All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 514

Chapter 514 College Entrance Examination Results

Today was the day of the college entrance examination results.

Before Qin Sheng returned to Fu Garden, Old Master Lu was already sitting on the sofa in Fu Garden’s living room.

“Grandpa, why did you drag me here?” Lu Ming’s gaze was filled with extreme resentment.

He was using his computer to play games. Before it was over, Old Master Lu had unplugged his computer, turned off his computer, and dragged him to Fu Garden.

He had already knelt down ten times in a row. This round was finally a chance for him to win.

Great, he had been disconnected.

Old Master Lu stared at him. “If I tell you to come over, you have to come over. Do you dare to complain?”

Lu Ming looked sullen. “I don’t dare.”

Old Master Lu was satisfied. Only then did he state his purpose. “Today’s college entrance exam results are out.”

“And then?” Lu Ming asked indifferently. He was very self-aware. Every time he took an exam, he could roughly guess his results. Moreover, the difference between his actual results and his results was not more than five points.

Therefore, to Lu Ming, it did not matter whether he looked at his results or not. As he thought of something, Lu Ming was very surprised. “Grandpa, don’t tell me you want to see my results? Since when have you been so concerned about me?”

“You’re a good-for-nothing. I don’t need to think to know that you’re third in the whole school, third in H City, and about tenth in the whole country.” Old Master Lu rolled his eyes.

Lu Ming: “…”

Really? So clear?

Then, Old Master Lu said confidently, “I’m here to see Sheng Sheng’s results.”

Lu Ming was puzzled. “Don’t you have her password and candidate number?”

Not long after the college entrance examination ended, Old Master Lu asked Qin Sheng for these numbers. He wanted to be able to find out Qin Sheng’s results immediately. Qin Sheng probably wouldn’t care about his results and wouldn’t go over to check.

Therefore, he might as well ask Qin Sheng for these numbers. When the time came, he could find out immediately.

Qin Sheng didn’t hesitate to tell Old Master Lu her password and candidate number.

At that time, Lu Ming was also present.

Old Master Lu glanced at Lu Ming with disdain. “You don’t understand this, do you? If you check it yourself and if Sheng Sheng tells me the result, will it be the same?”

“Is there a difference?” Lu Ming whispered.

Also, didn’t he ask Qin Sheng for the password and candidate number back then, just to check Qin Sheng’s results?

Of course, Lu Ming didn’t dare to say this out loud.

He could be considered to understand Old Master Lu’s personality. Regardless of whether it was reasonable or not, Old Master Lu would always come over to rebuke him.

Of course, if this person was Qin Sheng, Old Master Lu wouldn’t have done this.

Old Master Lu sighed. “It just so happened that Sheng Sheng went out. Now I can only check first.”

Lu Ming picked up the apple on the coffee table. Without peeling it, he directly took a bite.

He casually asked, “Grandpa, without thinking, I know that Sister-in-law is ranked first in H City High School, H City, and even the whole country. Isn’t it the same whether you check or not?”

Lu Ming returned what Old Master Lu had just said to him.

Old Master Lu glared at him. “Do you think Sheng Sheng’s results are as bad as yours? She’s ranked first in the whole country. If it were known to the public, it would give her face. If you have results like Sheng Sheng’s, I would definitely help you check it.”

Lu Ming: “…”

Were his results bad?

In the whole country, his results were an existence that people envied. How could his grandfather say that it was bad?

Compared to Qin Sheng’s, he was indeed inferior.

However, it was unfair for an ordinary person like him to be compared to a pervert like Qin Sheng

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