Chapter 504 Posting, Poaching the Wall

He placed his hand on the top of Qin Sheng’s hair. “Sheng Sheng is now done with her college entrance exam and can start dating. If you meet someone you like, don’t suppress your feelings.”

Fu Hanchuan would not have said this before, but after what happened last night, he had already confirmed that Qin Sheng had some feelings for him.

What he needed to do now was to let Qin Sheng completely understand her feelings.

Qin Sheng nodded and agreed. She felt that she wouldn’t like anyone for the time being, so she didn’t need to think too much about it.

Fu Hanchuan entered the kitchen.

Qin Sheng was curled up on the sofa, scrolling through her phone.

She just happened to see the words ‘Lin Haocheng returned to China’ on Weibo’s top search.

Normally, she wouldn’t click on these gossip and entertainment news.

Now, Qin Sheng clicked on it.

In that Weibo post, there was only a brief introduction. Someone bumped into Lin Haocheng at the international airport in H City.

It also said that Lin Haocheng had been abroad for a year.

Lin Haocheng’s popularity was indeed very high. This Weibo post had only been out for two hours, but it already had 500,000 comments.

Qin Sheng roughly skimmed through the comments below.

They were all comments from some little fangirls.

[Ah, ah, ah, Brother, you’re finally back in China. Look at me.)

(Oh my god, I’m going to faint. If Brother Haocheng could look at me, I would wake up from my dreams laughing.]

(Brother, Brother, you’re too handsome. Oh my god, I’m going to faint.]

Qin Sheng read a few of the comments and felt a headache coming on. Lin Haocheng’s coquettish appearance appeared in her mind. She backed out because she did not want to read anymore.

Qin Sheng continued to read the other news.

Lin Haocheng returned to the villa his manager had prepared for him. He hadn’t been in H City for long. He had originally wanted to move into Fu Garden, but Fu Hanchuan refused no matter what, so he could only ask his manager to find him a villa.

Lin Haocheng sat in the living room. After thinking for a while, he logged on to Weibo.

Usually, Lin Haocheng was a reckless person. When he posted on Weibo, he followed his heart.

He had offended many people. Fortunately, Lin Haocheng’s family was well-off, and not many people dared to offend him.

However, Lin Haocheng’s manager did not allow Lin Haocheng to post on Weibo without his permission.

At this moment, Lin Haocheng did not have any scruples about his manager.

He edited a Weibo post and posted it.

(Lin Haicheng V: I Met a little sister today. She’s cute and well-behaved. Unfortunately, she’s already taken, and she belongs to my good brother. Do you guys think I should do it?]

The moment Lin Haocheng’s Weibo post was posted, it caused a huge sensation.

Through the screen, one could feel that Lin Haocheng’s girlfriend’s fans were all heartbroken.

[Ahhhhh, what did I see? Tell me, it must not be true!)

(Brother, you actually like someone else! Are you worthy of your girlfriend fans who are waiting to be fed?]

(Who is this little girl? Where’s my big knife?]


Because Lin Haocheng himself was handsome enough, he also played the role of a little puppy and was very popular. He had a large group of mommy fans.

The comments were completely different from his girlfriend’s fans.

[If you like someone, go chase after them. Who cares if they’re good brothers or not? This relationship is a fair competition. If you can win, no one can stop you.]
[Chengcheng, there’s no wall in this world that can’t be moved. You’re so handsome, which girl wouldn’t be moved? Go ahead and do it.]

(Chengcheng, I’ll support you no matter what you do.]