Chapter 530: Most of the Students In Class 4 Could Get Into a Key University


“Haha, what?” Qi Feng laughed mockingly. “Everyone can see the standard of your Class 4. In the previous year, not many students in Class 4 could get a second-tier university.”

“This year, the standard of the students in Class 4 didn’t change much, but you say that most of the students in Class 4 could get a key university? Feng He, if you want face, you don’t have to do this. Aren’t you afraid of being slapped in the face?”

Principal Feng smiled nonchalantly. “That depends on who’s slapped in the face. Qi Feng, you’ll know when the results of each school are announced.”

“Oh, that’s right. There are more than forty students in our school who have scored more than 600 points, and that’s more than you guys.”

Principal Feng hung up the phone in a good mood.

He could already imagine how angry Qi Feng’s face would be when he saw their school’s results.

On the other hand, Qi Feng said he didn’t believe it, but he was also suspicious.

Feng He was very stubborn, and he wasn’t a person who could lie. Could it be that everything he said was true?

Qi Feng frowned, then picked up his phone and arranged for people to check the results of all the science students in year three of H City High School.

H City High School didn’t deliberately hide it. Qi Feng soon got a list of the results of the students in each class of H City High School.

Qi Feng directly looked at the grades of the students in Class 4.

Almost all the students in Class 4 scored above 480 points. According to the national ranking, most of them could get into a key university.

How could they do so well in the exams?

Qi Feng clenched his fists and asked, “Is this real?”

The school staff nodded. “It’s true. I got this from a friend. He didn’t need to lie to me with fake grades.”

“You can leave now.”

Qi Feng was the only one in the principal’s office. He looked at the report card in front of him with a heavy gaze.

H City High School’s recruitment criteria for Class 4 were not much different from last year’s, but why were their results so vastly different?

Qi Feng felt that there was something strange about this.

However, there was no way to cheat in the college entrance examination.

His gaze fell on the other results sheets, and he looked at them one by one.

Qi Feng took out the results of the college entrance examination from last year’s H City High School.

The more he looked, the more he felt that something was wrong.

This year, the students of H City High School were ranked in the national rankings, and they were generally higher than 100. What was going on?

There were no classes that held them back, and even the other classes had improved so much.

It was inevitable that their average was better than that of G City.

Qi Feng’s heart was filled with unwillingness. This year, he was confident that G City High School would surpass H City High School, but there was an accident.

Qi Feng picked up his own school’s grades again.

G City High School’s best test this year was He Manyun. It was only 705 points, ranked 84th in the country.

Compared to the previous college entrance exams, Qi Feng felt that this result was already very good.

However, with Qin Sheng, Su Yixiu, and Lu Ming’s results in front, Qi Feng felt that this result was very bad.

He grabbed the report card and crumpled it into a ball.

“Feng He, H City High School!”

Qi Feng gritted his teeth.

They actually dared to surpass their school. H City High School could not compare to G City High School.

Today, many students came to G City High School to see their grades. It was not that they could not check their grades online, but they were curious about the grades of other students, so they came over.

He Manyun was also there.

She wore a white knee-length dress and light makeup on her face.

The other third-year students were all wearing casual clothes, but He Manyun looked very different. Many male students were sizing her up.