All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Was Sent To the Address

After all, no one had ever gotten full marks in the college entrance examination, let alone for such a difficult exam. Even the teachers of the various majors could not guarantee that they would get full marks for those questions.

If Qin Sheng went to another school, it would be a great loss to them.

It was not difficult to nurture a good seedling like Qin Sheng and make an international research institute in the future.

Therefore, when Imperial Capital University found out about Qin Sheng’s score, they asked a teacher from the Admissions Office to contact Fu Hanchuan. They also asked a teacher from Imperial Capital University to come personally.

They were afraid that if they came too late, they would be intercepted by Tsinghua University.

Every year, Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University fought over the top ten students.

However, it was not as intense as this.

Qin Sheng was an exception.

The teacher from the Admissions Office of Imperial Capital University was afraid that Fu Hanchuan would not agree. He immediately said, “Qin Sheng’s parent, I will definitely not waste your time. If it is inconvenient for you, we can find another time. When you are free, we can talk.”

Fu Hanchuan raised his hand and looked at his watch. Then he said, “Come over now. I will send you the address.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” The teacher from the Admissions Office was happy. He nodded repeatedly. “I’m still at the airport. I’ll go over now. It’ll take about 45 minutes. No, I’ll be there in 40 minutes.”

Fu Hanchuan hung up the phone and walked back.

Just as he arrived at the door of the private room, another phone rang.

Fu Hanchuan turned on his phone. This call was still from the capital, but the phone number was different from the previous one.

“Hello, Qin Sheng’s parent. I’m a teacher from Tsinghua University. I’m looking for you today to talk to you about Qin Sheng.”

The teacher continued to talk for a long time.

Fu Hanchuan interrupted impatiently, “Come over now. The address will be sent over later.”

Thus, the teacher from Tsinghua University hung up with satisfaction.

Then, another teacher from another school called. It was from Peking University.

Peking University was also very famous internationally. In China, it was second only to Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University.

It knew that it could not compete with Imperial Capital University and Tsinghua University.

Usually, they did not dare to compete with those two universities for the top ten students in the country. They only went to look for the students who were ranked in the top ten or twenty.

However, when they saw Qin Sheng’s score, they were shocked.

They made an exception and fought with the Imperial Capital University.

What if they were lucky and Qin Sheng came to Peking University? After all, Peking University and H City were relatively close.

Without a doubt, Fu Hanchuan gave him the address and asked him to come.

Other than these three universities, the other schools did not come.

As for those famous universities abroad, they also intended to have Qin Sheng come to their schools. However, the distance was too far, so they did not send anyone over.

Another reason was that they did not know the extent of the competition among the universities in the country for students.

Fu Hanchuan waited for a while. After no one called him again, he returned to the private room.

The dishes had not been served yet.

Old Master Lu was holding Qin Sheng’s hand and talking.

Seeing Fu Hanchuan come in, Old Master Lu only took a glance and then looked away.

He didn’t want to pay too much attention to these tough and smelly boys. They would only make him angry. They weren’t as considerate as girls.

Fu Hanchuan had been gone for fifteen minutes. Qin Sheng frowned and asked, “Brother Fu, is something wrong with the company?”

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