After the marriage cancellation she becomes a true ancestor – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: His Ancestor

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When Bo Yunli pushed open the door and entered the room, Master Bo was covering his head with the blanket so he would not have to talk to anyone.


Lin Zhan looked at Bo Yunli and shook his head. His expression said “I told you so”.

At that moment, Bo Zhan was under his blanket and acting out of character. He was also so angry that his sexy silver beard was in disarray.


It had been decades since he drank something so disgusting. It tasted practically the same as what the she-devil of the Su family had given him in the past. It was just as bitter, which was to say, it was so bitter that the sky would turn dark when it was made and it could bring about the apocalypse. If she had not been the one who wrote the prescription, he would not have drunk it even if he had a gun pointed to his head.


But she was gone now, and no one could even dream about making him drink this accursed thing.

Lin Zhan brought his phone out to ask on his Moments for a way to make bitter medicine not bitter, but when he turned on the app, he saw a comment on his last update, and it was from a familiar, purely black profile pic.

“Yunli, you commented on my post? No way, did the sun rise from the west?” he whispered with delight.

Bo Yunli gave him the indifferent look of a man staring at an idiot.

Lin Zhan tapped open the comment and took a look. It was indeed a purely black profile pic that was the same as his cousin’s, but the person’s name was Su Ye…

‘What the heck? That’s amazing. Miss Ye actually changed her profile pic to that of my cousin’s? … It’s now a couple’s profile pic!


‘I knew it, she hasn’t given up!’

Lin Zhan cradled his chest and tapped open the reply.

Su Ye: I didn’t receive any money for the medicine I gave you last time. If you find your conscience eating away at you, go and get a shrub of Seven Deities from your cousin for me.


‘What the heck? Not only is she thinking about looting the Bo family’s wealth, she’s also thinking about looting the Bo family’s Seven Deities.’

Lin Zhan’s fingers flew madly over the screen. He was picking the most stinging words to fight against the she-devil.

But before he could send his message, a new reply appeared in the comment section. Someone replied to Su Ye before him.

That person also had a pure black profile pic, but this time, it was the ever icy Bo Yunli himself!

Bo Yunli: Come to my house to handle the after sales. Once you’re done, I’ll give you a shrub.


Lin Zhan whipped his head up and looked at his cousin. Just as expected, he had one hand in his pocket while he held his phone in his other hand. His thumb was tapping on the screen with agility.

Lin Zhan cast a glance at Master Bo, who stayed with his head under the blanket. In an instant, he understood what his cousin wanted. When he returned his gaze to the phone, there were already a few notifications on it.

Su Ye replied to Bo Yunli: What after sales? When I conduct business, I never allow returns or changes of goods.

Lin Zhan sucked in a sharp breath. ‘Heh, how diabolical. She’s blatantly diabolical, too.’

He continued reading the conversation on his phone.

Bo Yunli replied to Su Ye: Don’t worry. I won’t return the prescription or ask for changes.

Su Ye replied to Bo Yunli: Fine, then. Be there ASAP. Keep one shrub with roots for me.

This was the first time Lin Zhan saw his cousin use WeChat ever since he installed the app. If he did not know what was going on, he would have thought that someone was imitating him with a fake account.

He thought that the conversation would end there, but soon, Su Ye sent another reply.

Su Ye replied to Bo Yunli: Why do you have the same profile pic as me?


Bo Yunli replied to Su Ye: I used it first.

Su Ye replied Bo Yunli: Well, I like black. You change.


Bo Yunli replied to Su Ye: Pity. I like black too.

The comment section was silent for two minutes. Then, Lin Zhan noticed Su Ye’s WeChat ID change to “His Ancestor”.


And every single one of his cousin’s replies turned into “Bo Yunli replied to His Ancestor”…


Lin Zhan cast a tentative glance at his cousin. At that moment, his expression was the epitome of a thundercloud….


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