After the marriage cancellation she becomes a true ancestor – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Who Is Qi Yu?

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Xu Huanying’s expression became slightly better. Even though she knew it was fake, at least they managed to preserve their dignity.

Hu Xiuli had been prepared to be entertained, and her expression immediately froze on her face. After a long time, she smiled stiffly. “That’s good.”

Rong Ruo refused to believe Su Ye’s words, and she did not want Su Ye to get a verbal advantage over her. The other could make a vague lie and say that Bo Yunli was good to her, but she would be unable to give specific details.

With that thought in mind, she decided to pretend to chat idly with Su Ye and asked seemingly unintentionally, “Ye Ye, what did you do at the Bo family today? Did anything interesting happen? Why don’t you tell us?”

Su Ye’s expression did not change. With an indifferent tone, she said, “Nothing interesting happened. I just repaired the old master’s broken pendant and took his pulse—”

The moment she said that, Hu Xiuli could not keep it in. She burst out laughing.

‘Repair a pendant? Take his pulse? You’re the mother of all lies.’

Even Xu Huanying thought that her daughter was boasting too much, and she could not help but clear her throat to lighten the awkward atmosphere.

“You’re almost twenty, and you still can’t tell a single truth!” Liu Guifang glared at Su Ye. She wanted to say more, but Rong Ruo stopped her by grabbing her arm.

“Grandma, don’t lecture Ye Ye. She must have said it because she’s afraid of being embarrassed.”

When Liu Guifang heard this, she did not calm down at all. Instead, she became even angrier.

Su Ye looked at them and smirked. “If you don’t want to believe me, forget it.”

When Liu Guifang saw Su Ye’s expression, she could not find it in herself to like her. It was especially so when those cold eyes bore into her. They were filled with estrangement, as if there was something separating them.

In comparison, Rong Ruo was like her own granddaughter. She was cultured and considerate. Rong Ruo always brought her calmness and glory, while Su Ye brought her constant gloom and shame. She did not know why Su Jingyang insisted on naming her Su Ye and refused to listen to reason.

Now, Su Ye was practically the same as that person in the past. She was both arrogant and wild.

But that was fine. Liu Guifang was fine with Rong Ruo as her sole granddaughter. She would pretend that she did not have Su Ye as a granddaughter.

After some time, Rong Ruo seemed to have remembered something. She looked toward Su Ye again, and her voice instantly turned innocent. “By the way, Ye Ye, it will be Master Bo’s 70th birthday in a few days. I… want to go with Qi Yu. You won’t find it unbearable, right?”

Before Su Ye could answer, Liu Guifang patted Rong Ruo’s hand. “Little Ruo, you’re free to bring whoever you want. Why would you ask her?”

When Rong Ruo saw Su Ye’s indifferent expression, she added, “Grandma, you don’t know this, but Ye Ye once had feelings for Qi Yu…”

Liu Guifang immediately scoffed. “You’re too kind. Qi Yu is your boyfriend right now. It has nothing to do with others.”

Her “others” sounded really cold.

Su Ye frowned. Judging by the underlying meaning, her grandniece had buried a lot of hazards for her.

She went through her memories. Before her grandniece was engaged to Bo Yunli, she had indeed shown interest toward Qi Yu, but it was only after Qi Yu had first flirted with her. However, when he saw that her results were bad and she was not favored in the family, he started courting Rong Ruo.

Su Ye’s grandniece then foolishly thought that she was not proactive enough and was later rejected after she tried courting Qi Yu, which ended up as a topic of ridicule toward her.

When Rong Ruo saw that Su Ye did not speak, an unnoticeable hint of mockery showed up on her lips. She had agreed to date Qi Yu mostly because she wanted to make Su Ye angry. Whenever she mentioned Qi Yu, Su Ye looked like she wanted to die, and she never got tired of it.

“Ye Ye, if you’re unwilling, I won’t—”

Su Ye was a little tired of sitting, so she exercised her shoulders. “Who’s Qi Yu?”



Rong Ruo’s kind words were still on her tongue.. She did not expect that Su Ye would say this, and she looked absolutely hilarious when she was abruptly rendered speechless.


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