All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Was Ranked 11th

Lu Ming took a bite of the apple with hatred.

Kacha! A crisp sound was heard.

Old Master Lu shot a disdainful glance at Lu Ming. However, he did not have the time to argue with Lu Ming.

He took out his phone.

The college entrance examination results were released at noon in H City. There were only five minutes left until the college entrance examination results were released.

Old Master Lu’s expression was tense.

Lu Ming was speechless. Qin Sheng getting first place was a certainty. Why was there a need to be so nervous?

Those who didn’t know would think that it was his grandfather who took the exam, not Qin Sheng

Crack. Lu Ming took another bite of the apple.

Five minutes had passed after Lu Ming finished eating the apple.

It was time for the results to be released.

Old Master Lu’s heart was beating wildly. He rubbed his hands and entered Qin Sheng’s candidate number and password.

Then, he stared at the phone screen.

There was a white circle rotating on it. After waiting for two minutes, he still couldn’t log


Old Master Lu frowned, backed out, and logged in again.

Lu Ming didn’t see what Old Master Lu was looking at, but after thinking about it, he knew that he couldn’t log in.

Lu Ming raised his eyebrows and took out his phone to check his results.

Lu Ming was lucky. He checked and found out.

H City High School, Lu Ming, total score 728 points, ranked 11th in the country, and 3rd in D Province.

Next was the exam for each subject.

English, Lu Ming got a good score of 148 points, and his science comprehensive score was close to full score.

The main reason was that he had lost points in mathematics and Chinese.

If this score had been placed in the previous college entrance exams, it would have been ranked in the top twenty in the country.

But this time, the exam was extremely difficult. The overall score of the students had fallen quite a bit.

For Lu Ming to be able to get this result was already very good.

Old Master Lu was still typing in her password and candidate number. This was his third attempt, but he still couldn’t succeed.

Lu Ming raised his phone and bragged, “Grandpa, I found the results. I’m ranked 11th in the country.”

Old Master Lu’s attention was focused on what Lu Ming said when he found the results. He didn’t notice anything else.

“Really?” Old Master Lu looked at Lu Ming suspiciously.

Lu Ming put the phone screen in front of Old Master Lu. “Take a look, right?”

Old Master Lu snatched Lu Ming’s phone and looked at it seriously.

Sure enough, he saw Lu Ming’s report card.

“Grandfather, your good grandson got into the national top 11. If word got out, it would be a matter of honor. Shouldn’t you give me some rewards?” Lu Ming sat over and asked expectantly.

However, Old Master Lu completely ignored Lu Ming

Unfortunately, Lu Ming kept talking in his ear.

Old Master Lu could only say perfunctorily, “Yes, yes, yes, you’re very good.”

He logged out of Lu Ming’s account and directly entered Qin Sheng’s exam number and password in using his phone.

Old Master Lu thought that he could find out this time.

However, the circle was still spinning.

After a while, the word ‘busy’ appeared in the system, and then he was sent back.

Old Master Lu’s brows were tightly knitted.

Lu Ming came over and saw this scene.

He smiled and his mouth was wide open.

He gloated, “Grandpa, your character isn’t good. I logged in immediately, and you’re still stuck here.”

Old Master Lu glared at Lu Ming.

He was also furious. These two broken phones were clearly going against him.

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