All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 516

Chapter 516 No Results

Old Master Lu simply threw the phone to Lu Ming. “You do it.”

Lu Ming took the phone.

He felt that he could log in too, but he had to get some benefits from it.

Lu Ming raised a finger. “Grandpa, give me 10,000 yuan as pocket money.”

This 10,000 yuan was very little in the eyes of the Lu family, but in Lu Ming’s eyes, it was a huge sum of money.

After all, Lu Ming only had 200 yuan left on him, and his pocket money had been deducted for a long time.

Lu Ming really wanted this 10,000 yuan.

Old Master Lu blew his beard and stared at him. “You want to negotiate with me?”.

Lu Ming spread his hands. “Grandpa, it’s an equal exchange. Anyway, this 10,000 yuan, just a little bit from your fingernails is enough. It’s not an excessive request, is it?”

Lu Ming’s manner was clearly telling him that if he didn’t give him 10,000 yuan, he wouldn’t help Old Master Lu check Qin Sheng’s results.

Old Master Lu said snappily, “Fine, fine, fine. Why aren’t you going to check?!”

Lu Ming still hadn’t made a move. “Grandpa, you have to pay first. What if you act shamelessly?”

Old Master Lu became even angrier. He asked in return, “I’ll act shamelessly?”

Lu Ming rolled his eyes. “Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

As he spoke, he started counting with his fingers.

“When we played chess, you often regretted


“You went back on the painting you promised me back then.”

“You said you’d give me an extra month’s allowance, but you went back on your word and deducted it.”

Old Master Lu stared at him. “Alright, alright, alright. I’ll transfer the money to you right away.”

He took out his phone and transferred 10,000 yuan to Lu Ming’s account.

Lu Ming also received the message very quickly. He counted the four zeros on it. 10,000 yuan, no more, no less.

He was satisfied.

He also began to check Qin Sheng’s results for Old Master Lu.

This time, he was not as lucky as before. It lagged.

Lu Ming tried again, but he still did not succeed.

Old Master Lu’s eyes were staring at the phone screen. When he saw that Lu Ming did not succeed, he frowned. “Lu Ming, what’s wrong with you?”

He tried three times, but he still did not succeed. Lu Ming gave up.

“Grandpa, you can’t blame me for this. It’s the peak time to check the results. It’s normal to lag.”

Old Master Lu was very disgusted. “Come on, Lu Ming, return the 10,000 yuan to me. Now that you’ve finished your college entrance exam, you can go and work to earn money. Earn your pocket money yourself.”

Lu Ming: “…”

Would he still spit out what was in his mouth? Obviously, he couldn’t.

But if he refused to give it to him, what would he do if he counted this on his pocket money in the future?

Lu Ming rolled his eyes and quickly thought of a countermeasure.

“Grandpa, can’t you get the housekeeper to help you? With him, it will definitely work.”

Old Master Lu slapped his thigh. “I forgot about him.”

Old Master Lu immediately called the housekeeper.

Lu Ming ran to the fridge to get a bottle of drink.

Three minutes later, Old Master Lu could finally log in.

“Grandpa, how many points did Sister-in-law get?”

Old Master Lu looked at the phone screen and frowned.

Lu Ming took a sip of the drink and asked in confusion, “Full marks?”

“No results.” Old Master Lu handed the phone to Lu Ming.

Qin Sheng’s score list was blank.

Lu Ming frowned. “It’s impossible that Sister-in-law didn’t fill in her student ID. If she got a zero, there would definitely be a zero here.”

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