All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 531

Chapter 531: There Were Four People Who Were Better Than You

He Manyun’s results were extremely good. She had been in first place most of the time in G City High School.

At this moment, those students saw her and one by one, they came forward and asked, “Manyun, how many points did you get?”

“Your results must be pretty good, right? Will you get into the top 100 in the country?”

“Manyun, you’re too amazing. I only got 560 points. This result, if I take it back, I’ll definitely be scolded again. If I had a smart mind like yours, my parents wouldn’t despise me every day.”

“That’s right, Manyun. You’re beautiful and your results are good. I’m really envious.”


When He Manyun heard this, she also felt that she was very amazing.

In this exam, she could be considered to have performed exceptionally.

She didn’t expect that she could actually get the 84th place in the country.

He Manyun looked down on those people with poor results, but she had always been a goddess in school.

No matter how disdainful she was in her heart, she still maintained her elegance. She nodded. “I only got 705 points, ranked 84th in the country.”

When they heard He Manyun’s words, their mouths were wide open. She was too amazing.

When they came to their senses, they all went forward to congratulate her. “Manyun, with your results, you will be in the top five in our province. You are too amazing!”

“Your results are too amazing. You might even be higher than Su Yixiu from H City High School.”

He Manyun maintained a very elegant smile on her face. “His results are very good. I can’t compete with him.”

In his heart, He Manyun also felt that she could surpass all the people from H City High School, including Qin Sheng and Su Yixiu.

Thinking of Qin Sheng, He Manyun bit her lip angrily.

If it weren’t for Qin Sheng, she wouldn’t have lost so much face in the National High School Mathematics Competition and even have it broadcast on the Internet.

She had been ridiculed for a long time in school.

It was all because of Qin Sheng.

She had worked hard for a long time before she was able to regain everyone’s original opinion of her.

This time, it was impossible for Qin Sheng to surpass her.

The principal of G City High School, Qi Feng, walked downstairs and happened to bump into He Manyun.

He Manyun went forward to greet him. “Principal.”

She was thinking that she had done well in the exam this time. If Qi Feng praised her, the other students would definitely admire her even more.

Who knew that Qi Feng, who had a dark face, would have such a dark expression on his face?

“Manyun, your exam this time is not very ideal.”

He Manyun’s face stiffened. She could not help but ask, “Why? Principal, I think that I have improved a lot compared to the usual exam. You also know that the exam this time is very difficult, but I only got ten points less than usual.”

“H City High School, there are four students whose results are higher than yours.”

He Manyun gritted her teeth. She vaguely had a guess in her heart.

Could it be that Qin Sheng was pressing on her head again?

The other students began to discuss in low voices.

“Four students are doing better than He Manyun? When did H City High School become so powerful?”

“Since the principal has said so, then maybe He Manyun’s results are not enough in front of the four students of H City High School. I am very curious what place they got.”

“Isn’t there a Su Yixiu and Qin Sheng in H City High School? I heard that they’re all very good. Su Yixiu basically won first place in every math competition he participated in. As for Qin Sheng, didn’t she participate in the National High School Mathematics Competition last time? She got full marks in both the written test and the answering department, and her speed was also very fast. So, would there be two of them among the four?”