Chapter 6: Young Uns Who Had Never Seen the World

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Half an hour later, the brother and sister reached the most famous antique market in Imperial City.


More than forty years had passed since Su Ye’s time, and the streets and alleys had changed a lot, but the antique market retained its original appearance.

Su Ye did not stroll around blindly. She went straight to a stone gambling stall that seemed pretty legitimate.


Stone gambling was the essence of jade trade. Laymen did not know the tricks in the field and thought that they could get rich in an instant and break free from being poor. Their gambling was marked by ups and downs and filled with shock. Yet they did not realize that the goal of those who set up stone gambling sites was to take their money.

The boss of the stall shook the raw stones in his hand and looked at the mischievous Su Ye with a smile. “Girl, we have stones that are worth 100 RMB, 200 RMB, and 300 RMB. Which type do you want to try?”

Su Ye’s grandniece owed 450,000 RMB, so one 100 RMB stone would be enough.

Su Ye raised one finger at the boss, and Su Xing took out the phone in his pocket with familiar ease to scan the code and pay the boss.

The people who were watching the fun on the side could not help but mumble, “This person is funny. How could she make such a young child pay for her? If she doesn’t have money, she should not gamble.”


Su Xing immediately retorted, “Shut up. What do you know? I like spending money for my sis, okay?”


There was a chair nearby, but Su Ye did not sit on it. She squatted down in front of the stall like a miscreant, instead. In the past, the Su family’s jewelry franchise had spread through the country. So, when others were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, Su Ye was born with a jade spoon.

She just needed to cast a glance at the pile of stones to see the spots, snake-like lines, and pine-like patterns in each stone.

It was as if she had X-ray vision and could see the essence of the rock material.

After a moment, she picked one stone and handed it to the boss.

The boss was surprised. “You decided just like that? You’re not going to think about it more?”

He had never seen a gambler who made their decision so swiftly before. Regardless of whether they were laymen or stone gamblers, most people would choose their stones carefully and seriously. The chairs nearby were prepared for that purpose.

‘Looks like she won’t feel any pain since she’s not spending her own money.’ The boss criticized Su Ye in his heart while he turned on the machine to cut open the stone.

The moment the stone went through the machine, a neat crack appeared at the center.

It was the time to see the insides of the stone and learn the results. Revealing the insides of a stone was the same as revealing cards in a poker game. It had to be done bit by bit. If everything was revealed immediately, there would be no suspense.

But Su Ye had not weighed the stone nor knocked against it to test the sound it made. The boss could tell that the girl was just fooling around, so it was impossible for her to get anything good out.

Because of that, he did not care to put on a mysterious air. He opened the stone in front of Su Ye immediately. “Take a look—”

The moment he said the word “look”, his voice died. He was not the only one in shock, though. The crowd around them was also flabbergasted.

A green jade shone with an alluring light under the bright sun.

“What the heck? This is a translucent jade that has good color and shine. What on earth is with her luck?”

“I spent more than twenty thousand RMB in the morning, and I didn’t get anything, while this girl chose a random stone, and its quality is so good! This can sell for a few hundred thousand RMB, right?”

“She’s amazing!”

Su Ye dug in her ear. ‘Young uns who have never seen the world.’


The stone gambling stall was instantly crowded with people.

Some distance away, a man in a stately suit was talking on the phone while staring at the buzzing crowd with curiosity.

“Chairman, don’t worry. I’ve already asked. Even if we can’t make it look exactly the same, we won’t disappoint the master.”

Once he finished the call, he pushed through the crowd and took a look. When he saw the brother and sister surrounded by the people, he could not help but cry out in surprise. “Miss Su? Young Master Su?”

Everyone close to him could hear terror in his voice.. There was no trace of delight in it at all.