All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 528

Chapter 528: Qin Sheng, You’ve Heard of Her, Right?

Principal Feng didn’t say anything. He was thinking that the more Qi Feng mocked him, the more he would be slapped in the face.

Therefore, Principal Feng just held his phone to his ear and listened to Qi Feng’s words. He didn’t say a single word throughout the whole process.

Qi Feng continued.

“Principal Feng, don’t tell me you can’t bear to part with the small amount of money that those students invested?”

H City High School was rich and private, but with the support of the H City government, it was known as H City’s top school.

The parents of the students in Class 4 donated a lot of money to H City High School.

Some people even donated a teaching building to them.

H City High School could do whatever it wanted with that money unlike them, who still needed to apply to the higher-ups.

Qi Feng was very jealous of the treatment that the H City High School could receive. Because it was a public school, he had to be restrained in doing anything, unlike the principal of the H City High School who was free.

In this way, Qi Feng, who was already at odds with Principal Feng, became even more displeased with Principal Feng.

Qi Feng had also applied to be the principal of H City High School, but he didn’t get the job. Principal Feng, who had come with him for the interview, got the job instead.

After Qi Feng became the principal of G City High School, he had always been at odds with H City High School.

Principal Feng still didn’t say anything. Qi Feng thought he had guessed principal Feng’s thoughts.

His tone was very mocking. “Principal Feng, someone like you can never surpass our G City High School. It’s really tragic for H City High School to have a principal like you.”

Principal Feng narrowed his eyes and finally opened his mouth. “Principal Qi, does your school have any top ten students in the country?”

Qi Feng could not understand what Principal Feng was saying for a moment.

Principal Feng continued, “Does your school have any students who are ranked in the top ten in the college entrance examination?”

Qi Feng laughed in disdain. “Principal Feng, we are just a small city-level high school. Although our strength isn’t bad, how can we compare to the capital of China? Hahaha, it’s impossible for us to be in the top twenty. Could it be that you have one?”


Qi Feng was stunned for a second before he laughed even louder. “You actually know how to lie? For your school to have a student who is ranked in the top twenty in the country, you must be dreaming.”

Principal Feng raised his eyebrows. “Su Yixiu, you know this person, right?”

At this moment, Qi Feng stopped laughing and his hand slowly tightened around his phone.

How could he have forgotten about Su Yixiu’s existence?

With Su Yixiu’s results, if he did not make any mistakes in the college entrance examination, he would definitely be able to enter the top 10 in the country, and it was very likely that he would be ranked in the top three.

He had participated in the national competitions for every subject of Su Yixiu’s. Other than that time when he was ranked second in the National High School Mathematics Competition, he had always been the champion.

Su Yixiu was very versatile.

Qi Feng’s brows were tightly knitted, but he did not make a sound for a moment.

On the other end of the phone, Principal Feng’s words came out again. “Lu Ming, have you heard of him?”

Lu Ming’s results were also very good. Before Qin Sheng came, he had always been in the top two. Principal Feng had often inquired about the movements of H City High School.

Qi Feng naturally knew about Lu Ming.

Lu Ming could also participate in those national competitions, but Lu Ming was lazy and didn’t want to participate.

Could it be that Lu Ming also got into the top 20?

With Lu Ming’s results, it wasn’t impossible.

Qi Feng’s brows were tightly knitted together, and there was an obvious embarrassment on his face.

Principal Feng of H City High School didn’t let Qi Feng go. “Student Qin Sheng, have you heard of her?”