Chapter 542: Black-Bellied Together

To Qin Sheng, his grandfather had spent one million!

Lu Ming looked at Qin Sheng sourly and suddenly felt somewhat envious of Qin Sheng.

He was thinking, if he were a girl, would he also have one million pocket money?

Would it be too late for him to become a girl now?

Old Master Lu looked in the direction of Lin Shuya and Qin Hai again and said with a profound meaning, “Sheng Sheng, your Grandfather Lu wouldn’t be like some people who are ignorant and blind, spoiling an adopted daughter and giving you less pocket money, right?”

“Two thousand a month.” Qin Sheng answered.

“Two thousand!” Old Master Lu frowned, “Doesn’t this Qin Hai own a Qin Real Estate? He is bankrupt and can only afford two thousand? He is so harsh to his own daughter?”

“However, I see that this adopted daughter is living a comfortable life. Sheng Sheng, do you know how much her pocket money is?” Old Master Lu asked again.

“Twenty thousand,” Qin Sheng replied.

“What? A difference of ten times.” Old Master Lu glared, “No, Sheng Sheng, this kind of family is too ignorant. Are you blind? You treat your adopted daughter better than your own biological daughter. You just brought her back. Shouldn’t Sheng Sheng be compensated twice as much? This kind of parents must be muddled in the head.”

Old Master Lu and Qin Sheng echoed each other’s responses.

When Lu Ming saw this, his eyes almost fell out.

He finally knew that his grandfather and Qin Sheng could be together.

They were too black-bellied.

They were too good at acting. If he didn’t believe what his grandfather asked, how could he not know?

On the other side, Qin Hai’s face was green and white. It was unknown whether he was angry or embarrassed.

However, he did notice the Lu family.

The Lu family was considered one of the top wealthy families in H City. Lu Zhongguo was the number one master painter in the country. The Lu family also had a multinational company that entered the top 500 in the world.

So, was the Lu family that he mentioned that Lu family?

Qin Hai looked at Qin Sheng’s table again.

He noticed Lu Ming.

He knew about Lu Ming, so this family was the Lu family, and Fu Hanchuan was also related to the Lu family?

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Hai’s forehead.

If he really offended the Lu family, he didn’t dare to imagine the consequences…

Qin Hai didn’t order much, and the dishes were served very quickly.

“Rou’er, do you know Qin Sheng’s college entrance exam results?” Qin Hai asked as if he didn’t mean it.

Qin Churou clenched the chopsticks in her hands. “I don’t know.”

If Qin Hai knew that Qin Sheng had gotten a full score and was the top scorer in the national college entrance exam, she wondered what Qin Hai would think of her.

Qin Churou knew very well that Qin Sheng’s college entrance exam results could not be hidden for long. After all, it was a big matter for H City to have a national college entrance exam top scorer. The major media outlets in H City would definitely report it wantonly.

As long as she could drag it out.

Qin Churou lowered her eyes and wiped away the unwillingness in her eyes. Then, she began to eat the food in her hands.

On the other side, Old Master Lu suddenly thought of something and asked, “Sheng Sheng, does Qin Hai know about your college entrance exam results?”

Qin Sheng frowned slightly. “I’m not sure.”

“If he doesn’t know, it will be fun.” Old Master Lu was very excited. “Later, aren’t there university teachers coming to snatch people? If Qin Hai finds out that you are so outstanding, will he be so regretful that his intestines will turn green?”

“I wonder how Qin Churou scored. No, I have to call and ask.”

After Old Master Lu finished speaking, he picked up his phone.

The butler was very fast. In less than three minutes, he sent the results over.

“559 points, ranking beyond 4000th nationwide?”