be envious of him.

This would also be very useful for the company’s stock and cooperation.

If it were any other time, even if Qin Sheng signed a disengagement letter with the Qin family, Qin Hai would not take it seriously. He would openly announce that Qin Sheng was his daughter.

However, with Fu Hanchuan’s warning, Qin Hai did not dare to make any small moves.

He regretted it. Why did he fall into Qin Sheng’s trap and disown her?