Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Full 203 Chapter (End)

Age of Gods: Thousand Folds System

Follower of Four Gods

Mystery, Sci-fi

Chinese Novel



Sullo was transmigrated to a world of High Gods. The people living in the world could light the God flame by condensing their believers’ faith to expand their god realm, forming their own religion to become a high god.

The god realm could be grown indefinitely by having more followers and absorbing their faith. A follower’s strength were closely tied to the gods they followed as well. However, unlike other gods, Sullo had a unique thousand-fold amplification system that made everything grow at a thousand times of their original speed.

A normal tree spirit had evolved into a World Tree that would expand his divine domain.

A normal water snake had evolved into an ouroboros that would protect his divine domain.

A normal behemoth had evolved into a golden behemoth that would lead the attack on other domains.A normal angel had evolved into a 12-winged archangel that would gladly sacrifice for their god.

A normal elf had evolved into an elf queen that could heal anything…

Years later, as the other gods were still waging wars to gain control of the gnomes and dwarves, Sullo’s followers were already as powerful as other gods.

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List of Chapters
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Chapter 40
Chapter 41 - Strength Upgrade, The Immortal Lightning Dragon
Chapter 42 - Divine Arts, Twelve-winged Holy Angels
Chapter 43 - SSS Evaluation. An Astonishing Reward!
Chapter 44 - The Abyssal Plane, Terrifying Demons
Chapter 45 - Frontline Barracks
Chapter 46 - The Logistics Camp Was Under Attack
Chapter 47 - Scythe Demons, Angels Showing Their Might
Chapter 48 - He Was In Grave Danger But Swore That He Would Not Retreat Even If He Died
Chapter 49 - Fighting Back To Kill The Demon Prince, Full Of Fighting Spirit
Chapter 50 - Supporting The Front Lines, Morale Was Greatly Boosted
Chapter 51 - Outstanding Battle Achievements, Promoted to Squadro
Chapter 52 - Return to Base Camp, The Provocateur
Chapter 53 - Return To The Seminary, War Between Academies
Chapter 54 - Elite Special Training Class, instructor Yama
Chapter 55 - An Extremely Powerful God, The Differences Between Gods
Chapter 56 - Divine Path Choice, Bestowing Laws
Chapter 57 - Divine Path Awakening. Princess Jonah Becomes A God
Chapter 58 - Fusing Laws To Become A God
Chapter 59 - Divine Domain Transformation, Academy Selection
Chapter 60 - Instructors From All Sides, Other Participants
Chapter 61 - The Selection Begins
Chapter 62 - Splitting Up Into Teams, Good Luck
Chapter 63 - Lin Yan’s First Match, Ice Laws
Chapter 64 - Lei Luo’s Strength, Powerful Suppression
Chapter 65 - Losing Two Matches In A Row, All Hope On Sullo
Chapter 66 - The Critical Battle, Mu Xiaoling
Chapter 67 - The Highest Heaven of Darkness, The Laws of Darkness
Chapter 68 - Dawn of Thunder, Mu Xiaoling’s Defeat!
Chapter 69 - The Selection Has Come To An End. The Final Victor.
Chapter 70 - Mu Xiaoling Joins The Team, The Seminary’s Advanced Divine Arts
Chapter 71 - The Awakening of Princess Jonah, the consumption of divine power
Chapter 72 - The Evolution of the Golden King Beamon, The Defensive Laws Clarity
Chapter 73 - The Matter of Mu Xiaoling, Heading Toward The Divine Spell Pavilion
Chapter 74 - Domain Divine Art, About To Set Off
Chapter 75 - Preparing To Set Off For The Immeasurable God System
Chapter 76 - The Four Great Theological Seminaries, The Declining God King Miro’s Domain!
Chapter 77 - Laws of War, Open The Invasive Portal!
Chapter 78 - Heroic Spirit Plane, The Last Heroic War God Spirit!
Chapter 79 - Assist, Battle of Believers!
Chapter 80 - Annihilate The Divine Spark, Subdue Valor!
