All mighty girl gets spoiled by a bigshot – Chapter 503

Chapter 503 International Best Actor

Fu Hanchuan also picked up a piece of apple from the fruit he had specially prepared for Qin Sheng

Lin Haocheng looked at the fruit in his hand and felt that it did not smell good anymore.

Why did he feel that Fu Hanchuan was showing off to him? Was it his imagination?

Lin Haocheng could not eat this apple anymore. He took the opportunity when Fu Hanchuan was not paying attention and threw the apple into the trash can.

Lin Haocheng asked, “Sheng Sheng, do you know me?”

Qin Sheng frowned.

Lin Haocheng could see the doubt in Qin Sheng’s eyes. He reminded her, “I often appear in movies and TV shows.”

Qin Sheng never looked at those things. She shook her head.

“Do you know that international brand, Fengqing Perfume? I’m the spokesperson.”

Qin Sheng still shook her head. Lin Haocheng was very doubtful, “You really don’t know?”

If Qin Sheng wasn’t lying to him, then did she live in a village that wasn’t connected to the Internet?

His fame wasn’t considered small anymore. Not long ago, he was even awarded an Oscar for Best Actor.

In China, as long as one’s family had the internet, it was impossible to not have seen him before.

Qin Sheng was very puzzled. “Do I need to know you?”

Qin Sheng rarely watched television dramas and movies, and she didn’t notice those brands or anything.

It was normal that she had never seen Lin Haocheng before.

However, very few people had come into contact with entertainment programs like Qin Sheng. It was pitifully rare.

Lin Haocheng choked for a moment.

His expression collapsed.

She really did not know him. He still wanted Qin Sheng to worship him.

Lin Haocheng still did not give up. “Sheng Sheng, let me give you an autograph. My autograph is very rare. If I take it out, I don’t know how many people will be envious.”

Qin Sheng frowned and rejected him directly. “I’m not your fan. Your autograph means nothing to me.”

Fu Hanchuan’s eyes were smiling.

Lin Haocheng’s expression froze.

He was an international best actor with 200 million fans in the country. His autograph was a difficult thing to obtain.

He did not expect that one day, he would take the initiative to give an autograph to someone and be rejected?

Fu Hanchuan raised his hand and looked at the time. It was already past 11.

He stood up and said, “Sheng Sheng, I’ll go make lunch first.”

Lin Haocheng was excited and wanted to stay for lunch.

He had eaten Fu Hanchuan’s cooking once. It was even better than his family’s chef’s cooking.

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Ever since that time, Lin Haocheng had been obsessed with Fu Hanchuan’s cooking. He had always wanted to find an opportunity to have another meal.

However, Fu Hanchuan did not give him the chance.

Now, Lin Haocheng had made up his mind to stay and freeload.

With Qin Sheng around, Fu Hanchuan would not act so stingy.

Fu Hanchuan naturally saw through Lin Haocheng’s thoughts.

He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and said casually, “Lin Haocheng, don’t you have something to take care of?”

Lin Haocheng was confused. “Ah? What do I have to do?”

Fu Hanchuan threw a warning look at Lin Haocheng.

Lin Haocheng understood Fu Hanchuan’s meaning. He really wanted to say that he was fine, but Lin Haochengwas a coward. He did not have the courage to refute Fu Hanchuan.

He squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth. “I do have something to do!”

Before Lin Haocheng left, he reminded, “Sheng Sheng, remember what I said to you just now.”

Fu Hanchuan became suspicious.

Qin Sheng saw the doubt in Fu Hanchuan’s eyes and took the initiative to explain, “Just now, he told me not to fall in love too early. Now, my main task is to study and to be on guard against people with malicious intentions.” If Lin Haocheng knew what he had just said and was told to Fu Hanchuan by Qin Sheng just like that, he would probably vomit blood.

Fu Hanchuan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.