Chapter 543: Qin Sheng Got a Perfect Score?

Old Master Lu’s voice was very loud. “Tsk tsk, Sheng Sheng, can get such a score even with my eyes closed.”

Qin Churou bit her lower lip.

Lin Shuya wanted to rush up and argue with Old Master Lu, but she was glared at by Qin Hai again, so she could only swallow the words in her mouth.

Qin Hai and the others did not enjoy the meal very much.

“Miss, this way please.” The waiter pushed the door open, and a woman in a professional suit walked in. She looked very anxious, and there was some sweat on her face.

She rushed over quickly, afraid that Tsinghua University and Imperial Capital University would beat her to it.

After entering the private room, she looked around.

She first walked to Qin Hai’s side and asked, “Are you Qin Sheng’s parent?”

She thought that Qin Churou was Qin Sheng.

Qin Hai subconsciously wanted to answer yes. Just as he was about to nod his head, Fu Hanchuan’s threatening words rang in his mind.

Qin Hai’s face turned slightly pale. He could only shake his head. “No.”

“Sorry to disturb you.”

The teacher came directly to Qin Sheng’s table and asked again, “Is this Qin Sheng?”

“Yes,” Qin Sheng replied.

The teacher heaved a sigh of relief and extended her hand. “Hello, Student Qin Sheng. I’m a teacher from Peking University’s Admissions Office. You can call me Teacher Liu.”

“Hello, Teacher Liu.”

Qin Sheng stood up and extended her hand to shake it back.

After shaking it for a moment, Qin Sheng retracted her hand. She did not like to have too much contact with others.

“It’s like this, Student Qin Sheng. The school sent me here to invite you to enter Peking University.”

Qin Hai and the rest had been paying attention to this side. Peking University?

In the country, Peking University was also a top-notch university. It was only inferior to Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University.

A teacher from Peking University actually came to invite Qin Sheng.

Could it be that Qin Sheng’s results could not be compared to Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University?

It seemed that Qin Sheng did not do very well in the exams either.

Half of the students in Class 1 of H City High School were usually able to go to Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University. It seemed that Qin Sheng’s results this time were not at the top of H City High School.

Thinking of this, Qin Hai heaved a sigh of relief.

Who knew that the teacher from Peking University would say again, “Uh, I know. As the top scorer in the National College Entrance Examination, you even got full marks. You might even want to go to Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University.”

When he heard that Qin Sheng was the top scorer in the National College Entrance Examination, Qin Hai was stunned for a moment.

All he could think about was that Qin Sheng was the top scorer in the National College Entrance Examination. Full marks!

Impossible! How could Qin Sheng’s results be so good?!

Qin Hai did not expect Qin Sheng to get full marks. Even back then, Qin Churou often got third place in the mock National College Entrance Examination. If Qin Churou could get into the top 100 in the National College Entrance Examination, he would be very satisfied.

“Qin Sheng, you got full marks?!” Qin Hai stood up and asked loudly.

Fu Hanchuan glanced at Qin Hai, his eyes seemed to be mixed with ice.

Qin Hai’s voice stopped immediately. He quickly said, “Sorry, I was too surprised.”

Qin Hai did not dare to speak anymore. He sat back down.

The teacher from Peking University continued, “Student Qin Sheng, but if you can come to Peking University, we will give you a two million bonus. Also, all of your fees at Peking University will be free. I will arrange a separate room for you in the dormitory and lab. What do you think? If it’s not enough, we can add more. As long as you come to our school, everything will be easy to talk about.”

“That’s not nice, Teacher Liu. Peking University actually wants to snatch students from me?”

A male voice came from the door.