After the marriage cancellation she becomes a true ancestor – Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Yunli Is Really Good to Me

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There was clearly an underlying meaning beneath Nanny Zhang’s words. She was a chatterbox and loved gossiping, so Su Ye could get a lot of inside information from her.

Su Ye went along with the flow and asked, “Besides what?”

Nanny Zhang cast a glance at the living room and said mysteriously, “Besides, the Rong family has been developing better than us over the past few years. Rong Ruo has a sweet mouth, too, so she knows how to get the former lady’s favor. Right now, the Rong family might be closer to the former lady than us.”

As she spoke, she took another step toward Su Ye and whispered, “I heard that when the former master passed away, he left quite a lot of things for the former lady. She used them all to subsidize the Rong family. The madam has argued a few times with the master about this.

“And now, if it weren’t for the fact that the young master came back from the hospital, the former lady would have probably stayed even longer with the Rong family.”

A dark glint flashed in Su Ye’s eyes when she looked at the living room. She knew that Liu Guifang was snobbish, but she did not expect that she would become even more arrogant in the future. The things her brother left for Liu Guifang were what Su Ye had left herself in the past. It would be fine if the Su family had used them, but Liu Guifang actually used them to help outsiders? And those outsiders were even part of the Rong family, enemies of the Su family!

Su Jingyang was a foolishly filial boy. If Su Ye were still the master of the family, she would definitely chase Liu Guifang out of the family.

She pushed open the door to the living room, and the women in the room looked over at her with differing expressions.

There were two unfamiliar faces in the room. Su Ye swiftly identified them based on her grandniece’s memories.

The one close to Liu Guifang appeared to be around eighteen years old. She had a pretty face, looked obedient, and was known as the pearl of the Rong family—Rong Ruo.


She was currently drinking tea.

The woman beside her was slightly older. She had taken good care of herself and dressed appropriately, so she had to be Rong Ruo’s mother—Hu Xiuli.

When Xu Huanying saw Su Ye, she went up to receive her, and her voice was unusually cordial. “Ye Ye, you’re back from the Bo family?” When she said it, she emphasized the words “Bo family”. Then, she gave a signal to Su Ye as a reminder for her not to say anything stupid.

She had to have endured for an entire afternoon waiting for Su Ye to come home to make her proud.

Su Ye hummed in agreement and tossed her backpack on the couch before she turned around to sit down.

The moment she was about to do it, Liu Guifang spoke in a powerful voice, “How could you not greet us after coming in? Seriously, where are your manners?”

After saying that, Liu Guifang let out an arrogant scoff.

She thought that Su Ye was going to greet her respectfully after that, but the girl completely ignored her and sat down. She crossed her legs and acted like she did not care about them at all.

Xu Huanying might not have liked Liu Guifang as well, but no matter what, Liu Guifang was the former lady of the Su family. She nudged Su Ye’s elbow, but Su Ye remained unmoved.

Rong Ruo watched Su Ye’s rebellious attitude and mocked her in her heart before grabbing Liu Guifang’s elbow and saying sweetly, “Don’t be angry, Grandma. Ye Ye might be tired. After all, she just came back.”

Then, she looked at Su Ye with an expression of concern. “Ye Ye, you look horrible. Did you suffer in the Bo family?”

She looked so anxious that she was acting like the textbook example of a best girl friend in Hua.

When Hu Xiuli heard this, she chimed in and said, “Ye Ye, if you suffered, you must tell us.”

‘If you don’t, how could we get a chance to laugh at you?’

Xu Huanying’s expression changed repeatedly. The Rong mother and daughter knew that Su Ye was not favored by her fiance’s family, so they were just waiting to laugh at her.

Xu Huanying could only hope that her stupid daughter would not fall for their trap.

While she was worrying, Su Ye said nonchalantly, “Suffer? Yunli is really good to me. How could he bear the thought of letting me go through any hardships?”


He was so good to her that he transferred six million RMB to her.