Chapter 81 - Galaxy Origin Harvest, Bao Hu’s Signal For Help!
Chapter 82 - Rei Ming, The Warlock Academys Adviser
Chapter 83 - Thunder Law Shaking The Universe, Bao Hu’s Thanks!
Chapter 84 - The Lonely Heroic Spirit, Building The Heroic Spirit Temple!
Chapter 85 - Val’s Faith & The Increase of Divine Power
Chapter 86 - Princess Jonah’s Request. Believers Battling The Plane!
Chapter 87 - Princess Jonah’s First Crusade, Fighting For The Gods!
Chapter 88 - Under The God Sullo’s Will, The Holy Angels Will Show Their Might!
Chapter 89 - The Law of Light, Holy Wing Heavenly Slash!
Chapter 90 - Flood of Faith, Sullo’s Arrival!
Chapter 91 - Academy Ranking, The Plane Origin Has Appeared!
Chapter 92 - Heavenly Wood Divine Academy Was The First To Arrive. Lin Yan Had Appeared!
Chapter 93 - The Origin War, Sullo’s Arrival!
Chapter 94 - Intersection of Light & Lightning. One Against Five!
Chapter 95 - Collecting The Plane Origin, Advancing The Academy War
Chapter 96 - Academy War’s Harvest, Points First!
Chapter 97 - Spreading Storm of Space-Time Turbulence!
Chapter 98 - The Unexpected Lei Lou Had Fallen Into The Space-Time Turbulence!
Chapter 99 - Losing One’s Will, Divine Domain’s Believers’ Spontaneous Faith!
Chapter 100 - Mu Xiaoling’s Arrival, The God King’s Mark!
Chapter 101 - Mu Xiaoling’s Identity, Sullo Awakens!
Chapter 102 - Unknown Galaxy Origin Damaged
Chapter 103 - Divine Faith Power Exhausted, Divine Domain Damaged!
Chapter 104 - Law of Origin Missing, Princess Jonah Is In Danger!
Chapter 105 - Interstellar Exploration, Stench of Death!
Chapter 106 - Divine Bone of the Undead, The Dark Abyss!
Chapter 107 - Dark Abyss Exploration, Tomb of the Gods!
Chapter 108 - Evil God’s Divine Spark, 10% of Strength Restored!
Chapter 109 - Finally Seeing A Living Being, Gathering Place of the Gods!
Chapter 110 - Believers’ Commotion. Pursuers?
Chapter 111 - God King Mu’s Divine Region, The Moon Shadow Plane!
Chapter 112 - Pursuit of the Annihilation Clan, The Demigod Maiden!
Chapter 113 - Saving Someone’s Life, Shocking Strength!
Chapter 114 - Family Disputes, You’re Actually His Follower!
Chapter 115 - A Young Girl’s Shock, Invitation For External Assistance!
Chapter 116 - Origin Law, Requesting Assistance
Chapter 117 - The Young Girl’s Family, Demigod’s Provocation
Chapter 118 - A Place To Rest, Of His Believers
Chapter 119 - Divine Domain’s Transformation, Light of Faith
Chapter 120 - Power Recovery, Profound Truths to the Faith of Light!
Chapter 121 - Power Upanishad Holy Healing. Princess Jonah’s Condition Had Improved!
Chapter 122 - The Family Competition Begins. Four-Star God!
Chapter 123 - The Power of A Battle Between Demigods
Chapter 124 - All Admitted Defeat. Who Told You I Was A Demigod?
Chapter 125 - The Internal Strife Was Settled. The Divine Clan’s Good Intentions!
Chapter 126 - The Elven Race’s Trust, The Forest of Life!
Chapter 127 - Battle Between Two Clans, The Divine Gold Mine It seemed that the god who was provokin
Chapter 128 - Meeting Between Two Sides, Another Wave Erupting!
Chapter 129 - Ambush, Catch Them All In One Fell Swoop?
Chapter 130 - Terror, Sullo’s Strength!
Chapter 131 - Lightning & Light Combined, Dazzling Lightning Strikes!
Chapter 132 - It Was Over. The Mineral Star Plane Belonged To Him!
Chapter 133 - With The Origin Core In Hand, Princess Jonah Finally Awakens!
Chapter 134 - Comprehending The Power Upanishad Again, Advancing To Five-Star!
Chapter 135 - A Divine Lord’s Position? Hope Of Returning
Chapter 136 - Path To Becoming a Divine Lord, A Peaceful Plane
Chapter 137 - Ranking of Divine Lords, Invited
Chapter 138 - Turbulent Starfield, Star-devouring Beast!
Chapter 139 - Goddess’ Strength, Star Crystallization!
Chapter 140 - Devourer Beast God, Unable to Be Defeated And Became The Devoured
