All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 527

Chapter 527: Showing Off

The principal was in a good mood, so he did not mind.

He waved his hand. “The first place will receive 300,000 yuan, the second place will receive 200,000 yuan, and the third place will receive 100,000 yuan.”

H City High School was rich and overbearing. Many rich families wanted to send their children to H City High School, so they would give them a lot of financial aid.

However, the principal was stingy. He did not give the students a lot of money to study. Every semester, he would give the first place student a bonus of only 1,000 yuan.

When the grade director saw how generous the principal was, he was stunned.

When he came back to his senses, he quickly said, “Principal, I’ll help them thank you.”

The principal stroked his nonexistent beard and said, “Go buy a few more cakes and firecrackers to celebrate.”

“That’s it. You guys can go back to your work first. There’s more.”

He looked at the staff member and said, “Quickly calculate the average score and the number of people with more than 600 points so that I can use it to make Qi Feng jealous.”

The principal was used to being laughed at by the principal of G City High School. He could not swallow his anger.

Now that he had a chance to turn things around, he naturally would not miss it.

The staff member nodded and said, “Okay.”

He sat back in front of the computer. He often did these things and quickly calculated the average score and the number of people with more than 600 points.

The principal took the data and left.

He also took the transcripts of each class.

When he returned to his office, he couldn’t wait to call the principal of G City High School.

The principal of G City High School was looking at his school’s results.

The overall scores of the students of G City High School had generally dropped by dozens of points compared to the previous college entrance exams.

However, the college entrance exams this time were very difficult. The principal of G City High School was also very clear. He felt that the students of his school’s year three were doing very well. After all, the rankings of the students of G City High School had risen a lot.

This year, G City High School’s results would definitely be like the previous years, crushing H City High School in all aspects.

A cell phone rang.

Qi Feng saw that it was H City High School’s principal’s phone number. He frowned and picked up the call.

“Principal Qi.” H City High School’s principal, Principal Feng’s slightly proud voice came from the cell phone.

Qi Feng said mockingly, “I wonder why Principal Feng is calling today?”

Principal Feng narrowed his eyes. “The results of the college entrance examination are out. How are the students from your school doing?”

The focus of the development of the H City and G City High Schools was on the science subjects. As for the arts subjects, they also attached importance to them. However, most of them were comparing the results of the science subjects and would ignore the arts subjects.

Qi Feng smiled and said, “They did very well on the exam. Their average score was 520. There were 34 students who scored above 600 points.”

Principal Feng could hear the pride in Qi Feng’s voice.

G City High School’s results were already considered very good in the college entrance examination. After all, the exam questions were too difficult.

Principal Feng smiled disdainfully.

This result, he was proud?

In the eyes of H City High School, it was simply not enough.

Qi Feng then said disdainfully, “Principal Feng, how are your school’s results? It can’t be that your exam results are bad again, right? Don’t tell me you’re not as good as our G City High School in all aspects. You guys lost to us for three years.”

“However, after losing for three years, how can you turn the tables this year and surpass us?”

Qi Feng’s voice was very proud. “If you want me to say, Principal Feng, you’d better dismiss your Class 4. A bunch of motley crew, they’re just purely dragging you down. With this delay, your overall results will all be dragged down. If it were me, I would have long chased these students out.”

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