All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 536

Chapter 536: Reserve the Passenger Seat

Because of the results of today’s college entrance exam, many parents celebrated for their children.

Almost all the better hotels in H City were full.

The butler called Old Master Lu. “Master, there’s only one private room left. Moreover, there are two sets of tables inside. Besides you, there will be other people.”

Old Master Lu said generously, “Then give them an extra set of money.”

The butler said respectfully, “I’ve asked, but the hotel isn’t willing.”

Old Master Lu frowned. “Then give them 500,000.”

The butler said, “I’ve asked. I raised the price to 1 million, but they’re still not willing.”

Old Master Lu frowned deeply. He didn’t want to mess up this matter.

How about going to the Luxury Hotel?

Thinking of this, Old Master Lu shook his head. Didn’t he just reject it? If he brought it up again, wouldn’t that be slapping his own face?

If that was the case, his image in Qin Sheng’s heart would probably be lowered by a notch.

Old Master Lu gritted his teeth. “Book it.”

At night, Fu Hanchuan didn’t cook. Instead, he accompanied them to the hotel.

As for Lu Ming, he was also carried to the hotel by Old Master Lu.

Lu Ming didn’t want to go over. After he went over, he saw his grandfather praising Qin Sheng. wasn’t he asking for a beating?

It was better to show off at home, act cool, and play games.

However, Lu Ming didn’t dare to disobey Old Master Lu.

He could only grit his teeth and follow him.

Before going to the hotel, Qin Sheng did not sit in the front passenger seat. Instead, she sat in the back seat with Old Master Lu.

Lu Ming opened the door to the front passenger seat.


Lu Ming called out and wanted to get into the car.

However, he received a cold glare from Fu Hanchuan the moment he stepped into the car.

Lu Ming’s feet froze.

He was very puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

“Let the other driver take you there,” Fu Hanchuan said expressionlessly.

Lu Ming muttered, “Isn’t there still a seat?”

Fu Hanchuan glanced at him but didn’t say anything.

Lu Ming silently retracted his leg.

Forget it. For the sake of his own life, he’d better not sit in it.

However, Lu Ming didn’t want to sit in a car alone. He opened the door of the backseat.

The backseat could seat three people, which was just right.

Lu Ming didn’t even step on it when Old Master Lu’s words came. “Lu Ming, you go to the other car. It’s too crowded for three people.”

Lu Ming: “…”

Fine, he was despised again.

Moreover, was it crowded? It was originally a three-person seat.

Lu Ming didn’t dare to refute Old Master Lu, so he could only silently walk to the other car.

He could not understand why Fu Hanchuan did not let him sit in the front passenger seat. Wasn’t it empty?

The distance to the hotel was a little far, and it would take thirty minutes to get there. Lu Ming sat in the car, frowning all the time. He was really too curious as to why Fu Hanchuan would stop him from sitting in the front passenger seat.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Lu Ming’s mind.

His mouth was wide open.

Could it be that Fu Hanchuan had specifically reserved that seat for Qin Sheng and would not give it to anyone else?

The more Lu Ming thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

Based on Fu Hanchuan’s character, he would do such a thing.

Lu Ming swallowed his saliva silently.

He should stay away from Qin Sheng in the future. His brother was too jealous. If he ever got jealous, he wouldn’t even know how he died.


Half an hour later, the car stopped at the entrance of a hotel.

Lu Ming stood in front of the hotel and looked at the tall buildings. He clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“This hotel is far inferior to the Luxury Hotel. Why don’t we go to the Luxury Hotel?”