Chapter 141 - Divine Power Absorption, Devourer Beasts Territorial Expansion
Chapter 142 - The Elven Queen’s Prayers, Location Of The Devourer Beast’s Breakthrough
Chapter 143 - The Devourer Beasts Weakness, The Body Region Singularity
Chapter 144 - River of Origin, Parasite Resistance
Chapter 145 - Origin Core, Origin Guardians
Chapter 146 - Using The Thunder Breaking Dawn To Escape!
Chapter 147 - Blessing in Disguise, The Devourer Beast’s Origin!
Chapter 148 - The Divine Court Plane, Thousands of Gods!
Chapter 149 - Massive Divine Domain, Obtain The Qualifications Needed!
Chapter 150 - Genius Gods Gathering, The Eight-star High God
Chapter 151 - Nine Divine Realms of Purgatory, Heavenly Divine Pillar
Chapter 152 - The Trial Begins. A Genius God’s Believer
Chapter 153 - Princess Jonah’s Oath, Conquering The First Divine Pillar!
Chapter 154 - Nirvana Lightning, Impression Of A One-hit KO To The Heavens!
Chapter 155 - Battle Between Believers, The Second Divine Pillar
Chapter 156 - Finished The Third Divine Pillar With Ease, The Golden Beamon King Appeared!
Chapter 157 - Golden Beamon King’s Might, Still Insta-killed!
Chapter 158 - Two One-star Demigod Guardians
Chapter 159 - The Third God-ranked Believer Makes Everyone’s Mind Explode!
Chapter 160 - The Fourth God-ranked Believer. The Entire Arena Was Silent
Chapter 161 - Eighth Pillar, Two or Three-star Inferior Divine Puppets
Chapter 162 - The Final Pillar, The Four-star Divine Puppet!
Chapter 163 - Fighting For The Divine Lord, Four Divine Skills
Chapter 164 - The First To Advance, Disparity Between Believers!
Chapter 165 - Only Eight Gods Could Advance?
Chapter 166 - Gods Vying For The Top, Could Skip A Turn?
Chapter 167 - The Power of the Throne List
Chapter 168 - End of the First Four Rounds, Next Lot Was Empty?
Chapter 169 - Tough Battle, Goddess Defeated!
Chapter 170 - Ranked Third, A Sudden Challenge!
Chapter 171 - Battle! Six-star God, Laws of Lightning!
Chapter 172 - Final Battle, Top Two Battling It Out!
Chapter 173 - Two Laws! The Terrifying Sullo!
Chapter 174 - One in Ten Thousand, Another Storm Was Coming
Chapter 175 - The Mysterious Goddess’ Descent, That Strange Sense of Familiarity!
Chapter 176 - Divine Lord Rank Replacement Divine Token, Return To Vogah’s Divine Region!
Chapter 177 - End of the Divine Court, A Visit From The Goddess!
Chapter 178 - Depart, Leaving God King Mu’s Divine Region!
Chapter 179 - Position Locked, Endless Travel
Chapter 180 - Changes In The Divine Domain, Believers’ Disputes
Chapter 181 - Believers’ Gathering, Arguing & Discussing!
Chapter 182 - The First Galactic Competition of the Divine Domain!
Chapter 184 - The Competition Between Believers Begins!
Chapter 185 - Shameless! A Sneak Attack Was Launched!
Chapter 186 - The Galactic Competition is Over!
Chapter 187 - Vogah’s Divine Region, The Plane’s Tragic Impression
Chapter 188 - Critical Moment, A Survivor’s Impression
Chapter 189 - Believers’ Search & Rescue Mission!
Chapter 190 - The Elves’ Healing
Chapter 191 - Invasion into Vogah, Rushing Toward the Seminary!
Chapter 192 - Lin Yan Was Being Pursued For The Object in Her Hand!
Chapter 193 - The Seminary’s Enchantments Were On The Verge of Collapse!
Chapter 194 - When The Enemy Attacks, The Barrier Will Collapse!
Chapter 195 - Arrive on Time And Slaughter Everyone
Chapter 196 - Seminary Teachers Heading To The Battlefield
Chapter 197 - The Battlefield Plane, The Collapsed Space
Chapter 198 - Battlefield Distribution, Node Defense
Chapter 199 - The Invading Alpha, the Enemy Highgod!
Chapter 200 - God King’s World
Chapter 201 - Invasion of a Powerful Enemy, Sovereign Battle
Chapter 202 - The Genesis Core Has Appeared, The God King’s Battlefield
Chapter 203 (END) - Fusing With The Genesis Core, Restarting the World (Grand Finale)