Chapter 526: G City High School

The grade director said from the side, “Student Qin Sheng got full marks while Student Su Yixiu got 744 marks. The two of them occupy the top two positions in the country.”

“Principal, this time, G City High School doesn’t dare to look down on us.”

G City High School and H City High School were arch-enemies.

Over the years, the average scores of G City High School and the number of people who were admitted to several key universities had steadily surpassed H City High School.

Because of this, G City High School constantly mocked them.

At this moment, they could finally hold their heads up high.

The principal came back to his senses. He stroked his nonexistent beard and nodded repeatedly. “Good, good, good. This result is good. This is the first time that a student from our school has obtained such good results.”

“Hehe, when I see that old fellow one day, I will definitely show off and properly vent my anger.”

H City High School was also used to being mocked by G City High School.

However, G City High School’s results were indeed better than theirs. Even if they wanted to refute it, they could not refute it.

The principal was very excited and his eyes were eager to give it a try.

If it was possible, he could not wait to let G City High School’s principal take a good look at Qin Sheng and Su Yixiu’s results.

At that time, G City High School’s principal’s expression would definitely be ugly.

“Principal, not only are Qin Sheng and Su Yixiu’s results amazing, even Class 4’s results are unexpectedly good.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Principal Feng finally withdrew his gaze from the computer screen. He took out Class 4’s report card from the few pieces of paper and began to read it.

He had already mentally prepared himself, but he was still amazed.

He suspected that he was looking at the results of Class 2 or Class 3. He looked at the catalog again. There was no mistake. It was indeed Class 4.

The principal frowned. “This is the result of Class 4?”

“Yes.” The grade director nodded with a smile.

The principal had looked all the way down. If it wasn’t for the grade director’s guarantee, he really suspected that the results of Class 4 were fake.

The results of Class 4 were about to catch up to Class 2 and Class 3.

The principal could not help but nod his head in delight. “It seems that our school’s average score and top student rate are about to surpass G City High School.”

He looked at Lin Ke and praised, “Teacher Lin, you taught very well.”

Teacher Lin said humbly, “Thank you for the principal’s praise. This is only the students’ own credit. Student Qin Sheng’s contribution is not less than mine as the form teacher.”

These words were true.

Teacher Lin was very strict, but she could only let Class 4’s math results be better. As for the other subjects, the students of Class 4were unwilling to study. She forced them to study, which was also inefficient and difficult to improve.

After Qin Sheng came to Class 4, the learning atmosphere was different.

The principal smiled. “Student Qin Sheng, she is indeed a good seedling. It is our fortune to be able to come to our H City High School.”

The grade director took the opportunity to ask, “Then principal, do you have any rewards for Students Qin Sheng, Su Yixiu, and Lu Ming?”

The principal, who had always been stingy, nodded without any hesitation and was very generous. “Of course, there will be no lack of bonuses, certificates of honor, and computers.”

“How much is the bonus?” the grade director asked.

The principal glanced at the grade director and said, “Don’t I know what you’re planning? You’re worried that I’ll give them a small bonus, aren’t you?”

The grade director rubbed his nose in embarrassment. He did have such worries.