Chapter 541: One Million a Month’s Pocket Money

Fu Hanchuan ignored Lin Shuya and looked at Qin Hai instead.

“President Qin, what do you think?”

Cold sweat broke out on Qin Hai’s forehead.

He quickly glared at Lin Shuya. “Why don’t you go back and sit down? You’re just embarrassing me outside!”

If it weren’t for the fact that there were outsiders present, Qin Hai would have slapped Lin Shuya.

Day after day, she only stayed at home to spend money. She did not help him at all. She did not even give birth to a son for him. Instead, she only caused trouble for him.

Qin Hai regretted it. Why did he fall for such a brainless woman back then?


Lin Shuya shrank her neck when Qin Hai stared at her like that.

She did not dare to speak anymore.

Qin Churou did not see any movement. No matter how unwilling she was, she could only sit back down.


She could not help but look at Qin Sheng with her gaze.

Fu Hanchuan comforted her in a low voice, “Sheng Sheng, don’t let them affect your mood.”

Qin Sheng said indifferently, “It’s okay, they can’t affect me. They are no longer my family.”

In her previous life, the moment she decided to make a move on the Qin Real Estate, she no longer thought of Qin Hai and Lin Shuya as her parents.

It would be fine if she didn’t have such familial love.

Only, it was too late for her to realize it.

She had spent her whole life to understand this principle.

Fu Hanchuan also thought of the experience Qin Sheng had told him about her previous life. Waves of pain rose in Fu Hanchuan’s heart.

He did not mention it again.

He only silently picked up some food for Qin Sheng.

Lu Ming was very disappointed. Was it over just like that?

He thought there would be a big fight.


He did not expect Qin Hai to be so useless. He was cowed by his brother’s words.

Old Master Lu looked in Qin Hai’s direction from afar. As an elder, it was inappropriate for him to step up for Qin Sheng.

Fortunately, Fu Hanchuan could also help Qin Sheng.

There were a few times when he could not help but want to stand up and teach Qin Hai and the others a lesson. Fortunately, he held back.

Old Master Lu could not understand.

Qin Sheng was such a good girl, but her biological parents did not dote on her. Why must they dote on an adopted daughter?

The key point was that the adopted daughter was not as good-looking as Qin Sheng, nor was she as outstanding as Qin Sheng.

“Come, Sheng Sheng, eat more. Some people don’t want you. They are blind. You can treat the Lu family as your home!”

Old Master Lu picked up a piece of fish for Qin Sheng. When he said this, his voice was deliberately raised.

Qin Hai and Lin Shuya’s faces turned green with anger, but they didn’t dare to retort.

Qin Sheng naturally saw through Old Master Lu’s thoughts.

The corners of her lips curled up into a smile as she said to Old Master Lu, “Don’t worry, even if they don’t want me, it’s true liberation breaking away from that kind of family.”

“Hahahaha.” Old Master Lu laughed, “Sheng Sheng, don’t worry. Our Lu family will not mistreat you. Just ask your Grandpa Lu for whatever you want. Is one million a month’s pocket money enough? What kind of clothes do you want? How about world-class brands? Your Grandpa Lu can still afford this bit of money.”

One million pocket money!

Lu Ming, who was drinking water, heard Old Master Lu’s words. He spat out the water and coughed a few times.


When did his grandfather become so generous?

Before elementary school, he had one hundred a month’s pocket money?

In middle school, it was promoted a little and only had 500.

In high school, he only had 1,000 or 2,000.

Now that the college entrance examination was over, he still said that he wouldn’t give him any pocket money and that he would earn it himself?