Chapter 529: Class 4 Was a Hindrance


Qin Sheng!!!!

Qi Feng’s eyebrows could almost pick up a fly.

Qin Sheng had completed the entire paper at an unbelievable speed in the National High School Mathematics Competition and scored a perfect score!

And she had also broken the record in the scramble for answers.

Qi Feng had also checked Qin Sheng’s results in H City High School. Every time Qin Sheng took an exam, she would score close to a perfect score!

He had forgotten about these three people for a moment just now.

Qi Feng asked, “Feng He, these three people you mentioned, did they get into the top 20?”

“Yes.” Feng He’s voice was very happy, “They are indeed amazing. Qin Sheng got the first place in the country, with full marks. Su Yixiu got 744 points, second place in the country. As for Lu Ming, he almost got into the top 10, 11th place, with 728 points.”

“What?!” Hearing Feng He’s words, Qi Feng suddenly stood up from his seat. He could not believe it, “Ranked first and second in the country?! Impossible!”

If a school could have a student who was ranked in the top 10 in the country, they would be able to have a good time.

And H City High School directly occupied two places, and it was the ranks of first and second.

Qi Feng did not dare to believe it, nor was he willing to believe it.

Feng He smiled and said, “There’s no need for me to lie to you about this. Our school does indeed occupy three of the top 20 schools in the country.”

This time, it was Feng He’s turn to mock Qi Feng. “Principal Qi, your school can’t do it. There’s not even one in the top 20. No, there might not even be one in the top 50.”

He shook his head. “Tsk tsk, that’s too pitiful. Does your face still hurt?”

“Feng He, don’t be too proud!” Qi Feng clenched his fists in resentment. “Aren’t you just relying on your three students? Just three students won’t be able to bring about the decline of your school.”

As he said this, Qi Feng felt that what he said made sense.

Wasn’t H City High School very lucky to have three talented students?

The other students were also not up to par.

There were also those students from Class 4. They would definitely pull down the average score of the third grade of H City High School.

How many average scores could three gifted students pull up?

Qi Feng’s tone was very mocking. “Feng He, you’d better deal with those students from Class 4 first. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to compare to our school.”

“Students from Class 4 are a hindrance?” Feng He asked.

Qi Feng: “Feng He, the students from year three, Class 4. Don’t you know what they’re capable of? Each and every one of them failed their exams. Only when you took a fancy to their money would you specially set up a class to take them in.”

Principal Feng picked up a glass of water and drank it. Hearing this, he smiled. “Qi Feng, this won’t go as you wish. The students from Class 4 won’t be a hindrance.”

Qi Feng was disdainful. The students of Class 4 had terrible grades. They wouldn’t be a burden?

What a joke!

Principal Feng said again, “Most of the students of Class 4 will be able to get into a key university this time. Our school’s average score is more than 20 points higher than yours. It’s an average score of 541 points.”

The students of Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 of H City High School were all top students from H City. There were also top students from other places. The teaching standards and various teaching facilities of H City High School were all excellent.

Therefore, the results of these few classes were all very good.

Only Class 4’s results were slightly worse. At this moment, the scores of the students of Class 4 had risen, and the overall scores had also risen.

Hearing this, Qi Feng was stunned. How was it possible for most of the students of Class 4 to be admitted into a key university?

Class 4 was a famous bad class!

Qi Feng couldn’t believe it.