Chapter 510 Bonus

In less than a minute, there were 200 comments under this post.

[F*ck, like? Is that true? C likes men, men in love? That’s hot.)

[Little Grey, you actually chatted with C and he even told you such hot news? I seriously suspect that it’s fake.]
[Little Grey Ash, did you find out if QS is a man or a woman?]

Originally, these hackers had already assumed that QS was a hunk, but Fu Hanchuan had fallen in love with QS and was openly showing off their love on the dark side. They had begun to suspect whether QS was a girl.

But on second thought, if QS was a girl, why would she be so arrogant?

They couldn’t figure out whether QS was a girl or not.

The hacker replied with some posts, (I’m not sure, I didn’t have the time to ask.]

Even so, all kinds of speculations emerged among the hackers. It was very lively, and they even specially opened some posts to bet whether Qin Sheng was a boy or a girl.

They were really curious about the gender of


Qin Sheng naturally didn’t know about what was happening on Black Emperor.

The game was now completed. Five days later, the company would conduct a comprehensive inspection of the game, followed by a trial by the staff.

This inspection was very important. It was rare for Qin Sheng to make a trip to the company.

Everyone in the company was present. The meeting room was packed with people. There were also quite a number of people standing at the door, looking into the meeting room.

Qin Sheng sat at the conference table. The big screen was playing the game.

In less than five minutes, everyone in the meeting room heaved a sigh of relief. Smiles appeared on their faces.

This time, the game was completely completed.

There was basically no problem. They were just worried that there would be an accident, so they let the people in the company play for a period of time before the closed beta. If the closed beta was successful, then the game could be released.

“This game is done very well. Thank you for your hard work.” Qin Sheng’s lips curled into a smile.

Those employees were flattered.

This was the first time Qin Sheng had praised them.

They hurriedly waved their hands, “Boss, if it weren’t for the technology and ideas you provided, we wouldn’t have been able to make this game to this extent. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even dare to think about this game, let alone make it.”

These words weren’t just polite.

In just four to five months, they had made this large-scale game. To many people, this was a fantasy.

However, it had been realized at Shengshi Technology.

They had also experienced a sense of accomplishment that they had never experienced before.

It was an epoch-making symbol in the game world that they had created with their own hands.

Qin Sheng’s gaze fell on Hong Yuan. “Uncle Hong, let’s bring them out for a meal tonight to relax. Also, this month, the bonus for the ordinary employees is 30,000 yuan per person, and the other 50,000 yuan.”

Hong Yuan froze for a second.

There are a lot of people in the company. The bonus alone would be close to 3 million, not to mention the salary. This month’s salary will cost at least 5 million.

Hong Yuan want to let Qin Sheng think about it again, but after good consideration, he thought that Qin Sheng in the stock market could easily earn tens of millions. He was relieved.

“Good.” Hong Yuan answers. Qin Sheng’s voice was not loud, but those employees all heard Qin Sheng’s words.

They also knew that Qin Sheng was rich, and Qin Sheng was generous by giving them bonuses. They would not shirk accepting it.

Of course, even if Qin Sheng did not give them bonuses, they would not have any complaints.