Chapter 508 Adultery

Lin Haocheng picked up his phone and wanted to tell Qin Sheng that he would be very busy for the next few days and would not have time to look for her.

However, when he was looking for her phone number, he realized that he did not seem to have Qin Sheng’s number.

Lin Haocheng slapped his head in annoyance.

“How stupid.” Lin Haocheng’s eyes lit up when he thought of something

He could also treat Qin Sheng as his sister, and Fu Hanchuan would have to do whatever he wanted?

The more Lin Haocheng thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible. One day, he would definitely get Qin Sheng to be his sister.

The game’s memory problem had been solved. The employees of Shengshi Technology had also taken a long vacation.

Now, they could only wait for the game to come online.

The company didn’t have much to deal with. Qin Sheng stayed in Fu Garden and spent every day writing plans, reading medical books, and visiting Black Emperor.

Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan already knew each other’s identities as hackers.

Qin Sheng basically wouldn’t refuse Fu Hanchuan’s request from Black Emperor.

As usual, as long as Qin Sheng appeared, Fu Hanchuan would also come online.

The two of them had similar hacker logos, but they often appeared in pairs, feeding the people of Black Emperor a mouthful of dog food.

Unfortunately, their hacking skills were superb, and they rarely came online.

These hackers could not bear to miss such a wonderful competition. Moreover, they could learn a lot from their competition.

Therefore, they were eating dog food while watching their competition.

Two similar hacker logos, and they were always together. If there was no adultery, they would not believe it.

On this day, Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan appeared on the Black Emperor together.

As the number one hacker, once they appeared, there would be world news to inform everyone on Black Emperor.

Whether those hackers were chatting or competing, most of them would go over to watch their matches.

Lu Ming was also there.

Those hackers couldn’t care less about watching their matches.

They didn’t dare to ask C, but The Most Handsome In the Universe called him brother. C had also helped The Most Handsome In the Universe many times.

At this moment, their gazes fell on Lu Ming.

(DD: Handsome, Handsome, C is your brother. You should know about his relationship with QS. Are they a couple?]

[Trash: Handsome, is this QS a man or a woman?]

(You’re Too Weak: Handsome, you have such a good relationship with C, don’t tell me you don’t know QS. You’d better tell us.]

Lu Ming held his breath.

Could he say that he really didn’t know QS?

No, maybe he did know QS. QS was Qin Sheng, that pervert.

He and Qin Sheng were classmates for less than a semester. Qin Sheng’s grades were better than his, and she was also good at basketball. He had always been proud of his hacking skills, thinking that this was the only thing that he could compare to Qin Sheng with.

Unexpectedly, Qin Sheng was very likely to be QS.

QS had beaten him countless times, and he had also provoked QS time and time again. He also often said that QS was a hunk or something.

The image of Qin Sheng appeared in Lu Ming’s mind.

A girl who looked very obedient.

No matter what, he could not associate Qin Sheng with this arrogant QS.

The difference was too big.

Thinking of his previous experience of being beaten by QS, Lu Ming broke out in cold sweat.

If Qin Sheng was really QS, if he was seen by the people of Black Emperor, where would his face go?

Lu Ming could only numb himself. Qin Sheng was not QS.

How could QS be a girl? Could a girl be so powerful?