All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Qin Sheng’s Results

Old Master Lu was a little jealous. Fu Hanchuan’s words seemed to show that he was not as attentive to Qin Sheng as Fu Hanchuan was.

He said stubbornly, “It seems that your subordinate is not good. His efficiency is really bad.”

Just as he said that, Fu Hanchuan received a text message. It was from Assistant Lin.

In the text message was a picture. It was Qin Sheng’s report card.

Fu Hanchuan looked at it very seriously.

A bright black bolded font, 750, entered his eyes.

Without a doubt, Qin Sheng got full marks for all the subjects.

Chinese, 150!

Mathematics, 150!

English, 150!

Science, 300!

National ranking, first place!

The four subjects’ papers did not deduct a single point!

The college entrance examination was a test that was evaluated by a group of teachers from various regions.

The exam this time was very difficult. Very few students could complete the entire test, and there were not many students with good results.

Among the three major subjects, most of the students did not exceed a hundred. As for the science subjects, they were also very poor. Even those with better results only had about 230 points.

Very few students were able to pass the exam with 250 points, let alone a full score.

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Fu Hanchuan was also stunned when he saw this heaven-defying result.

Soon after, the corner of his lips curled up into a very proud smile.

His little girl was very impressive.

Fu Hanchuan’s college entrance examination results back then were not bad, but he did not get a full score. At that time, his handwriting was quite sloppy. Because of this, a total of three points were deducted.

Back then, he was also the top scorer in the national college entrance examination.

“Sheng Sheng, you got full marks in all your subjects, and you are also ranked first in the country.” Fu Hanchuan could not help but smile.

Hearing this, Qin Sheng saw the smile on Fu Hanchuan’s face and also felt proud. She also smiled and said, “En.”

Although Qin Sheng did not care much about the exam this time, it was still very good to get full marks.

Lu Ming was biting an apple. When he heard Fu Hanchuan’s words, his mouth was wide open, and even the apple in his mouth fell to the ground.

Full, full marks?

She, Qin Sheng, this pervert, really got full marks?

Wasn’t the exam this time very difficult?

Moreover, Qin Sheng only used less than forty minutes to complete the exam, yet Qin Sheng easily got full marks?

What about the Chinese essay and the English essay?

No points were deducted?

Lu Ming did think that Qin Sheng would get first place in the country in this college entrance exam, but he never expected that Qin Sheng would get full marks?!


Lu Ming took a bite of the apple.

He suspected that Qin Sheng had reserved her strength in the usual exam of H City High School?

How many marks had she deliberately lost?

Otherwise, if Qin Sheng didn’t get full marks in the monthly exam, but in this extremely difficult college entrance exam, she had gotten full marks?

This didn’t make sense.

Lu Ming didn’t understand, and he didn’t want to probe further.

All he needed to know was that Qin Sheng was a pervert and that she could not be provoked.

Old Master Lu also came over and took Fu Hanchuan’s phone. “Let me take a look.”

He did not bring his glasses over. He was a little farsighted now, so Old Master Lu could only hold his phone a little further away to take a look.

The font on it was not small, so Old Master Lu could easily read the content.

His eyes were almost narrowed into slits as he smiled. “Not bad, not bad. This result, I have to show it off properly. That group of old guys will definitely envy me for having a good granddaughter.”

Lu Ming retorted, “Sheng Sheng is not your granddaughter. You only have one grandson.”

Old Master Lu glared at Lu Ming. “Lu Ming, shut up!”

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