Chapter 511 Self-Created Platform

Yu Bei, who was sitting at the side, muttered softly, “Showing off your wealth has no conscience. So what if you’re rich?”

Yu Bei was used to being reckless. With Qin Sheng here, his words came out without thinking. Qin Sheng glanced at him indifferently.

Yu Bei kept quiet and changed the topic. “Boss, why are you looking at me?” Hong Yuan facepalmed with a headache.

Qin Sheng retracted her gaze and Yu Bei heaved a sigh of relief.

Qin Sheng looked at the time. “There’s no problem with the game. All of you have completed everything in excess. The results are even better than I expected. Now, we can only wait for the internal test.”

“Uncle Hong, I’ll have to trouble you with the rest of the matters.”

Hong Yuan quickly replied, “These are all things that I’m supposed to do.”

“Oh right, Boss, do you want to bring the game back to play?”

Qin Sheng did not like to play games. In her previous life, she had only played games when she was researching this all-intelligent game.

She rejected him. “No need, I don’t like it. You can make the arrangements.”

Hong Yuan: “…”

He did not want Qin Sheng to play games as entertainment. It was just that this game was designed by Qin Sheng, so it was easier to see the problem.

But since Qin Sheng said so, he could only swallow the words he had prepared.

He nodded. “Okay.”

Having a boss who left him alone was a headache for Hong Yuan.

If he wasn’t a good person and swallowed the company’s money, Qin Sheng probably wouldn’t even know about it right away.

Qin Sheng stood up from her seat. “I have something to do, so I’ll go back first. There’s not much to do at the company right now, so I’ll get off work early and go to the dinner party.”

Hearing this, Hong Yuan frowned. He couldn’t figure out what Qin Sheng had to do at all. She was the most idle person in the company.

She probably wanted to avoid them again.

Hong Yuan stopped Qin Sheng and said, “Boss, there are still very important matters to be handled by you at the company. I can’t handle it by myself.”

Qin Sheng met Hong Yuan’s pleading gaze and felt a headache coming on.

It seemed that she wouldn’t be able to leave early today.

She said helplessly, “Let’s go.”

Hearing Qin Sheng say this, Hong Yuan hurriedly returned to his office and sorted out those documents.

Actually, he could handle these documents by himself, but he couldn’t do what Qin Sheng did. She could see the problem at a glance and hit the nail on the head.

Hong Yuan could also learn a lot from it.

“Boss, these are the documents.” Hong Yuan went to Qin Sheng’s office and put the documents on Qin Sheng’s desk.

“These are the plans for the launch of the game, as well as other aspects.” Qin Sheng flipped through a few pages and frowned slightly.

Hong Yuan was very worried. “Boss, is there anything wrong?”

Qin Sheng put down the document and said, “These are done well, but they are useless.”

“This is?” Hong Yuan didn’t understand.

Qin Sheng smiled and said, “Long Yue Technology will definitely prevent our game from going on the market. I’m afraid that the platforms you listed above have already been taken care of by them. They won’t accept our game appearing on these platforms.”

Hong Yuan’s heart skipped a beat. “Then, Boss, what should we do?”

“No rush.” Qin Sheng’s fingertip tapped lightly on the table. She didn’t care about Long Yue Technology. We can wait for Long Yue Technology’s game to be released before we release it.”

Hong Yuan was very puzzled. “Where can we release the game? After all, those platforms won’t allow our game to be released.”

“Isn’t there a self-created platform?” Qin Sheng raised her eyebrows.