Chapter 524: College Entrance Examination Records

Teacher Lin did not care about the bonus.

She smiled and said, “If the outstanding teacher this year is really me, I’ll treat you.”

Hearing this, the form teachers of Class 2 and Class 3 felt a little better.

The form teacher of Class 1 smiled and said sincerely, “Teacher Lin, congratulations.”

“Their results have been sent over,” a staff member of the Academic Affairs Office suddenly shouted.

The form teachers all went over. They were really curious about Qin Sheng and Su Yixiu’s results.

The staff member opened the document. The form teachers stared at the computer screen without blinking, afraid of missing any information.

Even someone as steady as Teacher Lin looked at it nervously.

“Full marks!!” The form teacher of Class 2 couldn’t help but raise her voice. She was very surprised.

On the computer, the first name was Qin Sheng. Next to her name was a capital 750 marks!

Class 2’s form teacher could not shut her mouth for a long time.

She had expected Qin Sheng to get a very good result.

But she did not expect Qin Sheng to get full marks!

The exam this time was very difficult. Very few people could complete the entire paper. Qin Sheng had also submitted her paper in advance for the college entrance exam.

In other words, other than the Chinese subject, which required more time, Qin Sheng had only used less than 40 minutes to write the exam paper, and she even got full marks?!

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would not have believed that such a pervert existed.

She then browsed through Qin Sheng’s results for all the subjects.

Needless to say, they were all full marks!

Full marks for all the single subjects!

Ranked first in the whole country!

In language and English composition, where it was easy to lose points, Qin Sheng still got full marks!

Didn’t they say that this exam was very difficult?

Why did Qin Sheng do better than the usual exams at school?

The gazes of the other teachers also stopped at Qin Sheng’s scores.

All of them were very surprised.

The corners of Teacher Lin’s lips curled up into a smile. She was very proud.

After all, she was the one who had taught them. She had gotten first place in the country. How could she not be proud?

They were stunned for a long while before they looked at Su Yixiu’s results.

Su Yixiu’s results were also very good.

He only lost six points.

He had a perfect score in the science subjects. One point had been deducted from his English, three points had been deducted from his Chinese, and two points had been deducted from his mathematics.

The form teacher of Class 3 did not close her mouth for a long time. “Qin Sheng and Su Yixiu’s results are heaven-defying. One of them got first place in the country, and the other got second place. Qin Sheng’s score is even perfect!”

The form teacher of Class 2 took a sip of water. “No, I need to rest.”

The grade teacher had been reading the newspaper in the office. The form teachers of the four classes had gone to look at the results while he was the only one who was still sitting in his seat. He looked like he did not care about the results.

If one ignored his gaze that kept drifting over, one would think that he did not care about the results of the examinees.

When he heard that Qin Sheng and Su Yixiu had gotten first and second place in the exam…

He stood up from his seat.

He strode over. “Qin Sheng got full marks?”

His tone was filled with disbelief.

This was the first time in the many years that the college entrance exam had been held that someone had gotten full marks, and it was this year’s year three student that he had brought along!

The grade teacher’s hands were trembling with excitement.

The form teacher of Class 1 nodded. “Yes, Qin Sheng scored 750 points, Su Yixiu scored 744 points, and the number one and number two in the country are both in our school.”

The grade teacher looked at the score on the computer.

He looked at it very seriously a few times.

His gaze fell on the source of the document again. It was indeed the results sent by the Ministry of Education. There was no mistake.

Qin Sheng’s results set a college entrance examination record!