All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Ran Into the Qin Family


Fu Hanchuan sat beside Qin Sheng and said, “A few university teachers want to come and look for Sheng Sheng. I’ve already told them the address. They’ll be here in about 30 minutes.”

Old Master Lu looked pleased. “Look, these people are all here to snatch Sheng Sheng. Sheng Sheng is the best.”

Lu Ming was speechless when he heard Old Master Lu praising Qin Sheng.

He silently picked up his phone to check.

Not long after Fu Hanchuan returned, the dishes were served.

Fu Hanchuan put on his gloves and picked up a prawn to peel.

Lu Ming saw that there was indeed not a single dish on the table that he liked. He felt that there was no love left.

He picked up a piece of pork and put it into his mouth, biting it with hatred.

His eyes kept glancing at Fu Hanchuan’s direction.

He really hoped that Qin Sheng could be together with Fu Hanchuan only after graduation. At that time, Qin Sheng was only 22 years old, and Fu Hanchuan was already 27 years old. He could be considered an old man.


Fu Hanchuan did not know Lu Ming’s thoughts. If he knew, Lu Ming would probably suffer again.

Fu Hanchuan put the peeled shrimp into Qin Sheng’s bowl.

Qin Sheng was obviously used to Fu Hanchuan peeling shrimp for her. She also found it troublesome. If no one was peeling shrimp for her, she would not eat shrimp.

Qin Sheng ate it obediently.

Fu Hanchuan’s lips curled into a doting smile as he picked up another shrimp.

Old Master Lu watched the whole scene. He really wanted to go up and interrupt them.

Look, wasn’t Fu Hanchuan, this big bad wolf, abducting his granddaughter in front of him?

However, when Old Master Lu thought of Fu Hanchuan’s methods, he didn’t dare to say anything else.

Lu Ming also saw Fu Hanchuan’s actions and silently withdrew his gaze.

Come on, another bowl of dog food!

In the following period of time, Old Master Lu would look at Qin Sheng from time to time. Seeing Fu Hanchuan’s considerate and caring manner towards Qin Sheng, he dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak.

When they were halfway through their meal, Qin Churou also came to the private room.

The waiter opened the door for Qin Hai. “Mr. Qin, the private room you booked is right here. Because the private room in the hotel is tight today, we can only trouble you to stay with someone else.”

Qin Hai frowned. “With someone else? No, I want a private room.”

The waiter was in a difficult position. “Sir, the private rooms in our hotel are already full. We can’t spare any other private rooms.”

Before Qin Hai could speak, Lin Shuya said gently, “It’s okay. It doesn’t matter if there are others.”

“Yes, I’ll get someone to order for you immediately.”

Qin Hai and Lin Shuya entered the private room.

Old Master Lu frowned and looked over. When he saw the familiar people, he was stunned for a while.

Lu Ming was eating. When he saw Old Master Lu looking in the direction of the door, he also looked over.



Lu Ming cursed, “Could it be that the people at the other table are Qin Hai and the others?”

He looked behind Qin Hai and the others. There was no one else.

“Looks like it’s true. The world is really small. We can even bump into each other!”


Lu Ming was very excited. He was already prepared to eat melons.

Qin Hai and the others were in the same private room as Qin Sheng. There would definitely be a good show to watch.

As for whether Qin Sheng would be at a disadvantage, Lu Ming was not worried at all.

He was thinking that, based on Qin Sheng’s personality, it would be considered good enough if she didn’t teach Qin Hai a lesson.

Qin Hai and the others naturally heard the commotion on Lu Ming’s side.

Fu Hanchuan was facing them sideways, but Qin Churou still recognized Fu Hanchuan at a glance.

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